Sanity was Dying

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Chapter 10

I drunk a lot of tea because of the aftermath of being attacked on the train. It took me a month to take off again. It took me many journeys to be reassured. I was not much involved with the train journeys afterwards. Lost interest knew there was not much travelling because of something called adverse this and that.

That the situations were many and bad. But did not know until the phone call asking what had happened after a month. I just said nothing just put the phone back. If there is something late callers are not much. When there is a wound somehow the medicine coming late does not make it better. Heal yourself we are going on a education tour. Came back having learnt what to do he calls to ask the right question?

I could have been compensated?

I thought not they did not appear to be that sort when they had been laughing at my expense. I just wish that they don't fall down and hurt themselves.

In the train compartment the usual people were there. The whore, gang the drug addicts and all them beasts who travel during the day in order to get to their apartments. Because they work at night.

They had been following me for some time and because of that I noticed them. They had left once a bouquet of flowers when there had been bomb scares. There was something filthy in their attitude of stopping the trains and making themselves known. I took the box which held a multitaxon of flower from the train and placed it on the station floor. Telling the guard where it was. Then walked away.

They noted that they thought they would never leave me alone after that. Theirs is a way of life if one interferes with their plans that marks the person who had done such a thing.

"Filthy bitch interfering with the likes of us."

"Go and seduce yourself." I always walk away.

"Go on walk away leave the scene you do not understand. This is the life. This is the life of the family."

"Have a nice day."

"Your sister is one of us."

"Yes you took her and may you enjoy her."

"We would love it if you would be kind enough to come and be pimped."

"I think not."

"Then might we entrance you for the pleasures of the world."

"I have no money."

They are gobsmacked without money there is no entry. The pimp nods.

"We will do it for free."

"No try that one over there."

A blonde woman is walking by she says nothing and tries to turn. They try grabbing her handbag and then she nods to someone and they run off.

"Just a minute is this a normal ordinary day?"

"Well you see it is what gangs do to take what is known as a woman whom they want to do their work for them."

"Like sex worker?"

"Honey now you are reading it right."

I smiled there was nothing that they did something in their eyes. I just thought as they cradled one another what a waste. It is what it is sometimes we speak with looks and sometimes they come right out. Maybe it might be all in my head? The others do not notice. It is the safest place on earth East Ham. I think of hams out there trying to make ham sandwiches. This it only happens in the District line going to the Dagenham district. I think about Whitechapel and then the sorrow grows.

These monsters like disruption. Chaos ruins us but makes them so happy. They do not like order or anything like that. We make mayhem because in that manner we can steal. We love disruptions and eruptions because we are the turmoil of existence.

"The poor members of the family live as prostitutes so the richer can marry well."

"I know that brother why bother me when you are dead?"

"It is a maxim it is unjust to expect the other rich girls to do the work. You all look alike so cannot marry the rich berk that means you have to do your duty."

"Well at least you could not breath." When his wife passed out with too many parties left him for another man. He just fell down the stairs as he could not breath. I always disliked him.

"Look it is a shame."

"No it is what is called looking after oneself."

"You could have married me?"

"Brother you killed your first wife because she looked like me."

"At least I would have given you a good send off."

"In what?"


"I dislike you as much as ever now be off before the fool inside me pities your state. "

The pity is when a brother dies another brother takes his place.

On the train is when things happened and I got lost with the people who were meddling with my life. My affairs in total chaos they made it worse.

Or more precisely inside the compartment with many onlookers just seeing nothing. As the China man hits out a karate chop. I am in shock. Then when there was no help and then the bad management. I went outside and sat on the bus seat. Running water met me and- I cooled a bit.

The trickle of the water many onlookers wandering what and why I was sitting there. I had been just hit. Many women were more curious than males. I just thought they were out shopping and they so agog with what had happened to me. No one asked how I was. I was not easy as might collapse so got up taking a risk that I would fall. And unsteady as I felt there was this smile in me. I was dying of thirst. I already had water and tea and it had not taken the thirst away. It made me assume I had little time to go home and have some tea. Tea is the drink of battery.

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