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Chapter 8

The thinking is when they are kerb crawling, they sort of shy away from the truth who are these people? The man sat in the chair last night lost in lusts when it Is Ramadan made me fear for some reason. The thing is folly why did he feel such lusts for a woman asleep. Then Tom went and we did the usual thing and there is nothing I say which he listens to. It is all in my head he feels it is indeed and the world is his oyster as the chap who might be anyone said he had many identities anyway and might swap himself for anyone might come and go at will. What is there what is there but this endless procession of disasters when Tom does not listen does not understand the danger the very danger which we both are now in?

You see several people with the identity the same several passports for them all? Yes, each has at least seven passports to even the odds they can swap each other’s identities as they look alike. They might eventually mate with the wife someone wants to punish then he can legally claim she has been unfaithful the women have developed deep inside this community relationships in order to save face to them the men are now the ogres they pretend to be.

The thinking behind this unnatural practise are the same as in former days when a male chauvinistic gang wants to discipline someone that is how they do it.

Now it is nearly six and I am trying to be quiet as a mouse so quiet that the sound will obliterate me if I cried. So quiet that the very noise would disturb me as well.

There is nothing on our minds but the destruction of each other what part did the past play a major part they raped mother. Raped her made her an outcast and then the follower up was she did not care anymore she just fled the scene left everything me included and did not look back. The issue is when a man does that to a woman, she is no longer a woman she is a vessel of vice and that is what mother became a vice girl and seeking to remember who I am is not one of their gifts. Father has since made it with his own children and has come to terms with his leanings. He thinks he is in the right and his friends and him being likeminded want the same things. Everyone is agreeable to this of course they are because the surprise party is when the girl says no and really means yes. They are so besotted with the thought this card game this gamble this bet that they have nothing but that on their minds.

“We loved you we need to see what is there inside you.”

“What is a woman for the barren bitch needs it too where there is a wiggle, I wager there is a heat.”

“We will mate with that because we are the same as we ever were.”

One gets it does not one and then when one is walking this China man comes trying to pick a fight and I lead him to the police station when he makes a run for it. There is always tomorrow is there not? There are so many tomorrows that today is less romantic. We glower as we glow from the stings of the fight. The very fight which has lasted this long because baby sister said I was too snob like and high and mighty. What does it make me a superior kind of a woman when I dislike them in my bed?

How many jerks are there?

Ten I think there might be more now the grandsons as well as the rest of the reputable gang members who provide alibis who have good jobs and are above suspicion and why do they do it for the pleasure of the card game. The new kind of kerb calling the new type of the Johnny where they are very nice man and woman who when not enjoying this type are ordinary normal and even affectionate to their peers.

They are all addicted to the hunt it is because it is like a hunting game and if they can get away with it then that makes them the right kind of fellows.

For example?

This story happened in America where in a block of luxury flats there lived these forty residents and who being this cool number and being this insane party went ahead. I do not think I am over stating the obvious that there might be a connection between my case and these dudes. The feelings are so similar the failings are the same. The thing was when I had been knifed and twenty cars had the view point and when one of the cars had a gay couple who closed their windows with the insignia of the sugar cane on them.

In my own case in my very own case yes, I am a case now.

I think the car was black and then there was this other one had the lady with the child on her hand and then there is the man who asked me out to dinner? I am being murdered and these kind strangers in the know I am being murdered have such a rage towards me that they continue pestering and in fact trying to bring me down when I am trying to leap to the last hurdle and get help. I do not know how I know that they would have not brought help round but the thing was just knowing. They were too busy enjoying themselves,

Do you get the drift? Some sort of new sex party nothing else. There is nothing wrong with being the new type of criminal these gang killings when many murderers for one murder. Because it is arousal to them. There might be other motives but when the police look into it there are no enemies but there is a vulnerability. What say we skip to the chase when I say there is obvious similarities the only difference is, I did not get killed.

The one which is the most notorious I think is where this lesbian woman got raped and murdered at four o’clock at night when she came home from a party and forty of them sat it out and ordered pizza and watched they did have a good telly on no they had to watch as some woman cried and asked for help and some psychologist wrote about the whole damn thing and said it was innocent but if someone is conscious enough to order pizza and the pizza man has to walk through the whole alley way and hear this woman’s scream well what is it about the whole thing borders on something more sinister then having ones headphones on because it makes them a criminal gang having a multiple orgasm as a woman is being killed. I do not understand well they did a lot of experiments about it being high up and all that but the pizza boy was not high up he had to climb the stairs and he heard the voice of this poor woman who was being murdered. So why did forty people have the same trance like state and who were the follow up volunteers who made the experiment positive? The thing was the criminals have minds as well they can suss out what is needed where it is needed and now with education, they can make it happiness and delight for everyone.

“Which is what she was a woman theorising what she did not understand why she always doing the topsy-turvy and not making us feel the importance we deserve?”

“Was she an academic?”

“I do not think so.”

From stoning to this? Well we have evolved. Now we have the pleasure principles and we now need pleasure to make our lives more enjoyable. In the old days in the countries which were Muslim they had the stoning where if someone did wrong they were punished today we have the opposite number if someone is vulnerable we give them a sort of gang rape and then murder them and then come with the note book ask questions and then wipe clean the evidence. Why the note book you might ask well the thing is taking down the particulars helps with the hasty removable of evidence because if the victims mind is clear and they two must have that on their minds to do away with the evidence as quickly as possible.

When the police arrive, the evidence is already not there they did work so hard too. Trying to avoid discovery and all that but being a felon means of course you do in the end make a mistake. And what is this? Well they do enjoy repeats. If they had left it alone, they could have led an uneventful life in the suburbia with their tarts but no they get so bored with each other they had to come back for more.

We come prepared with the policeman’s attire because we have done theatre and then it makes sense does it not and it is a party is it not? Education of felons is a good thing because we now have the task of finding out who is a felon and who is a good Samaritan if someone is dying and that person does not care but is doing something obscene that is a felon and if someone is dying and someone does walk away? Well it might be some kind of unhappy soul who might be a felon so let us not jump to conclusion some might really be afraid.

Has some pizza been delivered?

No that is not right.

So, when one is doing a murder gang murder do not order a pizza?

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