What Lurks Under The Bed?

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Ice cold bony fingers slipped under his body.

Skeleton bones so deadly cold that they sent shivers to the very depth of his soul. Now he knew what the creature wanted. As he was being lifted from the bed, he glanced at the mirror hanging on the bathroom door. There in the mirror was the deranged form of his late grandmother.

She turned and in the familiar ragged demonic voice whispered, “A prize indeed for me is thee!”

Tommy in one last effort lifted his eyes to see his dad one last time, but no one was there! The bed was empty! Suddenly, a white figure cut through the darkness. Although the figure had made no noise, the end result was devastating. The demonic monstrosity that was Tommy’s grandmother screamed in agony upon impact. The darkness shrunk back in fear. Time was up. The party was over. Her death grip released as the force ripped her to nothingness.

As Tommy began to lose consciousness he heard a familiar soothing voice say “We’re going home son, we’re going home.”

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