What Lurks Under The Bed?

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Darkness Comes Alive

Now curled up in this eerie motel room lying on his side on the bed with his dad blissfully snoring away something wicked waited with breathless anticipation. The day had started so wonderfully was now ending in terror. Tommy wondered of all the motels his dad could have chosen why was the creature here? Why had the creature taunted him that night years ago? He wondered most of all, why did the monster want him?

The shadows of the moonlight cast a bizarre and strange silhouette against the wall. The shadow shifted so slightly. He sensed the vile presence stirring in the room.

The room was dead silent yet expectant.

Something moved underneath the bed. He could tell that the ghoul, the thing, the nightmare was now beside the bed. His heart thundered wildly in his chest. He was frozen, held by fear, held by a supernatural trance, spellbound by evil.

Tommy tried valiantly to shout out for his dad, to wake him up, but nothing. He couldn’t call out.

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