The Murdered Campers

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A Murderer They Got

The girls first tried to gang up on Crystal inside of her cabin. When they realized she wasn't there, however, they figured she must have went out for another one of her midnight strolls through the woods. They were right, of course, but they were also wrong. Crystal was in the woods, but not for a stroll. Instead, she was sitting high upon the trees, waiting patiently for her potential victims to pass by. She would not rush things. She would take all the time in the world if necessary for her to get this right. She was not about to ruin it over a sudden bout of overconfidence. The 5 didn't have the slightest idea as to Crystal's whereabouts, though, so they searched around blindly for the one they thought they were going to kill. A most elaborate game of cat and mouse, indeed. A game where one played it better than 5 combined. When Crystal finally saw Danielle and the gang walk past her, she waited just a little while longer before she followed them from atop the trees with deadly elegance. She was so exact and precise with her movements, not a single branch swished out of place. The deeper the girls went into the woods, unwittingly, the closer they were getting to the giant hole Crystal had dug previously. "Where is she already?! I'm getting sick and tired of these stinking woods already!" Fiona shrieked. "Quiet!" Danielle whisper-yelled, "Look, I'm getting tired of searching as well, but trust me, the end result will be worth it! But we won't reach that point at all if we wind up announcing our arrival about a mile before we even get there!" Fiona kept quiet from that point on and just nodded her head as she trailed behind all the others. "Besides, it's probably better if we wind up killing Crystal in the deeper end of the woods. That way, her body won't be so easily found." Christine felt she needed to point that out. From above the trees, Crystal couldn't help but silently chuckle, You have no idea how right you are Christine, only it will be your body that won't be "so easily found. It was almost time. "You're absolutely right, Christine!" Danielle complimented, "After all, it's only a crime if you get caught!" As if the universe wanted to mock her for that statement, it was no sooner she had spoke those words is when she, Christine, and Quintana all screamed at the top of their lungs from an unexpected free-fall. They had fallen into Crystal's hole. Since Danielle was always the one at the front, that meant she was the first one to hit the ground, and that hole was deep. Needless to say, she swore she heard some bones crack the instant she landed, and if that wasn't enough, she still had the added pressure of two additional girls landing on top of her to knock the wind out of her. That was enough to knock her unconscious. Christine, being sandwiched right in the middle, fared a little better seeing as she had Danielle below her to break her fall, but having Quintana land on top of her still produced enough force to leave her disoriented. You would think Quintana would have come out of it the best. Unfortunately, she wound up falling right on the side of the hole, scraping her entire right side on the way down. When she landed on top of both Danielle and Christine, she was simply in too much pain to move as the blood from her scrapes started soaking Christine below her. The two who had not fallen knelt down beside of the top of the hole, "Danielle, Christine, Quintana, are you all right?" Xania shouted down to them. The only response she got was a low moan that she just barely picked up, and she couldn't distinguish between which one it came from. "Who just builds a giant hole in the middle of the woods?" Fiona asked no one in particular. "That would be me." A deadly calm voice came from behind them, a voice they recognized all too well. Very slowly turning around, they found themselves gazing into the lethal eyes of the very goth girl they had originally come to kill. "Three down, and you're next."

When Crystal saw the first three girls fall into her trap, she knew that the remaining two would be distracted long enough for her to slink down from the tree she was in and retrieve her shovel without being noticed. As she walked closer to her final two adversaries, she debated how she should go about it. Should she strike one of them while their backs are already turned, thus giving her the element of surprise? Or should she make herself known, giving herself the chance to enjoy the fear in their eyes before she extinguishes the life out of them? It wasn't until Fiona asked her trivial question is when Crystal made up her mind. The moment their eyes met her own, Crystal struck Xania first, knowing that the longer she stayed on her feet, the more of a threat she would pose, for she was the stronger and more resilient of the two. Summoning all the strength she could muster, Crystal whacked the blunt end of the shovel across Xania's head while she was still in a paralyzed state of shock. The force was still not enough to kill her, but it did knock her backwards straight into the hole making her join her friends. Just the way Crystal preferred it. The hole was far too deep for any of them to climb out of so quickly, especially in their injured state. Now, she was left with only one. Crystal walked back to Fiona in a slow stride. The closer she got, the more she could see the fear in the young girl's eyes. It's a shame really. Crystal always felt pity for Fiona, for she could see how Fiona was that one friend in her group that the others kept around simply to have someone to trash talk about behind their back, as if talking down to others face-to-face wasn't already enough for them. Even Crystal knew that Fiona deserved better, but now it was much too late for forgiveness. She has chosen her path, thus she had sealed her fate. Crystal threw the shovel on the ground, knowing that Fiona would be no trouble at all when it came pushing her down the hole. But there was one other reason Crystal was being so lenient towards Fiona. She wanted to answer a few unanswered questions. Taking her left hand, Crystal quickly wrapped it around Fiona's throat chocking her. Slowly walking her backwards until they were at the edge of the hole, Crystal addressed Fiona in the form of two simple questions, "Do you think that any version of the 'murdered campers' story is true? And if so, is our camp the one?!" Fiona's eyes widened in astonishment as she remembered those questions being the exact same ones that she asked when they first arrived at camp. "Second question first." Crystal said, snapping Fiona out of her memories. "Yes. Our camp is the one." Fiona was confused as to why Crystal would answer the second question first, it didn't seem to make any sense. But all became clear after she answered the first question, "Do you think that any version of the 'murdered campers' story is true?" she repeated the question first, and before she made her answer, she threw Fiona backwards into the hole with all the others. The mix of the lack of oxygen while being choked and the pain of falling a rather great distance backwards was starting to get the best of her, but before her world went black, however, she was able to look up to see Crystal with the shovel in her hands again, using it to shovel dirt back into the hole. Fiona's eyes widened one last time, this time in fear, as she realized that Crystal was burying them all alive! Knowing that she was helpless to do anything to stop it, she eventually closed her eyes, ready to accept her fate. But before unconsciousness took her completely, she heard Crystal finally answer the first question she had prolonged for so long...
"Do you think that any version of the 'murdered campers' story is true?"
"There is now!"

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