My Son Drac

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Who Can Be Trusted?

Only two hours had passed when Drac was awoken by the woman.

“Drac… Wake up… Come on…” she was saying.

He opened his eyes and instantly regretted it. The sun light was very bright and hurt his eyes.

“No! Let me sleep! The sun’s out!” Drac cried.

“Look, I have an idea, you just have to trust me…” she said.

“The sun light is going to kill me… I thought you cared about me…” Drac said, grumbling.

She went and closed the curtains as tightly as she could, but a sliver of light still shone through.

“Seriously…?! Get better curtains!” Drac yelled.

“Calm down… I’m sorry…” she said, “Human children don’t treat their mothers like this… Or at least they shouldn’t…”

“News flash,” said Drac, “I’m not a human child!”

“Say, would you like something to eat…?” she asked him.

He looked down and sighed.

“What do vampires eat…?” she asked.

“Stuff you can’t offer,” Drac said, transforming back into his normal form.

“How about tomato soup?” she asked, placing a bowl of a thick red substance in front of him.

He stared at it for a moment and it bubbled, vegetables floating up to the top from the bottom.

“You’re kidding me, right…?” Drac asked.

“No, it’s yummy! I’ll even add cheese if you’d like!” she said.

Drac made a spoon appear magically and used it to scoop up some of the soup. He blew on it and it splattered off of the spoon all over his mom. He laughed. She just smiled, being patient with him. He took another spoonful and this time, he blew more softly and then stuck it in his mouth.

“Not bad,” he said after swallowing it.

“I knew you’d like it!” she said.

There was a scratching sound at the window and both Drac and his mom froze in fear. The scratching got louder. The sound of claws screeching against the glass and the side of the wall is what they thought they heard.

“Drac… Stay here… I’ll go see what that is…” she said, walking towards the door.

Drac made a concerned face as the scratching continued. His mom exited the house and slowly walked towards the window. The scratching stopped as soon as she got out there. A few minutes passed and she came back inside, wide eyed.

“What happened, mom?” Drac asked.

“Seems we have a problem… Whoever was scratching is gone, but they left huge scratch marks on the wall…” she said.

“Hey… I think I know who did it…” Drac said.

“Who…?” she asked, not sure if she actually wanted to know.

“Wolf…” Drac said, “He must have followed my scent… Perhaps he isn’t as dumb as I thought…”

“Is that a friend of yours…?” she asked.

“Not exactly…” Drac said.

“What do you think about school? Would you like for me to sign you up?” she asked.

“School is for human kids!” Drac said, hissing.

“Don’t you want to learn things…?” she asked.

“I know enough…” Drac said.

“How old are you even? You look like a ten year old,” she said.

“Ack, ten is nowhere near how old I am!” Drac said, “I’m thirty-five!”

“You’re older than I am…” she said.

“I’m still a child,” Drac said.

“I suppose so…” she said.

“There is one thing I don’t know how to do,” Drac said, “But I don’t care! I’m supposed to be asleep!”

She sighed. Drac turned back into a bat and tried to go back to sleep. While he slept, she went to the school that wasn’t too far away to register him. The whole way there, she couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching her or perhaps following her. She made it to the school safely and entered the front door, heading straight to the main office.

“Hello Ms. Shirley, what made you take the time to pay us a visit?” the lady at the desk asked.

“I’d like to enroll my son into this school. I hope you don’t mind…” Shirley said.

“You have a son? Last time I asked you said you weren’t married and never have been… So how exactly did you have a son?” the lady at the desk asked.

“Things have changed… I kind of ended up with one. His name is Drac,” Shirley said.

“Oh gosh…” the lady said.

She instantly knew that the boy was a vampire just by his name and that worried her.

“I promise you, this won’t be a waste of your time or your staffs’ time,” Shirley said.

“He better not harm any of the other students! I could be thrown into jail for teaching a vampire!” the lady said.

“Why is it so wrong to educate monsters…?” Shirley asked.

“Because, if they get smarter, they’ll find new ways to kill us all!” the lady at the desk said.

“Don’t be ridiculous…” Shirley said, “Drac wouldn’t hurt anyone…”

“Alright… What grade will you be signing him up for?” the lady asked.

“Hmmm… He said there was something he didn’t know, but he didn’t tell me what it was…” Shirley said.

“Well… How old is he?” the lady reluctantly asked.

“Thirty-five…” Shirley said nervously.

“Thirty-five?!” the lady asked, spitting out coffee.

“Yes, he looks like a ten year old though,” Shirley said.

“We do have an opening in one set of classes,” the lady said.

She looked over lists of classes and times before she said anything.

“Can I bring him in for afternoon classes? He’s asleep currently,” Shirley said.

“Sure…” the lady said.

Shirley returned home so she could get her son. When she got inside, she found that he was no longer on the pillow, in fact, he was nowhere in sight.

“Drac?!” called Shirley.

There was no reply and she started to get worried. She looked all over the house and couldn’t find him.

“Drac, where are you?!” she called out.

After checking the whole house a few more times, she found that there was just one place left that she hasn’t checked. She went back outside and opened up the door to the cellar. She found him down there wearing a black sunhat and a pair of black sunglasses.

“Drac, there you are! You don’t know how worried I was!” Shirley said, climbing down the ladder.

He turned to look at her.

“How did you get out of the house anyways? Didn’t you say the sunlight would kill you?” Shirley asked.

“Yes, it would kill me, but I was careful,” Drac said, smiling.

“Then can you carefully come with me somewhere?” Shirley asked.

He stared at her for a moment, not sure if he should trust her on this one.

“Please…?” Shirley asked.

“Will you give me more tomato soup if I go with you?” Drac asked.

“Yes, I will give you more,” Shirley said.

“Then I’ll go,” Drac said, stretching.

She took his hand and led him back outside and off to school. Half way through the trip, Drac halted, realizing where he was being taken.

“Hey! You’re taking me to school!” Drac said.

“Yes, it’s for the better…” Shirley said.

“Ack, if I cannot trust you, who can be trusted?!” Drac asked.

“Calm down, Drac… You should be honored that you get a chance to be taught at a real school…” Shirley said.

“Honored?” Drac asked.

“No monster has ever gone to this school before, you’d be the first!” Shirley said.

Drac thought about that for a moment, falling silent and continuing to walk. They walked back to the school and Drac was actually relieved to be in the safety of the building instead of being out in the hot sun. Shirley brought him into the office and the lady at the desk directed them to the room he’d be in. He walked into the room and found himself looking at young children. He sighed and glanced at his mom.

“Hey everyone, this is my son Drac, please treat him nicely and with respect,” Shirley said.

The little kids stared, some were frightened.

“There is an open desk at the back of the room, he can sit there…” the teacher said.

“Have a good day at school, Drac…” Shirley said and hugged him.

He was rather surprised by this act as he had never in his life been hugged before. He nodded and walked to his seat. Shirley left the classroom and headed to work.

“Well, I’ll go get a worksheet for our new student, I’ll be back in a few minutes,” the teacher said.

The teacher left the room. Moments later, the window opened up and a young boy with scraggly brown hair pulled himself up into the room. Drac stared at him, unsure of what to think. The boy plopped himself into the desk next to Drac and put his feet up on the desk.

“So… This is where you hang out, Dracula…?” the boy asked him.

“Ack let me guess… You’re the wolf I met in the woods last night?!” Drac asked.

The boy smiled mischievously.

“You’re going to get in trouble if the teacher comes back in and sees you!” Drac hissed.

Wolf shrugged his shoulders as if he really didn’t care either way. The teacher entered the room and noticed that there was yet another student in the class.

“Now how did you get here?!” asked the teacher, “I was only gone a short time!”

“Hello, I’m Dracula’s friend!” Wolf said.

“If you really were my friend, you wouldn’t be calling me by the wrong name!” Drac hissed at the boy.

“You aren’t enrolled into this school! You aren’t allowed to be here!” the teacher said, dropping the worksheet and running towards Wolf.

“Hey, you wouldn’t kill me in front of all these first graders, now would you…?” Wolf asked.

The teacher angrily squeezed Wolf’s neck. Drac got angry and used his magical powers to make the teacher stop it and let go. Then he made the teacher believe that Wolf always was a student in the class.

“Woah, Drac! You really are my friend! Thank you for saving me!” Wolf said.

“I’m tired of humans treating monsters like trash… Something needs to change…” Drac said.

The rest of the school day went well, except for when Drac fell asleep in math class.

“Ooh… Looks like Dracula just couldn’t make it through the whole class…” Wolf teased, still calling him by the wrong name.

“Now, Drac, will you please wake up and give me the answer to this math problem…?” the teacher asked.

Drac woke up, startled by hearing his name being called.

“The answer, please,” the teacher said, trying to be patient.

“Ten!” he blurted out.

The teacher stared at him a moment, seeing as he gave the correct answer without knowing what the problem asked.

“That’s correct… Just don’t fall asleep again,” the teacher said.

The final bell rang and the students were dismissed. Wolf licked Drac’s face before running away quickly.

“Yuck! Werewolf slobber…” Drac said.

Shirley arrived to pick him up.

“Hey Drac, how was school…?” she asked.

“Not as bad as I expected… It got me thinking…” Drac said.

Shirley wiped the slobber off of his face and led him home.

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