My Son Drac

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Peace Will Never Come

Many years had passed and Drac was now forty-seven years old. He had learned a lot since he was thirty-five from attending school. Now, Shirley was so proud of her dear son when he managed to graduate from high-school. The teachers were all relieved to finally get rid of him.

“Hey mom, there is something I’d like you to help me do…” Drac said one morning before he went to bed.

“What is it?” Shirley asked.

“Can you help me run a non-violent protest against the inequality that humans show to monsters?” Drac asked.

“Of course I’ll help you, it sounds like a good cause,” Shirley said, smiling.

“Well… I’ll start making signs at sun-down when I wake up,” Drac said with a yawn.

Shirley nodded and went to the shop to get supplies for him to make signs out of. At the shop, she purchased stickers, pencils, colorful paper. She also purchased large popsicle-sticks and rolls of tape. After bringing the stuff home, she then went to work.

“So you’re coming in late and you didn’t even pick up any doughnuts?” one of her co-workers asked, turning to face her.

“Sorry, I was out buying supplies for my son. He’s trying to start up a non-violent protest…” Shirley said, leaving out what the protest was about.

“Your son must be very wise to think up a plan like that. It has been awhile since anything exciting happened around here,” the co-worker said.

“Yeah, he has been thinking about doing this for awhile I believe,” Shirley said.

“Heh heh, did you see those ridiculous newspaper articles that claimed that a vampire was here and killed someone? I mean, how dumb do they think we are? Vampires clearly don’t exist, and if they did, they wouldn’t be living around here…” the co-worker said.

“Hah… yeah…” Shirley said, sweating nervously, “I gotta get to my work station. Phew, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?”

The co-worker shrugged his shoulders and went about working on what he was doing before she came in. A few hours passed and everything was silent, but then suddenly there was a loud shrill scream from outside.

“Ahhhhh, help me! I found a monster!” the person cried out.

Everyone came to the door to see what was happening. Outside, there was a lady clinging onto a pillar and swinging her purse stupidly at a furry creature which just so happened to be Wolf.

“Hey, don’t freak out… I’m just a loveable puppy!” Wolf said, rolling over onto his back.

“Is that a monster or is that a dog…?” one person questioned.

“Wolf?” Shirley asked, pushing past everyone.

“Oh, hey Dracula’s mama!” Wolf said, getting back onto his feet and rubbing against Shirley’s legs.

“You’re a vampire’s mom and you know this scruffy little thing?!” the woman asked.

“It is true… What are you going to do about it?” Shirley asked, lifting Wolf from the ground.

Everyone gasped in horror as she carried Wolf away from there.

“Oh, but my son’s name is actually Drac, not Dracula,” Shirley said, glancing back at everyone.

Shirley walked home and everyone continued to stare off in the direction she went. She took the longest way home in case anyone bothered to track her down. She arrived home and sighed, deciding that she should rest so she’d have enough energy for the night’s activity. She placed Wolf down in the living room near Drac and went to her bedroom. At eight at night, the sun had set and the house begun to get cold signifying that night had come finally. Drac woke up and found Wolf snuggled up next to him.

“Wolf? What are you doing here?” Drac asked.

Wolf woke up, yawned, and stretched. Then he looked at his friend sleepily.

“Your mom brought me here after I caused a bit of chaos at her work place. I can’t believe so many people are afraid of such a cute puppy like me!” Wolf said.

“Wolf, would you like to join me and my mom tonight?” Drac asked.

“Oh? What do you have planned?” Wolf asked, tilting his head.

“I’m making signs and we’re going to walk around the villages to catch attention. There won’t be any violence involved though so if you’re looking for excitement, this isn’t your kind of activity,” Drac said.

“Hmmm… Signs for what?” asked Wolf.

Drac sighed and explained the whole plan to Wolf who sat and listened carefully.

“You know how that farmer guy tried to kill you? That’s the kind of stuff I’m hoping to put an end to,” Drac said, giving an example.

“Ah, I see… This sounds like a rather important cause. I’ll join you guys!” Wolf said, transforming from a wolf.

Drac found the supplies that Shirley had bought.

“Looks like my mom got me some fresh clean supplies,” Drac said.

Wolf and Drac started working on posters to tape to mailboxes and lampposts as well as the three larger signs that they would be carrying. Shirley woke up and came to add some finishing touches to it.

“Well, Drac, tonight’s the night. We’ll make everyone see how wrong they were…” Shirley said, hugging Drac.

“Hey, Drac’s mom?” asked Wolf, “May I ask something?”

“What is it?” Shirley asked.

“Can I have tomato soup too?” Wolf asked.

Shirley chuckled and nodded as she went to make him some. Wolf wagged his tail excitedly, anticipating the bowl of steaming hot soup.

“Looks like your dream is finally coming true, let’s hope my dream comes true as well,” Drac said.

Shirley returns with a big bowl of tomato soup and hands it to Wolf who eats it up ravenously. He licks his lips.

“Yummy! Best thing I’ve ever had!” Wolf said, hugging Shirley.

“Thank you…” Shirley said.

After they finished creating signs, they ventured outside and begun their work. They pasted signs in various places for people to see and marched about in the village with their signs. The whole thing felt kind of pointless at first as there was nobody around to witness the event. However, a few villages in, people started to wake up and look out their windows, seeing what was happening.

“Look, the woman is walking around down there with a vampire…” one person said to another person who was standing next to them also peering out of the window.

It was at the fifth village that people started to be bothered by the seemingly innocent acts that were taking place. A person opened their door and stepped out onto the balcony.

“Hey you freaks! Get back to your own village! We don’t like monsters here!” the person yelled out.

“No,” Drac said.

“I’m warning you, if you don’t go back to where you belong, I’m going to shoot this gun!” the person yelled.

“Stop threatening me, we aren’t doing anything wrong,” Drac said.

The person pointed their gun at Drac.

“Kill that monster!” someone else called out, encouraging the guy with the gun.

Drac glared at the person. They fired a bullet.

“Don’t hurt my son!” Shirley said.

She ran in front of Drac just before the bullet came into reach and the bullet pierced her head. She fell to the ground bleeding. She stopped breathing and lay their limply. Drac’s eye widened in shock, unsure of what to do and then he glared back up at the person with the gun.

“You killed my mother! She was one of the only living creatures on this planet who actually cared about me!” Drac cried out, “And now… You shall pay for this!”

Drac’s eyes glowed angrily in the darkness of the night. The person with the gun was frightened and dropped their weapon.

“Curse you, curse all of you! You have interrupted my plans for peace, so now, peace will never come!” Drac said.

The sky turned blood red and so did the moon.

“No matter how long it takes, I shall kill each and every one of you humans in these villages!” Drac said, “You will pay the price in blood!”

With that, Drac transformed into a bat and flew at the person who killed his mother and he bit their neck before they could escape. He drained them of their blood before returning to Wolf who was lying their by Shirley’s body, frightened.

“Wolf, I’m taking you home,” Drac said, transforming back from a bat.

He grabbed Wolf and ran home, leaving the signs behind.

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