Hell's Gate

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After Lieutenant Amy Reaves gets a call to investigate some strange activity happening at an old abandoned church, she finds herself tangled with some one......or something she never thought she would be around, let alone working with. Her mission, their mission, is to close the Gates of Hell, and why would anything or anyone want to open the Gates of Hell. Welcome to the erie town of Hells Gate.

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The opening

"Good morning lieutenant." Said the captain of the hells gate police department as she looks down at her over worked, and exhausted lieutenant, Amy Reaves.

"Huh...oh sorry captian, I was working late. I must have passed out"

"It's ok. I was just letting you know we got a call in about suspicious activities at the old churtch on highland road, Can you go and check up on it Reaves?"

"Yes, yes i can. I'll head down there now"

The lieutenant quickly grabbed her jacket and keys and started heading out the door.

"Lieutenant?" Said the captain

Lieutenant turned around and looked at her captain "be careful, we don't know whats happening there."

"Yes sir, I will." Said the lieutenant.

She opened the door and and walked out twords her car. She looked back to see her captain watching her. She was puzzled by the worried, yet angry face on the Captain. She got into her car and started to drive. She was confused and worried about what she saw in her captain face. As she was heading down highland road she began to smell smoke, and started see the glare of flames. She quickly turned on her siren's and drove faster. As she arrived at the rundown dirty church, it was in flames all over on the inside, the ground was shaking, and the sky was pitch black. She got out of her car, trying to balance her footing as the ground shook even stronger. She ran up to the church.

"Hello?!? Is there anyone in there?!?" Scream the lieutenant, trying to see if anyone is inside yet trying to avoid the flames. As she's was looking around she sees a figure in the middle of the flames.

"Hello?! I can see you! Hang on, I'll get you out!"

She quickly tried to figure a way in there. She wrapped up her jacket around her arm and busted a window. She climbed in, sheering hot flames everywhere. She quickly looked around for the mysterious figure she saw in here. "Where are you?!?" She said, as she started coughing and trying to avoid the flames. She finally spotted him. His kneeling in the middle of the room, staring into a big black hole in the flooring. It had looked like the hole whent on forever. The man just kneeled there with anger in his face, and fist clenched as hard as they could be. The lieutenant rushed over there, that's when she noticed he was completely nude and unaware of what was happening. She unwrapped her jacket from her arm and placed it on his back.

"Sir, We need to get out of here now! We are going to die unless we leave!"

He showed no emotion, Just kneeled there.

"Sir!?" Screamed the lieutenant.

He looked away from the endless hole twords the lieutenant and said "you don't understand, the gates have opened. There's nothing we can do."

She was puzzled by what he said, she didn't understand but she knew what needed to be done now. Find away out.

"Sir, I don't care what has been opened or anything we need to leave now!"

He did nothing, just when back to staring into the black pit.

"Screw this." She said angerly. She reached for her pouch and grabbed her taser gun. "I'm sorry." The lieutenant said. As he turned to look at her, she tased him in the arm. He violently shook for a second and passed out.

She quickly grabbed him and threw him over her shoulder and started walking twords the door. Struggling with every step and trying to avoid the flames. She manages to get to the door. From the bottom to the top of the door was in flames. She started looking for a different way out, everything was on fire, smoke was entering her lunges, the roof started creaking and falling down, she knew there was no other option. She started kicking the door as hard as she could. She kept kicking, and kicking until finally the door busted opened. She ran outside twords her car. She, all of a sudden fell, her legs we're just to tired to carry her and the mysterious man she saved. She dropped the man on the ground and took a breather. She looked at the man who was still passed out, she was curious as to why he was in there the first place. Did he start the fire? And why did he say it was opened? She sat there, with all these questions in her head, just staring at the falling apart church. The roof was falling in, and the walls were falling out. The lieutenant got up and walked to her car and opened the door, she got on the radio and said " this is lieutenant Reaves requesting and ambulance and fire truck to the old church on highland road."

"Copy that, Reaves. There on their way. E.T.A 20 min"

"Copy that." The lieutenant started to feel like she wasn't alone. She looked around, she felt like a thousand eyes were on her, peaking into her soul.

"Hello?" She said with a bit a worried in her voice. She turned around to put the radio back in her car. When she turned back around there was a woman, dressed in all black leather with red in her eyes. The woman grabbed the lieutenant by the neck and lifted her up in the air like she was light as a paper.

"Hello lieutenant, Amy Reaves" said the mysterious woman. "Have to say. Thanks for knocking out him" she looked down at the passed out man. "So, what to do with you?" She smirked. The lieutenant was shaking with fear, couldn't breathe and started to loose consciousness, as things start to fade for the lieutenant, she heard a voice. And it said "exafanízontas apó edó daímona". The lieutenant was let go and fell to the ground, coughing, she looked up to see the woman screaming. Bight red light was coming out of her eyes and mouth. The lieutenant shielded her eyes. Few moments passed and the woman was gone, but the man was up on his feet, with his hand out. She was shocked, stunned by what happen. She had no idea what just happened.

"Don't ever do that again to me." Said the man in an angerly voice

"Who are you? What happen? Where, where did she go?" She Drew out her gun and started looking everywhere.

"Relax. She gone. But she will be back" said the man in a deep dark voice

She started to breathe frantically, she grabbed her neck, it was so sore, she started to get very scared. "Who are you" she said, not really knowing if she wanted to find out.

"That's not what is important. What's important is why am I here? But right now we're not safe. We need to leave." Said the man looking at the lieutenant. "Grab my hand." He reached out to the lieutenant.

She was puzzled, she looked at him with worried eyes, she reached out to his hand and as soon as she touched him, everything was quite. No burning building, no smoke in the air. She looked over twords where the church was and it was gone, all she saw was a dresser. She was in a house.

She started looking around. She was in a house, an old house. It looked to be a mansion.

"Where.....what?" Said the lieutenant and she stood up looking around. "How did we...." She started to say before she notice the man was gone. "Hello?" She asked but no answer. She started to walk down the hall looking for him. "Helloooo?" Suddenly the door down the hall opened, a cloud of steam rolled out of the room. "Hello lieutenant" the man said coming out of the room whereing nothing but a towel around his waist drying his hair with another towel.

"What happened? And who the hell are you?!"

He smirked "Easy lieutenant, I saved you remember."

"Who are you? I'm not gonna ask again."

"Alright, alright." He looked at her.

"My name is asmodeus, I'm the gate keeper of hell. And you are?"

She was stunned by his answer. Couldn't know how to respond to that.

"Lieutenant?" He said

"Sorry....I'm lieutenant Amy Reaves. Where am I?"

"You safe. We were not safe there. We're in my house. It's called purgatory."

"Purgatory? Like purgatory, purgatory?"

"Well in a sense. Allot of your religious books got a lot of it wrong."

"When u say books do you mean like the Bible's and stuff?"

"Yes." He smirked.

She grabbed her head, thinking that this has to be a dream. "There's no way I'm believing that you, you are from hell and we're in purgatory? Who was that girl? She assaulted and officer. If you know where she is you need to tell me now!"

Osmodeus shooked his head and started to walk into the other room. "Wait!" Said the lieutenant as she followed him into the other room. She stopped dead center in the door way. She looked at asmodeus as he some how is fully dressed with a full red suit with a white dress shirt, pouring himself a drink.

"Her name is Lilith, She is the one who attacked you. But I wouldn't go after her. Well if I was you." He said while taking a slow drink of his Scotch.

"And why not?" She said with a firm stand's.


"Because why?" She snapped back.

"Because you don't know her like I do. You don't know what she is capable of. I will find her. You rest, enjoy your mortal life, why I'll find her." He said as he was stepping closer to the lieutenant.

"Is she the one who started the fire at the church?" She said.

"I'm not sure, but is would be safe to say so. Now lieutenant it's time for you to go back." He held out his hand twords the lieutenant, all the lieutenant saw was a flash of bright light that made her feel warm and calm.

She latter awoke with a haze, startled not knowing where she was. She looked around. "I'm home.." she said.

"How did I.....was it all a dream?" She got up and when to her phone. She looked at the time, 12:35 pm Wednesday. She then realized it was the next following day. She got on her computer and searched up asmodeus, seeing if she could find some answers on her mysterious man who claimed to be from hell.

Osmodeus sat there in his chair like a throne, thinking, plotting.

"I know you're there." He said out of the blue. A mysterious shadow appeared out of the corner of the room, it was the woman in all black.

"Well we'll well, if it isn't asmodeus, or should I call you by your real name?" She smirked as she stared at him with her dark deep red eye's.

"Don't! I don't go by that name anymore. Why are you here?" He stared right back at her with hatred.

"Why are you here? She laughed "aren't you supposed to be garding the Gates of hell? Not opening it for all of the damn to rise?! Are you that pissed off at Lucifer?"

He stared her up and down, trying to read her, trying to figure out her tell.

"So you didn't open it. Curious." He got up and started walking twords Lilith "Then who did? I got pulled out! Why?!" He started to yell as he got angrier. Asmodeus raised up his arm and pointed his hand to Lilith. She flew across the room and slammed against the wall cracking it. She tried to speak but couldn't get a word out.

"Now, you are going to tell me who open the gates and why? What are they planning?"

He let down his arm and she fell floor gasping for air.

"I don't know! I was pulled out just like you and the others."

"Others?" He said with curiosity. "Who else came threw?"

"Something big is coming. And you can't stop it." She said as she started to get up on her feet.

Asmodeus chuckled and turned around trying to figure everything out. "Who else..." He was cut short as he was turning back around and she was gone. "Well, that was interesting." He said. "Who else came threw?" He said as he started to take another drink. He knew he needed to find out who else came threw, but sadly he was passed out for most of it. So he need to talk to the lieutenant. Find out if she saw anything. He grabbed his red jacket and quickly headed out of the room. "Now, to find lieutenant Amy Reaves" He opened the front door and walked out.

Amy Reaves got to work late today due to the fact she was doing as much researching On religion and asmodeus as possible, trying to make a sense to what happen to her. She started walking up the stairs to the front door of the hell's Gate police department when she stopped half way up.

"Lieutenant. Care to explain what happened yesterday?" Said the captain.

Amy was shocked and couldn't figure out how to explain her self. The captain stared at her.

"I want a full report on my desk by 2." The captain said and she walked off to go inside the department.

Amy said "yes, captain" and followed her inside.

She whent to her desk to put her bag down next to her chair and sat down. She turned on her computer but couldn't figure out how to explain what happened after she saved asmodeus. "I'm just gonna have to lie" she said softly. She started filling out the paperwork when a man came and sat next to her. It was her good friend Joseph Kings.

"Good morning lieutenant. Sleep well last night?" He said with a sucker in his mouth.

"No I didn't. Yesterday was all a blur. I didn't get much sleep." She replied.

"Anything you need to talk about? I meet the captain is pissed you left the scene of a crime so quickly."

"Yeah I know. I'm filling the paperwork on it right now. But no there's nothing I need to talk about. Just weird dreams last night I guess."

"Lieutenant?" Said a police officer looking at Amy.

"Yes?" She replied

"There's a man here asking about you. He refused to give his name and told me to to say that he's the handsome devil? If that makes any sense." He chuckled a little.

"Oh God.." she shook her head.

"Who is he?" Said Joseph.

"He's nobody. He thinks he's cleaver. He said his name was like asmodeus or something like that?" She said

He looked at her with a worried face.

"Asmodeus? Here?" He said with a hint a scared in his voice.

"What do you know him?" She said puzzled buy his questions.

He stared at her for a few seconds. "No. Just read some stories on the Bible about him. That's all." He said.

She wasn't convinced, but at this point she didn't care. "Well excuse me while I'll go deal with this normal guy who isn't from the biblical days." She grabbed her jacket and headed out.

She walked up to the front desk and saw asmodeus in his bright red suit standing there.

She started to walk faster twords him and grabbed his arm and walked him to the from door.

"Lieutenant?" He said with confusion in his voice

"What are you doing here? How did you find me?" She said with a little bit of anger. She pushed him out side the door so they could talk in private.

"Look I'm sorry lieutenant. But we need to talk." He said

She looked looked at him for a second.

"No." She said

"No? But Lieutenant I need to figure out what's happening." He replied

"No. I need answer first." She snapped back

They both stared at each other. No words were exchanged for a few seconds then a police officer ran up to the lieutenant and said "lieutenant. There's been a homicide on 307 cherry Street."

She looked away from asmodeus to the officer "understood I'm on my way" she turned back to asmodeus who had a strange look on his face "this isn't over, I still want answers." She pointed at him.

"Understood lieutenant." He replied back.

She stared at him for a few more moments then quickly hurried to her car.

She drove straight to the house on cherry Street. They're was already ambulances and police cars all over, she started to have a very bad feeling in her gut. She parked her car and walked up to the front door, she walked in the house and saw nothing but blood everywhere. There was four body's laid out from the kitchen to the living room. She covered her mouth as if she was about to throw up. She walked up to the M.E. and asked "what happened here?"

The M.E was Sherry Bine. "Take your best guess. We have four people here with there heads gone. Estimate time of death would put it about 16 hours ago. But that's not the crazy part. Come check this out." She walked into the living room and pointed at the wall. The lieutenant walked to the living room and looked up at the wall. There was writing on the wall that read "four horsemen will rise".

"Jesus." The lieutenant said.

"Yeah I know. It's crazy. But it gets even weirder, there heads, well there gone. The murderer took them. As some sort of trophy of something." Said Sherry excitedly.

Amy looked at her confused and worried about the tone in Sherry's voice.

Sherry looked at her "what? I just like my job. It's not weird."

"Okay....so the four horsemen is what?"

"Well, if you believe in the Bible, it means the apocalypse is coming." Sherry said with disbelief in her voice. She turned twords Amy Reaves to see she had an upset face.

"You ok?" She asked.

Amy didn't react. "Yes. I'm fine. Tell me more about the case.".

"Um.. ok well looks like some one broke in threw the front door, because the lock was busted, there was a fight with the first victim, then boom. Clean cut, but that's not the weirdest part about the cut."

"What else is weird about his head being missing?" She raised her eyebrow to the question.

"He was cut with something very sharp and very hot."


"Yes! He got his head sliced off and cauterized at the same time. Isn't that crazy?" Sherry said excitedly again.

Amy was confused.

"Is there anything that can do that?" Amy said.

"Not that I know of. But I will look into it. I really want to know what can do that" Sherry said with a smile on her face.

The lieutenant couldn't make head or tails on what was happening, she staring thinking that asmodeus might have something to do with this.

"Lieutenant!" Said a voice from the front door way.

"Who the hell...." The lieutenant said as she started to walk out the room.

"Asmodeus, what the hell are you doing here?" She snapped.

"Lieutenant, I can't wait. I need to know what you saw."

She looked at him with confusion and anger "come here." She said as she grabbed his arm and walked him away from the crime scene.

"Let me ask you something." She paused, "what do you know about a four horsemen?" She said with arms crossed.

"Why, what did you see?" He stared at her. "What's in the house?"

She rolled her eyes. "Do you know anything or not? If you do. I might be able to use some help." She said with a sour taste on her tongue.

"Yes, lieutenant I can help." He said sincerely.

She looked at him for a few seconds.

"Okay, come with me then."

She started walking to the house when she noticed that asmodeus was still just standing there, she waited to for him to fallow. Asmodeus turned to her with and angry face and started to fallow her into the house. He started looking around, no reaction to the blood or the decapitated body's.

Sherry looked at him in confusion. "Um...who is he?" She said like she was a bit turned on by the hot, sharped dressed man.

"He's uh...a consult for the case. Seams to be a huge fan of the bible. He's a real but case for it" the lieutenant elbowed asmodeus in the arm. He looked at her with a bit of shocked to as why she did that.

"Oh!" As he figured it out "Oh yes I'm huge on the Bible." He said with a big grin on his face.

"Riiiiight. Okay, well we have four victims here. All with they're head missing and we have a...well note about a four horsemen. Any idea what that means?"

He looked at her, then looked at the body.

"They're we're cauterized weren't they. Head gone, and they we're poisoned as well. Am I right?" Asmodeus said.

"Well......I'm not sure about the poisoned. Wait how do you know? Who is he?" Sherry looked towards the lieutenant.

"I've been asking that same question. How did you know they were poisoned? Do you know who did this?" The lieutenant asked asmodeus.

"Yes, sadly. He was in the deepest corner's of hell. If he got out, I really don't want to know who else got out" He said with anger.

"Wait? What? Hell?" Sherry said in disbelief

"Not like that. I told you he's a bit of a nut case around the bible stuff. He means the guy is going to hell. For this of course." The lieutenant elbowed him again but much much harder this time.

Asmodeus looked at the lieutenant "oh yes. Of course, exactly what I meant. He'll be burning in hell. I can assure you of that" he smirked.

Sherry looked at him and the lieutenant with confusion.

"Well...let me know how the biopsy goes, and see if there is any poison in they're body's." Said the lieutenant. "We're leaving, asmodeus?"

"Hmm? Yes let's do that"

They started to walk out of the house when the lieutenant said "what the hell? I didn't tell anyone about what happened or anything. I don't know if I fully understand what's even happening or who the hell you are exactly."

"Sorry lieutenant, But I don't exactly hide these things. Everything is real. I can show you, the...guy, I guess, your after is a demon. He must have came through the gates of hell with us."

"Us?" She replied back.

"Me and Lilith, you remember her." He said with a grin on his face.

"I remember her, she on my list." She said

"Right, well this demon is a messenger. From Lucifer him self. We need to stop him before he breaks the first wall."

"Wall?" She stopped in front of her car and looked at asmodeus.

"Yes, Lieutenant. Do you not know of any of this?"

"No, asmodeus. No human does. What makes you think I would in anyway?" She snapped back.

"From the word of the big guy. You know? The all mighty piece of work."

"God. Your talking about god himself. So he's real?"

"Sadly lieutenant he is" he said with a straight face. "But there's no time for this. We need to find Tozzath. He's who we're after right now."

She looked at him, still trying to get a grip on this new reality.

"Where do we start looking for him then." She said as she got to her and opened the door.

"Well we..." She started then stared at her car, it was an old 1993 mustang ssp.

"This is your car? No way I'm riding in that." He laughed "lieutenant, I'll take my own car." He started to walk to a bright red 1970 Buick Skylark with it's top down and the black leather seats with no cracks or crease's in it. Looked like it just came out off the assembly line.

"How did you get.." she trailed off, knowing she didn't want to hear the answer.

"All in due time lieutenant. All in due time." He said. As he got closer the car started up by it self, he got in and said. "Police station, right?"

She nodded, and got into her car. As he drove by her she read his license plate and it said "FLLN ANGL". She smirked a little and started to drive to the police department. On her ride over it was calm, and quiet. As she was driver past a stop sign she looked to her left, she saw a man standing on the corner, But he wasn't quite a man, dressed in a funeral suit, but his face was missing.

Steam was coming off his shoulders and his hair looked to be burnt away.

The lieutenant stopped the car and turned right around looking for the man. But he was gone. She parked her car to the curb of where the man was standing. Amy got out of the car and looked around, no one was in sight. She looked down at her feet and laid there was a golden box, with weird symbols on it, she picked it up and it turned burning red hot. She dropped it quickly and grabbed her hand in paint. The box hit the ground and made a very loud high-pitched noise which shattered the windows of her police car.

"What the hell..?" She said as she looked at the mysterious box. She whent into the back seat of her car and grabbed out a rag from the back seat and carefully picked up the box. She started looking at the golden box trying to read the inscription on it, nothing she has ever seen before. She looked for the man who dropped it but no one was around so she walked to her car and put the box in her glove box and continued on her way to the station.

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