My Son Drac

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Even while Drac was asleep and it was day time, the sky remained blood red and the sun appeared to be red as well. Drac dreamt that he was hanging out with his mom and eating tomato soup, but then his dreams turned to the memory that his mother got shot in the head and died while trying to protect him. That memory kept haunting him as he slept, and eventually, it became night and he woke up. Wolf was standing there, leaning over where Drac was laying.

“Hey Drac, you seemed to be having a bad dream… Are you alright?” Wolf asked.

“Huh…? Oh… uh… no,” Drac said, “I still need to get my revenge…”

“Should I come with you…?” Wolf asked.

“No… I don’t want you getting hurt… stay here and guard my house for me…” Drac said.

Wolf frowned.

“What?” Drac asked.

“There is something I need to show you before you leave…” Wolf said.

“Alright, make it quick…” Drac said.

Wolf went to a different room and came back with an odd necklace with two charms dangling off of it. Drac watched, eyes widening. The first charm was a lightning bolt with two wolf-like ears hanging off the top and the second charm was a heart with bat wings.

“I found this thing… It might be something important,” Wolf said.

“That… I think that’s called the Bat’s Eye Jewel…” Drac said.

“Neat!” Wolf said.

“Do you even understand what that does…?” Drac asked.

“Nope, I know nothing,” Wolf said.

“Those two gems contain a massive amount of energy and power… enough to destroy a full galaxy if used wrongly… They are meant to be shared between a closely bonded vampire and werewolf…” Drac said.

“Well… In that case, I might as well hold onto it so nothing bad happens to it,” Wolf said.

“Yes, now I have to go… I’ll be back before dawn,” Drac said, turning into a bat and flying away into the night.

A heavy fog was settling in on this dark red night, no crickets chirped and no animals were about. Everything was silent… too silent… Drac flew into an open window to someone’s bedroom and transformed. Cautiously he approached the sleeping figure, being careful not to wake them from their dream. He loomed over them, casting an evil looking shadow across the wall. He gently lifted them up from the bed and then bit into their neck, draining them of their blood before they could even awaken. He then placed the body back into the bed and tucked it in. Blood dripped from his face onto the carpet before he turned back into a bat and flew off to continue doing this to everyone in the village. By dawn, everyone in the village except for him and Wolf were dead. He returned home.

“Alright Wolf,” Drac said, burping, “This village has been cleared…”

Wolf turned into a wolf and licked the blood off of Drac’s face.

“Yuck,” Drac said.

Wolf giggled. Drac yawned and laid down on the floor to sleep, Wolf curled up near him to sleep as well. It wasn’t too much longer after they fell asleep that some humans showed up at the house, angry about their friends and/or co-workers that were killed. They threw lit torches at the house and the house begun to burn. Wolf woke up before Drac did.

“Drac, the house is on fire!” Wolf cried out, trying to get Drac to wake up.

Drac sleepily opened one eye. A cloud of smoke drifted into the room and then flames became visible.

“How did this happen?!” Drac asked, standing up quickly.

“The humans… They did this…” Wolf said.

“I knew I should have killed them all at one time!” Drac said, “We have to get out of here!”

The hungry flames made their way up the wall to the ceiling and the ceiling begun to fall apart.

“We can’t go out the front, the humans are still there!” Wolf said.

Drac glanced around and found that they were surrounded by flames.

“Wolf, you find a lower way to get out, I’m going to fly over the flames!” Drac ordered.

Wolf got down on his belly and started crawling towards an exit. Drac transformed into a bat and started flying over the flames. A chunk of ceiling came loose and fell down while on fire. The flaming ceiling hit Drac and he fell, being caught up in the flames. He cried out in pain and Wolf came back to rescue him.

“Don’t worry Drac, I’ve got you!” Wolf said, plunging through the flames and scooping up the burnt little bat.

Wolf then made his way out of the building. Some humans were standing around the back and caught them trying to escape. They tried to drive Wolf back into the fire to burn, but Wolf charged right on through them, heading for the woods.

“They’re getting away!” one person cried out.

“Let them… All who enter those woods from here will become lost forever…” another person said.

With that, Wolf was able to escape with Drac who was unconscious. The blood red sky returned to being blue and Wolf and Drac were left to wander the woods, forever.

The End

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