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Wake Up

By IceQueen All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

I sat on my bed, just staring at the ceiling. It had been a long day at school and then having to talk to the police was strenuous. I just wanted to get a reply back from my friend who I had texted only a couple of minuets ago, but it felt like it had been weeks instead of minuets. After what felt like forever, I felt my phone buzz in my hand. I felt elation at being texted back and looked down at the text. The screen flashed red and black and then it flashed two words:

Wake up.
Then it went back to normal. That. Was weird. Maybe it was some sort of prank. But I still didn't have a text from my friend, which annoyed me. I decided to ignore the weird picture and focus on my friends inability to text me back.
I walked downstairs, looking around for my mom. I thought I had passed her as I went up to my room. She had been sitting on the couch, and only now I realized that she had had her head in her hands. But now I couldn't find her. I looked around the kitchen and found a note on the counter. I picked it up and read thru it.
I just went over to the hospital to wake up and I will be back in a little bit. Dinner is behind you so eat it if you can. I love you so much and I wish you could, just. I love you.
That got me worried. Was mom sick or something? I didn't remember anyone being at the hospital. And since when was there food behind me? That's when I smelled it. I turned and saw the steaming crock pot and felt my mouth water. Mom always made the best stew. It smelled like the same stew we had been having for what felt like forever, but I didn't mind. I loved it anyways.
I walked over, but I suddenly couldn't remember how to get the stew out of the pot and into me. I looked around the kitchen and something seemed to pop in my brain as I turned back to the pot. A bowel. And a spoon. I looked down at my hands and saw that they were in my hands.
Man I am forget full. I dished up some of the food, excited to eat. I was sitting waiting, thinking I was tiered. It felt like a moment later I was sitting on my bed, in my pajamas, looking at my phone. My friend had still not texted back. Well I would see her at school tomorrow so it wouldn't mater then. I could berate her for not texting.

"You never texted me back last night. What was that about?" My friend just looked at me, like I was crazy.
"I was just at the hospital. Visiting. Anyways. I will text you tonight. I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." I couldn't believe her. We were friends and if she was busy, I could just wait. As I walked to the next class, I passed by some people I knew.
"Hey." They waved towards me.
"Wake up." I stopped. That was weird. Was it just the new thing. Whatever. Not my problem. I was about to walk to class when I saw someone I was soon sitting in class anyways so I didn't really mater. We were starting a new lesson today on some thing. I forgot. It felt like i had been ages since she had told us what it was we were doing.
As the video started I really couldn't pay attention. It wasn't that it was boring, It just didn't make any sense. A lot of the facts were being messed up, or it seemed like that to me. I never was good at this subject.
After a while I noticed that there was something in the door. As I looked closely, it seemed to be the figure of a man. And it freaked me out. It seemed to sense me looking and it turned towards me. It had glowing red eyes and it looked like it smiled and had white glowing teeth. I felt this feeling of dread growing in the pit of my stomach and I just wanted to go hide. I turned back to look at my teacher who seemed to be concentrating on the video. I looked around the class to see if anyone else noticed the figure in the door. No one was looking that way and when I looked back at the door, the thing was gone.
"Are you all getting this? You all need to wake up and pay attention. This is going to be your wake up call. Now everyone watch this part." I looked back and it seemed the scene had changed to a hospital room. There was a bed in the middle of the room with what looked like someone in the ged. There were machines all around and wires leading under the covers.
As the camera moved, we could see it was a girl lying in the bed, but her face was pretty much cover in the breather mask and other wires along her head so we really couldn't see the face, which was probably the point. On one side of the bed, there sat a woman, holding the hand of the girl in the bed. The camera never moved after that, and it just stayed there. It felt awkward, just sitting and watching.
After a while, the video turned off and the lights were turned back on. Just a moment later, the alarm went off and everyone started to leave. I didn't understand anything that had happened in the video, but especially the last part so I knew I needed to talk to the teacher and as her what the heck had been happening.
I asked her what had been happening, and she didn't answer me. I was about to leave when I thought about the thing I had seen in the door window. I was about to bring it up, but then I thought better of it. I had never liked the teacher and she never did like me so I decided I would just tell mom and see what she thought about it. So I turned and went home.
I walked in the door of the house, setting my bag down by the door. I tried to find my phone, sure I had put it in my pocket this morning. I went up to my room, trying to find it. I realized that it had been on my dresser. I checked to see if anyone had texted me, but as had been the normal for the past month, no one had texted me. I put my phone back on my dresser and turned to head downstairs, passing my window, I saw the same figure I had seen down at school.
Slowly I moved towards the window and saw that even though there was sunlight everywhere around the, thing, it was still covered in shadow and all that I could see was its red eyes and teeth. But now that it was surrounded by light, it looked giant and it had horns on its head and shoulders and its hands looked like giant claws and I would say it was about eight feet tall.
I stumbled back, fear welling up inside, I ran towards the door of my room trying to get to my mother and tell her about the man who was outside. I ran down to try and find my mother, but she was no where.
As i was looking around I heard a knock at the door. I moved to look thru the peep hole and all I saw was red. It took me a moment to realized what it was, but it almost knocked me on my butt when I realized that it was the things eye.
I moved backwards quickly, trying to get away from the thing. I saw it move to look thru the window. It started to slam its fist against the door, trying to break in.
"Mom! Mom help! Anyone help!" I moved to sit beside the couch. The banging on the door got louder and when I looked up again, the windows were all dark, with red and white interspersed. The windows were bowing and the house seemed to be shaking with the force. I heard someone screaming, and only realized it was me, when I felt my throat burning. The noise was becoming deafening and I couldn't think. Well that wasn't true. All I knew was I was afraid.
I rolled up into a ball, covering my ears, trying to block the noise, but it seemed like the noise had moved to my head, reverberating around my skull. I screamed for them all to leave, to get out. I heard what sounded like the door breaking down, and the darkness and red seemed to fill the room. It only took the things a moment to find me, and when they did, they started ripping and biting and my cloths started to be pulled off and they started to hit me.
I tried to cover my head, but it didn't seem to do any good. One grabbed my head, bashing it into the floor. I couldn't breath, the air was so think and I felt tears streaming down my face and I wanted to just die. It felt like this went on for a year, this pain and torture. And then all at once, it stopped. Everything was still and it seemed as if nothing had happened at all.
I picked myself up off the floor, worried about the pool of blood that had pooled around me. Everything hurt and it hurt to breath and I really couldn't breath. I moved to sit on the couch, trying to sit so I could call my mom. As i moved to pick up the phone and dial when the TV turned on. It started out as just static but soon turned into a picture. And it was the same picture as the one at school.
It kept going but instead of stopping, it kept going until I saw the face of the woman sitting in the chair. It was my mother. I tried to stand, but my leg muscles wouldn't respond. I saw mother sitting holding the hand of the girl in the bed. And unlike last time, she started talking.
"Please Bella, please. I need my baby. I need you to wake up. I need you to be alright. Its my fault that your here. But you can't stay like this forever. I know it hurts, but I need you baby. your all I got and I need you to be alright. We all need you to be alright. Me. Mindy and Stacy. Everyone. We need you to be alright. You need to be alright. I love you baby. And I will be here until you wake up. I love you baby angle. I love you."
I couldn't breath. I was the one on the bed. But I was here. Bleeding out on the couch, but I was here. I was sitting here. I was here awake, sitting in our house, in a lot of pain, but awake. Maybe this was some prank. Or maybe I was unconscious. Maybe the things had knocked me out. That must have been it. I just needed to wake up. That was all.
I tried concentrating. Nothing. I pushed on one of my wounds, but still nothing seemed to change. I tried to think of other ways to wake up, when something caught my attention in the corner of my eye. I looked up, afraid it was another one of those things, but it was something much worse and far stranger then the demons.
It was me. Standing there. In the clothes I had been wearing, but they were intact. We both just stared at each other. Nothing happening. Nothing being said. Just awkward staring, and me worrying about my mental health. After a bit, the other me rook a step forward and I couldn't help trying to move back. It startled me.
"Who, who are you?" She, I, it raised an eyebrow at me.
"Well who do I look like? I am you. Well, I'm the part of your brain that suppresses memory's. And you need to stop what your doing." She started moving towards me, hand outstretched. "You need to stop trying to wake up. It took you far less to start questioning this time." She sped up, trying to get to me, I tried to hide behind the table, trying to distance myself from her, but she just kept moving forward.
"What do you mean? What did I figure out?" She just laughed.
"Well you were on your way to figuring it out. And so, because you need to be protected, you need to forget." She got so close, that I fell back trying to get away. "Don't worry. This wont hurt you a bit. Well. Probably."

I sat on my bed, just staring at the ceiling. It had been a long day at school and then having to talk to the police was strenuous. I just wanted to get a reply back from my friend who I had texted only a couple of minuets ago, but it felt like it had been weeks instead of minuets. After what felt like forever, I felt my phone buzz in my hand. I felt elation at being texted back and looked down at the text. The screen flashed red and black and then it flashed two words:

Wake up.

Authors Note:

So this is more a sychological story, and I don't think it is very scarry, but I hope at the very least it is entertaining. This, sadly is something that can happen to people who go thru a major trama. They can fall into a comma and they can't wake up. So usually, something, like a note will tell them they need to wake up, but somethign will stop them from waking up.

After a while things from the real world start to blled thru to there fake reality. The people or things around them try to help them to wake up, but still they can't wake up. At times, it can take years for a person to wake up, but reports have said that when they finally come around to wake up, they said it was form a note that was left in a place they viseted often and that it begged them to wake up. To just wake up.

Please. Wake up.

Wake up.

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