My Son Drac

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Werewolves Are Vampires' Best Friends

After a nice big bowl of tomato soup, Drac had taken a nap. Being awake during the day can get very stressful. So he slept for about five and a half hours before he woke up and found it to be night time. A loud scratching sound came to the window yet again. Drac tried to cover his ears, though was only capable of covering one. Fed up with the noise, Drac got up and walked to the door. Outside, Wolf was just sitting there, hoping that Drac would appear.

“Wolf, why do you always have to scratch on the wall like that when it’s so annoying?!” asked Drac.

“It’s night time, you shouldn’t be sleeping anyways!” Wolf said.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t be asleep. I should be out there playing,” Drac said.

“Hey Drac, will you come with me back to the woods? There is something we need to talk about…” Wolf said, glancing behind himself as if making sure nobody was listening.

“Alright, let’s go,” Drac said.

They traveled back to the woods at approximately the same spot where they first met.

“So, first things first… Your mother,” Wolf said.

“Yes, I know, I know… She’s human, I’m a monster, and humans hate monsters,” Drac said.

“No, that’s not what I was going to mention. You see, there is this one dream I’ve had for awhile now…” Wolf said.

“And this involves my mom because…?” Drac asked.

“W-w-well…” Wolf stammered, “I’ve always wanted to eat tomato soup and here I find that your mother makes it for you all the time!”

“Her tomato soup is good,” Drac said.

“Do you think I can come to the door and you can claim that I am your friend from school so I can get in and have tomato soup…?” Wolf asked.

“I don’t think that will work… To be honest, I told my mom that you weren’t my friend…” Drac said.

Wolf looked very hurt by that.

“So that’s how you truly feel… You only care about me a little because I’m a monster just like you…” Wolf said, whimpering.

“No, Wolf… I’m sorry…” Drac said, bending over to hug the scruffy little creature.

“Woah, what do you call this…?” Wolf asked.

“It’s called a hug… It’s how humans show love…” Drac whispered.

“I-I-I…” Wolf stammered.

“Look, you’re more than a friend to me… You are my best friend…” Drac whispered.

Wolf wagged his tail. Drac let go so he wouldn’t squeeze him too hard.

“Drac, there is one more thing I need to talk about…” Wolf said.

“Hmm?” asked Drac, raising an eyebrow.

“We’re monsters, so then shouldn’t we be acting like monsters?” Wolf asked.

“What do you mean by that…?” Drac asked.

“It’s hard to explain,” Wolf said.

“I’m not killing anyone if that’s what you’re thinking…” Drac said.

“No, I wouldn’t dare ask you to kill a human. There is a farm not far from here that I stumbled upon. I think it’s the perfect place for a raid,” Wolf said.

Drac stared at Wolf and Wolf looked up and found himself actually looking Drac in the eyes for once.

“Hey, I never noticed how red your eyes are…” Wolf said.

Drac closed his eyes tightly. Wolf looked confused.

“Let’s just go…” Drac said.

“If you turn into a bat, I could carry you on my back,” Wolf said.

Drac opened his eyes and turned into a bat. Wolf helped him up.

“Hang on tight! I go fast!” Wolf said, taking off.

Drac held on the best he could as Wolf ran all the way out to a farm. At the farm, there were randomly a lot of animals that weren’t put into the barn for the night. Wolf howled excitedly.

“So, what do you want me to do…?” Drac asked.

“Drain the animals of their blood,” Wolf said, wagging his tail.

Drac hopped off of Wolf’s back and transformed back from a bat. Wolf ran off towards the west side of the barnyard so Drac took to the east side. A few minutes had passed and Drac was having a really good time. He couldn’t see what Wolf was up to very well though because of how large the yard was.

Suddenly, a guard dog burst out of the barn and sniffed the air. It barked and howled alarmingly and Drac stopped what he was doing and watched. Then a human stepped out of the house with a lit torch, trying to see what had the dog so upset. Wolf happened to chase a chicken passed the guy and he yelled.

“It’s a monster! How dare you mess with my farm?! You will pay for this!” the man yelled.

Wolf was frozen with fear and the chicken got away. The man started beating Wolf up and Drac saw that. He was furious.

“Don’t you dare hurt my best friend, human!” Drac growled as he ran towards the man.

Frightened, the man tossed his torch. Drac dodged it and pounced on the man.

“Any last words, mister?!” said Drac hissed into the man’s ear.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME, AHHHHHH!!!” the man cried out.

Drac’s sharp fangs glistened before he stuck them into the guy’s neck, cutting into a major vain. Wolf was lying injured on the ground, whimpering. Drac drank the man’s blood and let go. The body of the man was left with a permanent look of fear plastered onto his face with two gaping holes in his neck.

“Wolf… I’m taking you home…” Drac said.

Though his arm was reinjured, he picked his best friend up from the ground anyways and walked off. He got to his home just at the break of dawn and placed Wolf on the couch, and then he flopped over on the floor and passed out.

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