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Chapter 3

Life is painful for everyone some are so ridiculous they do not know how ridiculous they have become that when eventually they see themselves as others see them. They are so shocked some are amused some say the worst things and do not see it hurts. I was the victim of murder that is a good thing to be does it make me calm to know that the murderer is still at large maybe living close by? Maybe even having dinner making the same tea and doing away with the supper deals and doing the thing he loves best snooping asking about the means to an end.

“No way?”

“But he could be near?”

“What reason.”?

“A murder incomplete is like a novelist not being able to write it gives the murderer bad dreams.”

“It makes him a laughing stock.”

“Did the stork bring you into the world?” asked dad once to me I was surprised he did know I was his daughter because he never spent a penny on me but on himself came and collected all our money because we owed him rent.

“Did the stork bring daddy into the world?”

“No why?”

“His parents gave him land.”

“He got money for himself by having a signature of some sort from his mum and now what he does is live life to the full.”

“Storks bring one into the world.”

“Children do not see but feel.”

The world chooses the rattle and they do not see what feels.

“No why?”

That terrible things happen that will always happen but in today’s society it is all about having the sex and a good time.

I was dying and there was nothing nobody could do until she got what she had to have that is a ring on her little finger and then I thought she would leave him be.

I was wrong or, partly right?

Bloody moron shouted dad now you lost the whole thing. He was angry because he did not could not gain access to a rich man’s table where he could sup and make calm and come clean how much he enjoyed his company.

“That man so famous and now he will be out of bounds.”

It would not happen like that love is not blind.

That I nearly died to save a man who had no honour.

Monkey on heat with several women underneath them. His wife was the wife and the rest they shagged between them?

It is called modern marriage my dear. Made in heaven because we have to let ourselves go and behave like them animals which are us the intellectual beasts who have no longer the ability to see what they are doing is wrong and have to be led gently to their own slaughter.

“Did he ask me to marry her?”

“Of course, I told him to do it.”

So therefore, slaughtering him as well as myself. It was the right thing to do because he had become so vain, he thought he would have it all forever.

“One must treat mankind with kindness but too much kindness spoils the child.”

“Money will buy you everything.”

“It will what will it buy me?”

That had he been in love it would not have happened to me. I am sorry this story is not the right sort to make everyone happy? Why dad is a psycho.

Dad is a man who loves the son in law as much as the daughter and it is a good omen when he can come and dine and nobody the wiser is it not?

“No rest for the wicked?”

“Father makes more money out of people than most people he has social dependents go and make a house derelict.”

“You mean they vandalise the home?”

“Of course, but daddy is always improving on what he does.”

“His home improvements go on for years and he then leaves the couple worn out and inclined to die.”

“One part of him destroys and the other half builds it is very unkind of him.”

“Is it illegal that?”

“It must be sort of shrug?”

“I do not think anybody knows what it is most distressing you know.”

“It knocked daddy the former’s confidence knocked him clean off shaken and all that he went into decline.”

“He was a past it.”

“Well worn out he had been.”

“Having benefited from the care which daddy the reality gave him.”

“What is the adopted dad to do but make the most of it”?

“And we loved that child?”

“We gave her food.”

“Well what else does a dad do?”

“I have fed a bird and it is pecking at my fingers.”

“Most birds do.”

“These grand scheme daddies what ails them?”

“How do you mean”?

“It is all about you.”

Well you see we have her in a disguise it is disgusting what she says about her dad.

“But it is true.”

“Falsehood is best when the truth is like that.”

“I was told as a child never to tell lies not even white lies.”

“I am in a temper will throw you down the stairs.”

Who said that most sincere word ever I am trying to empty the washing water and slip it over? I am made to wipe the entire five floors.

The landlord most dismissive it is a way round the labour shortage he mumbles nobody had washed the floors in over four years.

“Most sincere apologise.”

“We love sex so much this is not about sex so it does not mean anything.”

“If it was a pornography it would read best.”

“We give her a contract immediately.”

“Hi it is I?”

“What is this about?”

“I lack conformist options the conformed nowadays write about pornography and anything that they care to read about I write what I know.”

“That is when you do research and having that makes for money.”

“I do not mean to be mean with the ideas of a whore but the thing is when a whore is nothing likely to be nicer than Jane Austen it makes me think that it will not last.”

Most distressed world went and did a bridge wept commodiously and copiously while they did their note taking, out of jink with the world must die soon and we can rest in some slumber again.

The real writer must die in order that the props can resume and make themselves the living they deserve.

“We have now made merry hell with all them professional writers?”

“No not them is it what I said?”

“Yes, and they will be gunning for you.”

“Leave it alone I am now done for me and my big mouth.”

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