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Family Reunion

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Chapter 2

"And then?" Casey questioned, nearly on the edge of the bench.

"She would open the door," Uncle Ethan continued.

"What did she find?" Abby pushed with nearly the same amount of enthusiasm as Casey.

"Oh, it was awful!"

"What was? What was!?" The girls questioned together.

Uncle Ethan grinned. "There were long gashes on the rug, 'n' some more through the curtains. The sun was just starting to come up, you can imagine the red glow through the room. It looked as though some beast with mighty claws had ripped apart the room while devouring it's latest kill."

Casey covered her eyes while Abby bit into her bottom lip.

"Then something brushed against the girl's leg."

Casey gasped, "What was it!?"

"Her blasted cat. That's what!"

Abby sighed and collapsed against Casey. Casey begun clapping her hands. "That was really good! Do you have anymore?"

"I might just have one... but it's a long one. Are you ready for it?"

Both girls nodded their heads.

"Alright. You know that lake?" Uncle Ethan pointed to the man-made lake that was roughly 100 meters past where they were sitting. The moon lit up the water, being the only source of light. The bonfire had now been reduced to ashes after the one who'd been taking care of it had turned in for the night.

Uncle Ethan continued, "I want you to imagine a lake like that in the middle of a thick, ugly forest. That's exactly where this story takes place."

As Abby and Casey settled in, a fog began to grow on the lake and crawl onto the land. The more Uncle Ethan spoke, the more the fog seemed to grow.

"Three men wandered into the woods earlier that day. They each entered an hour apart, strangers to each other. One man became ill by eating bad plants. Another was beginning to go crazy because of the endless forest. The last man was slowly turning into a human raisin because he had no water.

"The ill man found the lake and began to drink. It didn't take long for him to realize how funny the water tasted. When he pulled away, he saw red oozing from between his fingers. Blood. He was drinking blood.

"By the time the second man found the blood lake, the first man had died. The crazy man thought he saw his wife in the middle of the lake. He stepped in, not knowing he was sinking and thinking that home was just out of reach. Little by little, his body was consumed by the lake. He was a good swimmer, and may have reached the middle of the lake, had it not been for something that pulled him under.

"The last man, our human raisin, was smart and calm. When he saw the lake, he did not try to drink it, nor did he fall for its illusions. The lake was not happy with that. When the third man began to leave the lake sent one of its own after him. Skeletons of others who' d lost themselves to the lake rose from the ground and chased the man. The man started running, but it was no good. He was tired and weak from lack of proper hydration. Just when he was to give up hope, he saw a light in the distance and heard a familiar voice call-"

"Abby!" Her mother shouted. "Come, help me carry this!"

Abby snapped out of her daze and stood so quickly she nearly fell over. She rushed up the stone pathway and headed for the house. "Yes mother?"

"It's getting a late. How about you and Casey have a little snack then head to bed?"

Abby glanced down at her mother's arms. There was a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows and a car of chocolate. Abby beamed, "S'mores!? You're the best mom ever!"

Her mother chuckled and passed off the food to Abby. She returned to find Casey sitting alone.

"Where's Uncle Ethan?"

"Went to bed. Said something about getting up early tomorrow..." Casey's eyes locked on the items in Abby's arms. "Are those all for us?"

"Mom never said anything about sharing!"


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