The Murdered Campers

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A Murderer They Want

By morning, Crystal was forcibly locked in her cabin with some of the more muscular campers (A.K.A. the members of the football team) guarding the door and windows. It wasn't until that afternoon when the counselors finally discovered that the body in the woods was in fact the CPR dummy. They let all of the campers know the truth, but by then, the damage had already been done. Once a rumor has been spread out, people don't like to let it die right away. Without a real body to further investigate, they couldn't keep Crystal locked up against her will anymore, so the guards they set up for her were told that they had to leave her alone now. But just because Crystal could walk free, didn't mean she wanted to. If it was anyone else who'd have been caught standing next to that dummy, everyone would have clearly seen it as probably the coolest camp prank ever, but because it was that "creepy, socially awkward, death-obsessed, goth girl" who was caught instead, everyone took it as a golden opportunity to ostracize her from the rest of society, and not only around the camp. People were making phone calls and sending texts about the incident left and right, each person twisting the details out of proportion like a corkscrew. Crystal knew that she couldn't walk out into the open again. The thought alone fueled her anger even more. It was then she heard Danielle's voice coming from the back window, "Did you see that last night, girls. Everyone shouting "Murderer!" It was even better than I imagined!" Fiona, always being the slightly more rambunctious one of the group never missing a chance to speak out, "Yeah, yeah! Totally awesome!" Christine, never wanting to be knocked down from her number 2 spot, only had words of flattery to say, "I must say Danielle, you really outdid yourself this time. You are simply the best!" Crystal gagged at the compliments of pure brown-nosing. "I am, aren't I?" Apparently, Danielle seemed to share the exact opposite view on Christine's words. "Crystal will never be able to walk out of here, or anywhere, with her dignity again!" Quintana remarked in shear amusement. "It certainly serves her right. That girl loves death so much, our little stunt was practically a compliment. We did her a favor, she should be thanking us!" Funny, Crystal always thought Danielle's words would infuriate her the most. Now it seems to be a tie between her and Xania. How on Earth could any of them consider that their maniacal prank was doing her a favor! What has she honestly ever done to either of them to deserve this? "Yes! I gotta say, that has got to be closest any camp has ever come to making that 'murdered campers' story true. I am a genius!" So that's what this was all about? Crystal's fury was starting to go through the roof. Those stuck-up little brats nearly gave me a heart attack and stained my name as a murderer all to uphold some stupid amateur ghost legend?! All of Crystal's emotions as well as her thoughts suddenly came to an abrupt, momentary standstill. She had suddenly gotten an idea. A devious idea. She looked towards Danielle and the girls' direction through the window, a small smirk adorned her lips along with a soft chuckle, "I've got nothing left to lose, anymore. If it's a murderer they want, then it's a murderer they'll get."

Crystal waited patiently for the very last person to retire to their cabin for the night. She wanted to enact her plan as soon as possible, so she didn't waste any time. The moment she realized that she could go outside undetected, she seized her opportunity. Swiftly, she made her way deep into the woods with a shovel she was able to snatch from camp. When she determined herself to be in the perfect spot, she started digging a very deep hole. It may have taken a few hours, but when you take into consideration Crystal's early head start, there was still plenty hours of the night left by the time she was finished. Now that she set the trap, it was time to lure the fish with the bait. First things first, she hid the shovel nearby the hole she just dug in a place that was easily accessible to reach, yet only she could immediately find before running off back to camp to clean herself up and change her clothes. All the dirt and grime she accumulated would have been a dead giveaway that she had been out, and she couldn't afford to have even the slightest hint give her away, not after she already made it this far. When she was done, she made her way to the cabin the 5 girls decided to share together, and quietly knocked on the door. As it turns out, Xania is an exceptionally light sleeper, as it was her who had opened the door. A small flare of anger crossed Crystal's eyes as she remembered Xania's comments from earlier, but it went away as soon as it came, and thankfully Xania was too tired to notice it at all. Eventually, Xania came to her senses as soon as she realized exactly who was standing in front of her, "Crystal? What are you doing here? After what happened yesterday, I figured you wouldn't show your face anywhere again." It took everything in Crystal not to lose her cool, "Yeah, about that... Um, mind if I come in and talk to all of you about that? After all, I can't exactly stay out in the open for too long." Xania pondered over her request for a while, but eventually, she figured there was nothing serious that Crystal could do to them, therefore, she let her in. Together they woke up the others, and after they settled everyone down from their shock at Crystal's appearance, Crystal began her ruse, "I know you all must be thinking that I would be mad at you right now, but as crazy as it sounds, I want to thank you instead." The others were quite shocked with her words. Sure, it's exactly what they said Crystal should do, but they never expected her to actually do it! In a rare moment of clarity, Danielle ask with suspicion laced in her voice, "What are you up to, Crystal?" Crystal looked as though she were genuinely shocked and confused, "What do you mean, "What am I up to?" You guys have made me a legend in all camp-story folklore!" Really not expecting this turn, all the girls asked simultaneously, "We did?" Crystal's smile started to shift from a façade to a reality, "Of course you did! You and I may know the truth about what really happened in the woods, but everyone else has dubbed me a real life murderer of a campsite. Future campers will tell stories about me around the campfire for decades to come. From now on, I will be known as the one who mercilessly slaughtered innocent campers, and no one will be able to deny it's authenticity. I'll be infamous! And it's all thanks to you 5." None of the girls ever thought of it like that. It didn't matter whether her fame was for good or bad, they wanted to ruin Crystal's reputation, not enhance it! How could they have not foreseen this coming all along? How could they have not so much as guessed that she would actually enjoy being known as a famous killer? And yet, now that they think back on it, the signs were right in front of them all along. Crystal always had a thing for the unusual, particularly her bizarre fascination for death and the dying being the most notable. Odds were likely she was already going to become a murderer in her own right as it was, they never needed to intervene! Pushing all previous suspicion aside, they made up their minds to try and undo their misdeeds, "You can't be famous!" Danielle shouted. "And why not?" Crystal asked with innocent eyes, adding to the illusion of her confusion. "Because!" Was all Danielle could blurt out. As calm as ever, Crystal pried further, "Yes?" Danielle was struggling to think of a good comeback. "Because you're just not worthy of being famous!" That was Fiona's voice making that remark, but the others only agreed with what she said. "Yeah, you're not worthy!" Danielle confirmed. Crystal wasn't the least bit phased, "Worthy or not, what's done is done, and now you must reap what you sow. Face it, the only way you can reverse this damage now is if you got rid of me, permanently! And if I recall correctly, you guys are not... ridiculous enough to actually kill a real person, right?" Crystal quizzaciously asked, repeating Danielle's exact words from the woods. Danielle and the rest of her girls were rendered speechless for once in their lives. Noticing they had nothing left to say, Crystal continued, "Well, I'll take that as my cue to leave. Thanks again guys." With that, she let herself out the door, but before she walked away, she listened in to what the girls had to say next, "No! No! No! It was not suppose to be this way!" Complained Danielle. "I agree, this is not right!" Fiona agreed. "Well, what do you suggest we do about it?" Xania asked. "Do we kill her now?" Quintana asked out of nowhere. "What, no! We're not ridiculous, remember!" Fiona blurted out again. "Actually, I think Quintana has a point." Christine finally spoke out. "She does?" They all asked at once. "Yes. You all heard Crystal, the only way to stop all this now is to get rid of her permanently. I don't see any other choice here. Unless, you really want to live under the goth girl's shadow for the rest of your lives, especially knowing that we're the ones who put ourselves in that position." Those were the words that did it. "Christine, I always knew I chose well in making you my number two girl. It's settled then, we eliminate Crystal... tonight!" Outside the door, Crystal could not have had a bigger, more wicked smirk adorn her features. Silently walking away from the door heading into the woods, she whispered to herself with a mixture of victory and malice in her voice, "Hook, line, and sinker!"

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