Restless Dreams

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Lily Emerson was new; she was hoping for your everyday life but what she got was far from ordinary after arriving at her private school, Crestshire High. She caught the eye of a man who is none other than her teacher. He has one major secret he keeps from all his students and it's not as simple as sleeping with them. That secret is, he's an incubus, a being who feeds off sexual energy. The starving Incubus known as Leviticus Cain will do anything to get his hands on Lily, to taste her overflowing amount of energy that he never saw before in the many years he has been alive. Whether it be through visions, dreams, or reality she finds herself drawn to the irresistible figure. Will this attraction turn into something deadly?

Horror / Erotica
Dolly Nightmare
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Chapter Zero: Wet Lilies

Unknown Time And Date

Everything is scary the first time you do it such things as riding a bike, love, sex, and of course, dying. Even getting lost as a child for the first time.

Do you remember the first time you got lost as a child?

Probably not; however, I should have remembered sooner perhaps things would have been different, but of course, I am only human...

It’s just some memories you remember so clearly while others are foggy or sometimes completely forgotten. I’m not entirely sure why we forget things, but I regret forgetting the time I was lost as a child. It was an important memory something I will always remember now as long as I live.

I couldn’t believe I forgot him, I didn’t mean to forget him, it just happened. I close my eyes sighing softly, not wanting to wake him.

My biggest regret was not remembering him, maybe if I remembered him, I would have realized the fate we shared. With my eyes still shut, I started to recall that memory with him, and it was also the first time I got lost as a child, such a vivid memory now.

It was also the beginning of the dominoes toppling, teetering and collapsing into one another slowly and steadily until nothing really made sense anymore.

I suppose with him nothing should make sense, but who would have thought he was the man that saved me when I was a kid. I had dubbed him the scary man when I was little, so I’m not entirely sure how I would forget him...

I still have the drawings of him I drew from back then and as horrible as my drawing of him may be, he still looked like my drawing. He found me that day when I was all alone in the rain.

I open my eyes to take a look at him, he was the scary man when I was little. The thought made me smile slightly even though it would be short-lived.

He was something entirely else to me now, but I had no idea back then he would be the center of many more vivid memories some happy, sad, scary, and others embarrassing.

Currently, he was a friend, family, and also lover; fate had drawn us together as such.

I close my eyes once more, the toppling of the dominoes wouldn’t reach its peak until after I moved to Crestshire as a teenager. I wished I could tell the me back then, the me, who was ignorant and didn’t remember him everything I knew now. The girl I was didn’t realize the importance of accepting the sheep hidden in the wolf’s clothing nor believed that love existed.

Merely wishing to go back in time to tell myself of the events that would follow the year after moving to Crestshire would do me no good. The seemingly sleepy and quiet town of Crestshire was something I believed to be just that, not somewhere I would start believing in monsters. I thought I was long over believing in things that came straight from horror stories.

The monsters were nasty creatures and not something I ever expected to see again because I always believed they were my imagination and something similar to imaginary friends but a scarier version. When they appeared before me again, I felt like a little kid once more, not knowing what to do and too scared to call for help.

And just how I remembered them when I was little, they were ugly things having no hair covering their distorted bodies not even on their heads. They resembled gargoyles you see on gothic buildings, their limbs often were bent at awkward angles, and their movements were not fluid but jerky. The bones and joints in their gross bodies were continuously popping and cracking when they crawled or walked.

They weren’t big or small but being the size of a human; however, they looked like a mutated version of one. Not a single one had the same face each was unique in a horrifying way, but all were a pasty gray white, and all their faces were twisted in painful grimaces.

The most frightening of them all was the one who lacked eyes, it had black pits where its eyes should be, and the darkness seemed to go on forever. Its voice was also the most frightening as well; it is between a cackle of an old man and the deflating hiss of a balloon. I hated that one the most out of all of them, and I gave it the nickname...

No Eyes...

Not all could speak like No Eyes some just rattled their broken and twisted fangs at me. Those particular ones weren’t bad, they seemed unintelligent compared to those who talked like No Eyes, who I believed was their leader.

I still have no idea exactly what they are and what they have to do with him. When I was little, even though I dubbed him as my scary hero man, I blamed him for their sudden appearance. I especially blamed him when they visited my room every night when I was little, leering at me with hungry eyes and grins.

I envisioned him saving me from these creatures every night, but he never came to my rescue like that day, but still, I pretended he would, it made me feel better.

A false hope as a child perhaps...

I find his hand and entwine my fingers between his limp fingers, feeling the need to touch him although he was sleeping. I was so scared back then, not understanding anything or what was happening, I still don’t know anything, but I know more now than what I did.

I am still frightened today, although I don’t have much to be scared of not anymore since I have my own scary monster. A monster so scary everyone trembles at the sight of him except a few people.

Who would know a move to a new place I would encounter the one person meant just for me, my thumb makes soft circular patterns on his hand. He better own up and take responsibility for his actions since I have to come to love him.

I don’t think I had to wait much longer for him to wake, my scary love...

To think I ignored all the warnings, the monsters, and the abnormal things that happened to me all because I thought I was insane and looney. To think I thought I was crazy just because other people told me so. Their words cast me as crazy because monsters didn’t exist, but they were wrong.

If I didn’t think I was crazy then would I know more? I pause, my thumb stilling on his hand, thinking about the answer.

I resume gently rubbing his hand, I don’t think I’ll ever know. I do know I wanted to ask him about the monsters, not only that; I had so many questions about him that I wanted to be answered.

He owed me answers... so many answers.....

Every town holds secrets, but this one holds many, secrets I’m sure he knows all about. There were too many for the town to keep in, so many that just one secret spilling out will reveal them all.

I open my eyes and stare at him, hate, jealousy, knowledge, power, murder, fear, and of course love all stem from keeping secrets from people, and that builds up to lies.

Some needed to be discovered, and some should have been kept hidden. I wonder what secrets he will tell me? I can’t help but ponder the question.

He tries to act detached and uncaring, but in reality, he wasn’t. He was a monster, but you wouldn’t think a monster would have feelings, not feelings of love, and definitely not towards a human.

Unfortunate or maybe fortunately for him that human was me. I didn’t really understand how it happened. It’s best not to think about it now because perhaps I would not like the answers.

Now, where should I start?

Well, of course, from the beginning, the very start of everything. Me entering Crestshire had set my fate into motion once more, but it wasn’t when the first domino teetered and fell.

Let’s start from the very beginning when I met him, the first time I got lost as a child... I’m sure you want to hear the full story up till now.

10 years ago

The rain poured down and hit the barren streets like hard pellets. Normally, the streets had at least two people walking down it but today nobody but one man did.

The man without an umbrella suddenly stopped in his tracks and glanced up at the gloomy darkened gray skies. He then stuffs his cold hands in an expensive suit jacket which seemed out of place in this town.

The rain hitting his face made him squint on instinct, and the water which dripped down his face makes his pale skin glisten with rainwater.

‘Just like that day...’ he thought to himself.

Rainy days were always considered bad luck to him. Nothing ever good came out of them so if it rained so suddenly on his way to work something bad was definitely brewing. A belief he always held since he was a child.

His hands clenched into fists and out of habit he reached for his cigarette pack in his pocket but then stopped. He clicked his tongue, damn he couldn’t even have a cigarette in this weather.

He’d have to seek shelter to smoke. Well, it was a disgusting habit he had to quit anyway, but he didn’t think he will be quitting anytime soon.

He has been smoking how many years after all? Those damn humans got him going on them. Back then it was considered status to be smoking tobacco now it wasn’t really much of a thing anymore. Humans had declared tobacco a health hazard.

He sighed heavily and continued walking, but when he did, he felt something collide with his legs. A small ‘omf’ could be heard, and then a splash as the presence was no longer felt near his legs.

The man’s gray orbs widened in surprise as he looked down. A small child now on her rear was looking up at him with surprise as well. He had failed to notice her, she was so small...

‘What was a kid doing all by herself anyway. Where were her parents?’ he thought while looking around for any signs of adults nearby but found none.

Then a horrible cry pierced his sensitive ears. He grunted and sneered down at the child again.

The girl cried and covered her eyes, “I’m scared! I-I want mommy! Mister, you’re scary looking! Please don’t hurt me.”

The man glared and picked her up by her forearm, making her balance to her feet, “Brat. Shush, be quiet. You’re hurting my ears, and if people hear you, they might get the wrong idea.”

The girl hiccuped and looked up at him again as snot ran down her face and sniffed while still crying. Disgusting. This was the reason he didn’t want pups of his own. They’re such messy foul creatures.

Another thing he didn’t want that went with pups was a mate, and yes, Incubus and Succubus had such things. Hard to believe, but everyone had someone meant just for them even though most hated creatures.

He still couldn’t comprehend how he would want to fuck one person for all eternity, let alone feel the need to have pups. They were two completely absurd thoughts to him.

His thoughts on mates, ‘Doesn’t it get boring fucking the same person and what if my mate if I ever got one was a complete slut? I hate filth.’ Though who was he to complain?

He asked awkwardly, not knowing how to deal with the crying child, “Where are your parents?”

You would think after so many years of living, he would know how to deal with the sticky little gremlins, but he was just as awkward with them as he was in his younger days.

The girl sniffed up her snot again and wiped her tears away “I-I d-don’t know. I chased mister squirrel and then I...” She stopped mid-sentence and cried out again after sniveling. Her screech hitting his ears again, making him grunt yet again.

He covered his ears and yelled this time, fed up with the brats whiny behavior “Brat stop it with that godforsaken awful cry! I had enough!”

Her bottom lip trembled at his shout but her cries ceased, though silent tears still slipped down her face and quiet hiccups also slipped from her pouty mouth.

He sighed after uncovering his ears, so she was his bad omen... Figured he was never good with children or babies. One look at his face, and they cried.

Maybe he was scary looking like the girl said, he didn’t think he was at think his charm would even work on children too not just adults, but it seemed they saw him for who he really was….

He wanted to leave and let someone else deal with this problem child, but something in him kept screaming at him not too. A voice in his head spoke to him in whispers ‘Don’t, get her to safety, you idiot. Something bad could happen to her. You’re here today because I brought you here, not you.’

Were his instincts speaking to him? He hadn’t heard such a thing in ages tell him what to do. It had been quiet all these years, so why speak up now and tell him what to do?

Sometimes he even forgot such a thing existed for him. His instincts never helped him before...

Will this little girl be someone important to him in the future, possibly? Important enough for an annoying voice to pop back in his head...?

He highly doubted that. She was human, not that he could smell her clearly, but that was what he had assumed. The rain was masking her scent, but she was still close enough for him to tell what species she was.

All humans were idiots to him, not to mention filthy creatures. He examined the little girl again.

Her short wet matted hair stuck to her chubby cheeks and her pink sundress was soaked and covered in mud from the murky brown puddle she fell back in. Her green eyes sparkled with innocence even though her eyes were red and teary from crying.

He walked forward again moving past the girl “Tch, brat let’s get you out of this rain, I need a smoke anyway, and then I will call for someone to help you.”

He looked over his shoulder, hoping she would follow, but she stood there stupidly looking at him with teary eyes still.

He rolled his eyes and walked back and grabbed ahold of her hand, forcing her to walk with him “Stupid brat I meant for you to follow me. I can’t leave you here.”

Though why couldn’t he… WHY should he care for a human child??

She hiccuped and rubbed her eyes with her other hand, “But I don’t want to follow the scary-looking stranger...”

She made him sound like some kind of child pervert, which was grossing him out. Acting like he was a bad guy when all he was doing was dragging her to safety. She was going to make him late for work too.

’Stupid brat. Getting in the way of my routine.′ He thought bitterly to himself as he walked hand in hand with the grubby brat.

He brought her to a bench that was protected with a roof. It was meant for waiting for the bus, but he needed to give the brat a dry place to sit or more like a place for him to smoke as well.

She let go of his hand once seeing it and ran to it. She must have wanted to get out of the rain just as much as he had. She was the first one to sit, pushing her small body onto the bench. She wiped her snot with the back of her hand, making his sneer grow worse.

Two seconds later he joined her on the bench taking out of a pack of cigarettes and sliding one out of the pack before taking his lighter out and flicking it on. He brought the lighter to the cigarette, making the tip glow orange before taking his lighter away and pocketing it.

The girl’s red swollen eyes were glaring at him before looking down at her feet that she was kicking back and forth “Those are bad for you. Daddy smokes them all the time, and mommy yells at him to quit.”

The man chuckled before inhaling and blowing the smoke out into the air “Brat don’t worry about strangers you just met...but only if something like this could kill me... Now, do you know your father’s or mother’s phone number?”

He took out his flip phone, ready to dial anything she told him, but she shook her head. He clicked his tongue and lowered his cigarette to the ground, so the smoke didn’t get in her face that much.

“Tch, then the police it is...”

'Why did he care?' He grumbled internally to himself again.

She suddenly looked up at him again, “Mister, why do you look so scary? Did something happen to make you look like that? Mommy says scary people had something bad happen for them to make them become scary people...”

His eyes lifted to hers curiously as he flipped open his phone while bringing the cigarette back up to his lips “How should I know what makes me look scary? What makes you think I’m a scary person anyway? I didn’t do anything brat.”

′If anything I’m helping you right now. How am I scary? Be grateful stupid little human that I’m even helping you...′ he thought to himself while inhaling his cigarette.

She stared back down at her feet “Because you look empty...”

He raised an eyebrow. “Empty?” He asked, confused, blowing the smoke out.

She continued, “Your eyes, they don’t show any emotion like other peoples do. They don’t sparkle, they’re empty. If anything you’re sad... Mama gets that look in her eyes sometimes when she’s sad.”

He stayed silent as he flicked his cigarette, the ashes falling to the ground, not knowing how to answer the strange girl. Instead, he breathed in her scent now that she was fully out of the rain, wanting to see if she was some sort of supernatural creature.

Maybe he got it wrong, and she was really a witch and was toying with him. They were known to mess with him. He was always bad at deciphering other species from one another anyway.

He closed his eyes briefly, not wanting to keep them closed for long. He concentrated solely on the girl. Her scent was peaceful to him. A sweet smell, yet it had somewhat of a spicy aroma to it as well.

Almost like if you smelled a lily before. He felt his finger twitch that was holding his phone was her scent starting to unnerve him somehow. He felt relaxed just smelling her.

“Brat are you really a kid? To be saying those sort of things...” He asked, reopening his eyes, but before she could say anything more,, he heard yelling.

A woman’s voice in the far distance, “Lily?! Lily, where are you!? Please answer us!” He looked down the street to see a woman taking the corner and a taller man following shortly behind her.

He got up from the bench and asked, “Your name is Lily, right?”

How fitting if so and not to mention ironic that he just thought of them. He pocketed his phone again and dropped his cigarette after another drag.

She nodded, and he crushed his cigarette underneath his shoe and pointed towards the two figures in the distance “Your parents are here.”

Her eyes lit up, and she immediately got off the bench and looked to her left to where they were. She yelled before running back out in the rain towards the distant figures, “Mommy! Mommy! I’m here!”

This was his cue to leave; he didn’t feel like speaking to the brat’s parents. He was kept here longer than needed anyway and for what? Nothing...

The woman stopped hollering, and she immediately ran towards the small girl, and they embraced. Any conversation after that he didn’t need to know. He quickly vanished out of sight, using some of his magic to do so.

‘What a pointless meeting,’ he thought to himself.

He doubted he would ever see that little girl again. What purpose would she bring him anyway? She would just confused him...

If she were to ever appear again, I bet she cause him further confusion. That was if she ever did, he had no intention of meeting this brat ever again.

As he continued walking, he saw movement on top of a roof and the whip of a tail, and he stops in his tracks.

His eyes narrow at the building, and then he sees another flicker of movement from his side, this time he was able to see a hint more of what trailed along the top of buildings.

The pasty white skin could not be mistaken for any other thing... but those creatures. However, it quickly escapes, and a dry chuckle escapes the man.

“How intriguing. Why would any of you be interested in a little girl like her?” he asks, continuing walking.

It seemed if she hadn’t run into him in some sort of twisted fate, she would be nothing but a half-eaten corpse by now. How lucky she was...

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