Cruel billionaire

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So, you like to argue huh.. let's play a game, whenever I win an argument, you have to drop 1 piece of your outfit that I want" he smirked. A man who think about himself before anyone else. He destroy Everything comes in his way. Dylan Levin a well-known billionaire. He has everything power, fame, money and a face that everyone dies for. But what he'd do when it comes to love? how passionate he will be, how far he can go? Will he accept love or let her be a toy, just like other girls?

Horror / Romance
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*This story is unedited

I was standing outside the house, my body was shivering from cold, he was watching me from the top floor. The gates were opening as he promised.

I started running as fast as I could, nothing could stop from getting free, my body was warming, but I didn't realise that my body was weak. After a while, I slowed down as my abdomen was aching but I squeezed my eyes continued to run.

I stopped at a point there was no one only moon light, I felt nauseous, my head also started to ache. I put my hand on my abdomen, took deep breaths and then my vision became blur and legs became sore, I didn't have the strength to stand, I fell.

I felt my body was getting cold I didnt even know where I was, my brain was shutting down. I thought I am dying and I closed my eyes.

I felt someone's hands on me, they were warm and big, oh no I know whose hand are those, but it's too late, the hands straight go to my throat and begin choking me, I wanted to move but I couldn't, due to the force.

I tried to open my eyes but everything was blurry, I felt something on my neck

Is he binding me with a dog collar chain?

Then I heard BABY...he began to drag me...

"No ...please don't do this please hurting me" I was crying in agony my elbows and knees were scratching.

"Honey you betrayed me, I told you not to go but you...

"Please, just don't." Said I.

"You know, I don't want to hurt you" he stoped and looked at me and grabbed my face his fingers were sinking in my skin, he came closer and said, "if this happen ever again I don't know what I'm gonna do". I could see the darkness in his eyes, I've never seen it before.

"I'm not like those girls, who walks around you and dying to talk to you for money. I'm gonna find your truth and show it to the world".

His hand moves from face to my throat and said "Girl!! Now you're gonna cry till you’re alive”.

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