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Hello, my name is Fangs

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Chapter 2

It was a good job that I didn't need to breathe. I hadn't held my breath for so long since I got trapped in a guys locker room. I managed to successfully restock the fresh meat and wash my hands before I took a tentative breath. I could barely smell the animal blood. Thank ... Well, thank the universe.

I was just leaving the bathroom when I bumped into Tina. Literally. The smell of her blood was so strong, I hissed slightly and jumping back. She thought I was gasping in sight of the deep cut on her hand.

"Some idiot, broke a jar in aisle seven and thought they'd just leave it there! I slipped on whatever was in the infernal thing and landed straight on a piece of glass! Can you believe my luck?!" She laughed and shook her head. No. No I could not.

"Let me help you," I offered, smiling sympathetically. I put my arm around her and guided her into the bathroom. I checked over my shoulder that no one was watching us and grinned when I found we were alone.

What?! A girl can't have a midnight snack?! After all ... every little helps.

Two weeks later

"Right, everybody!" The assistant manager Tracy called in her overly perky way. I had just got in and was not prepared to deal with her. I stared in her direction and let my mind wander. I'd rather be anywhere else, but she had called a staff meeting for those of us on the night shift.

"This is our new head manager," you could tell she was pissed that she hadn't been promoted. "Jack." A tall guy stepped into the room, overly dramatic and I stiffened. It couldn't be ... I thought in shock. I checked over his features, light blonde hair, face full of boyish charm. I looked for something to convince me that I was not seeing what I was clearly seeing.

But I would know him anywhere. Charismatic, charming and a complete ass. My sire. Jack. I snorted at his new name.

For the rest of the meeting I sat impatient in my seat waiting for everyone to leave. When it was just me and him I rose slowly. We stared at each other for a minute before I could form any words.

"I can't believe you're here!" I grinned. "How? Why?" I ran to him and hugged him, feeling his answering chuckle vibrate through his chest.

"Well, I noticed the strange reports in the news about this store and thought maybe, my favourite girl was in town!" He pulled back to look at my face and we grinned at each other. "We are going to have so much fun, Jane. It was Jane, wasn't it?"

"Yes... Jack?" We shared one more grin before we sat and began making plans. Halloween was coming up. And we were going to have a party to die for.

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