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He's the world's first vampire. But if he has it his way...he won't be the last. The new name in horror begins here! Everyone knows vampires aren't real...right? But, what if they were? And what if it wasn't a 'what if'? Mr. Crisp would like to have you for a drink and talk about it! Witness the origin of the next big name in horror in this new short story series from the author of The Dreamweaver!

Horror / Scifi
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Intro One

Intro One

My name is Daniel Hosea. Freelance journalist. Investigative reporter. Part-time movie junkie. When I was a young boy, the only monsters I had to be afraid of were the ones on the big screen. My grandfather would take me to see all the major players. Werewolves and witches, ghosts and ghouls, the occasional Dracula and all the others that go bump in the night. He’d tell mom and pop that we were going to…well...whatever kid-friendly flick was out at the time. He’d get us a couple of rated G or rated PG tickets. But as soon as we’d get our cola and popcorn, we’d veer off and duck over into the screen room showing what we really came to see. The monster of the week. And for the next two hours or so I’d be scared out of my pants. Gasping and jumping at every slash and gash, getting all into the creepy synth music. The special effects and prosthetics and the blood and guts, it all seemed so real to my young wide eyes.

But the most frightening scares were the ones just out of sight of the camera. The boogeyman you couldn’t see, but you knew was right around the corner. Behind the closed door. Down that dark corridor. The psychological terror that allows the imagination to fill in the blanks. And a young boy’s imagination can go places a more rational mind can’t.

But when the movie was over the lights came up, and grandpa and I would head for home. The afternoon sunlight bathing me. Washing away the fear, the mental images, bringing my mind back to the here and now. Grandpa telling his corny jokes and making me laugh. I miss those days. Grandpa long since had passed on. I still see the monsters on the big screen. The werewolves and witches, the ghosts and ghouls.

But there are some monsters that are very real. They are the ones you don’t see. The ones that stay just out of view, or hide in plain sight. And they do go bump in the night.

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