Sanity was Dying

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Chapter 9

“She was silenced after her gibberish went public, " They were shouting something like that? Was it my imagination? Why were they doing all that? I did not know most of them.

"We have relations outside the inner circle."

"My father's children."

"Who are they?"

"Dad is sinful but he doesn't betray."

"We hate publicity." The younger sent messages on their phones.

“Well a happy ending?”

"She is living through me because she no longer human,"

“Yes, that is what matters does it not?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Still on medication?”

“Of course.”

“No one can take a chance to let her off and of course her life dependence on the meds.”

“So not Scot free?”

“Nobody does.”

“Well I am off to bed.”

“Yes, it has been a high treat listening to all this.”

“Yes, it was.”

The psychologist is leaving no longer able to renew her contract. She left her job? Well she said she wanted to be elsewhere. As she no longer the right person for the job. She has her family to think of.

She has that twinkle in her eyes. But because of the Covid we on the phone. I imagined the twinkle.

The madman goes to her doom as the house becomes her sty.

And they go to bed and do what they did many times before. Someone wild is watchful inside the house groaning and moaning. The ghosts the shackles of the doomed. The whimpers of the night as the wildness startles with the normal ordinary body coming for the kill.

The night decreases and then the peace and the quiet as the morning comes and two dead men. Lying to each other like dead? Indeed that is what the television said. In there looking stunned and why? There is no cause there is no cause at all. They died of excitement while they were having sex. The autopsy said.

"I did not kill them." I said but know who might have done it.

"Not your daddy?"

"He might have. Because daddy doesn't care for them."

"Do not do that to your daddy."

"Well he should be in prison."

"Who did they in your house."

"I had no idea they lived in my house they lived in the attic."

"Well what does the psychologist think?"

"She left."

"And there is two dead men in your attic and you don't know how they got there?"

"Not in my attic somewhere connected but not connected.."


"Well yes."

"Is this for real?"


"Exacting the truth is like binge drinking one has to be patient. Two dead men in the attic is the clue. My dad doesn't care for attics he loves basements though. He is always caught in the attic but the basement he can crawl though. Search warrants and stuff we dismayed at how many lies you telling. He is a respectable man. This is while the police are pulling the door apart.

Why is there no one else? Involved in speaking and seeking the truth about daddy. The gang was many and sadly I am nothing but the underdog, who sometimes lies. I told you all I lie sometimes to make a good thing happiest. This is my breakaway this is the true ending. When they come and kill me in my home.

"Silly old women who do not respect traditions which we honour."

"No they don't do that they are going to do something else?"

I breathe more normally than I back down. That they are doing the honour killing. They have no honour makes me sad. What is the meaning of their relationship to me? They have this idea, bless them. Their genes must mutate in order to create more of themselves. So many of themselves. It is a colony. That they do have the best of their own. I do feel for them their genes not being passed on.

The devil likes to multiply into many. He is not known to be himself. He is hidden. From the gaze of them who should be afraid. No one seeks him or sees him.

Family do's and don't. If father does not have a little keepsake from one of his daughters. He will stay on indefinitely.

"Renew the tree and so on. Give me a child which will further my loins. A child who is also my great grandson and grandchild and I will be the father."

"He is known as the bagman." I yelled at someone anyone listening to me but there is no one now.

"That name rings a bell."

"Father was known when young. That because he used to collect in the bag stuff and things. He went and burgled and he the job. He went with his bag and he was that man.

"We have robbed more homes than you had hot dinners. Can you compete with us?" He had said when I was about ten.

"How dare you all think that I am nothing."

He did us no harm at all.

My frustrations are that I cannot explain what happened in some logical order. It is that. I do want to speak but if only I can.

"The bagman used to be someone who kidnapped children give them sweet and stuff and then let them go?"

"Mother said never go near him."

He did no harm us all he terrified us. Than he was better able to sustain himself without letting blood. Then he was supported by the community. The Turkish community think he is right and never wrong. His money means he is such a business ideal.

"What happened to him?"

"He married."

The bag man was himself bagged.

"Made him diabolical. He could never kill his wife and the children. He has the wit and the ill will to do it for the other members of his family."


"The family all believe in spells, it is one thing they believe in. Superstitious and such like? Oh yes because they know that spells work."

"A strange family?"

"Yes they made murder their own business."

"What is a spell?"

"A curse or something."

"No poison they go to the graveyard and take skeletons and stuff and the victims are poisoned."

"Done by grand Gold she put a spell on him when they were in love." She went up a tree and said the spell and threw herself down. She died two weeks later. Why because she loved her nephew who was dad.

"Trust me I do not care."

"Of all the fooled why bother listening to her?"

"Because it might be true and save your bacon."

"I do not have a bacon." Being a good non pork eater.

"We don't."

I just heard him laugh out loud and louder and that made me smile. He is distasteful too. But no one seems to care or mind what anybody does to me. It is them they care about and that is what it is. No one cares for you.

"What happened to the two men in the attic?"

"They were taken care off."

"Well that is a good nasty thought."

"I have thoughtfulness all around me which is what is nice about me."

"Your father is a ass." said dad and I thought about it and smiled.

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