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An haunted house

Horror / Thriller
Soumi Banerjee
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It was Shruti’s summer vacation so her parents ayush and soumi and soumi’s mother indira went to soumi’s previous farm house.

The day was great but in the night when everyone slept soumi was awakening. She decided to roam around and relive her old memories. It was hot day but she was feeling very cold. When she was roaming around she was happy to see her past but suddenly in front of her eyes the tv started with no one touching the remote. Then she felt someone was behind her she turned around and saw a woman who was stabbed many times in her entire body and was bleeding badly she wanted to shout but couldn’t and fainted. When she got her senses back she saw that she was alone in her room and was holding a knife and blood strains in her entire body.

Whole night went off like this and when the morning came it was really a scary one.....

Outside her house there were lots of noise and suddenly she woke up...came outside and saw that many dead bodies were lying on the floor she was afaid her dress was , full of blood strains and everyone saw her with and knife and suspected her as the murderer....

But she was totally unknown to everything that was going on in front of her . She decided to say the whole story to everyone but no one believed her. And soon police arrived and caught her.

She was very much depressed and trying to release her as she was not the real culprit but sadly her husband her kid her mom no one was in support of her.

The whole scene of that day was realistic that all was against her. ...

Soumi was tried in court and was given death sentence. One day her husband was alone at the house and was thinking about what happened and decided to meet her alone. When he met her she told him the entire story but it was very hard to belive to they came up with an idea to catch the real culprit.

Soumi was unable to come out from the jail. So her husband decided to do everything by himself. He firstly decided find the spirit so he made a Havana at his House....

So the spirit came in front and it attacked him but can’t so it went inside the body of soumi’s mother ...

He decided to make do to something that the spirit itself say the truth so he offered a body to her. Then the Havana started and soon for the power of Havana the spirit told the truth and promised to never harm ayush soumi and their daughter.

And soon everything was settled and soumi’s mother took the murder blames on herself to save soumi and justice was delivered to the spirit as soumi's mother got a lifetime imprisonment. Soumi and ayush tried hard so that indira complete her jail term in Mumbai's jail but failed.

Once ayush and soumi went to jail to meet indira who tels them that tge ghost is not finished yet and is still there is with her in prison. She asked them to leave kolkata and never come back. On the same day they left kolkata and went back.

The spirit never hurted soumi and her family again so they lived in mumbai happily thereafter while indira on the other hand was in jail spending her life and every night is tortured by the ghost.

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