Frights of the Victims

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Chapter 9

“Well what happened to her?”

“She was silenced after her gibberish went public, she was told she more of an artist than a writer and she was told so in many promotions and things and she got lauded and grew self-important then left the scene to us.”

“So, the usual thing?”

“Of course, where now she has many prizes and does very well out a living.”

“Well a happy ending?”

“Yes, that is what matters does it not?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Still on medication?”

“Of course.”

“No one can take a chance to let her off and of course her life dependence on the meds.”

“So not Scot free?”

“Nobody does.”

“Well I am off to bed.”

“Yes, it has been a high treat listening to all this.”

“Yes, it was.”

And they go to bed and do what they did many times before and someone wild is watchful inside the house groaning and moaning the ghosts the shackles of the doomed. The whimpers of the night as the wildness of the night decreases and then the peace and the quiet as the morning comes and two dead men in there looking stunned and why? There is no cause there is no cause at all. They died of excitement while they were having sex. The autopsy said.

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