The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter Ten

The Iron Sisters were more than aware of what was going on beyond their domain of the Citadel Volcano. They have a very unique information network, which no one knows how they receive it but they know of anything and everything happening anywhere in the world beyond their own borders. And they get this information almost at the same time it is happening.

They are a small, tight knit and very, very private group of women with extremely long life spans with mystical powers and abilities that go way beyond belief. No one knows exactly how long they actually live for but it is probably hundreds of years. They keep everything to themselves, that's why no one really knows very much about them. One thing that is very well known is that no one dares to ever enter their domain without their permission, especially men for they totally despise them on sight. They like to work alone in total isolation and very seldom do they ever allow anyone to enter into their domain.

Most uninvited travelers in the past were at first fooled by their appearance. But it wasn't long before they realized their deadly mistake too late for these Iron Sisters were a hard, unyielding group of women and were extremely strong and believe that adversity tests one's strength of character. None of the travelers who had the misfortune of entering their domain uninvited were never heard from ever again.

As soon as they had received the messages of the peril Elizabeth and her traveling companions were facing and also knew that Damien was leading them to the border of their lands, they went into action, immediately. If they didn't get to the far reaches of their domain in time, then this small group of humans along with the demon traveling with them were all going to meet a horrible death or worse at the hands of the creatures from the underworld.


A very dense, misty fog began to cover the ground all around the small group even though it was still daylight out. It became thicker and thicker as it started to encircle them.

"What is that?" Nicholas said, feeling even more panic raising up inside of him.

Before anyone could answer the fog had completely engulfed them. They could hear very faint voices coming from within the fog beckoning them to follow them.

As soon as the voices were heard, the demons who were just about to attack, retreated instead knowing they were no match for what was within the fog. The demons knew they had just missed a golden opportunity to finally be rid of the only threat on earth that could send Bael and his followers back to hell and close the portal forever.

The demons sent the least powerful of their group to report to Bael of what just happened. They all knew the moment he got this information, the demon reporting it would suffer all of Bael's wrath. When the demon entered Bael's presence he bowed to his lord and master.

"Well, what do you have to report to me?" Bael asked, breathing out flames with each word.

"We were on our first wave of attack when..." he hesitated for a moment before he continued. "But they were at the border of the Iron Sisters... and the sisters engulfed them within their protective mist. We had no other choice but to retreat, immediately." The demon ended his report and waited anxiously for a reply from his master. He hoped that Bael would not take his anger out on him as he did the last demon who reported back to him.

"Bael as predicted went into a rage at hearing this information. "How dare you fail me?" He bellowed. "Now you must suffer the consequences of your failure!" With that being said, Bael motioned to the two demons standing on each side of him. They dragged the unfortunate demon away and took him to the middle of the throne room. There he was ripped completely to shreds, bit by bit. His shrieks of agony only heightened the excitement of all the other creatures present in the throne room. Each part of the demon that was ripped off was thrown into the crowd of the lower level creatures fighting over each part.

"Let this be a lesson to you all!" Bael bellowed even louder this time to all the beasts in his throne room. "I do not tolerate failure... ever!" With that he motioned for another demon to come forward.

When the newly chosen demon bowed before Bael, he waited fearfully for what his master was going to command of him.

"Go back to the border of the Iron Sisters. You will all lay in wait for this group to re-emerge. And then... destroy them all once and for all!" With that Bael returned to his throne, dismissing the demon to be on his way to do his bidding.


"It is the Iron Sisters." Damien answered. They have placed us under their protection. That is why we no longer hear the sounds of the beasts."

"Does that mean they have accepted us into their domain?" Elizabeth asked, feeling a little excitement flow through her body.

"Yes. As long as we are under their protection than the beasts from the underworld cannot harm us."

"That's Awesome!" Nicholas shouted, now all his pent up feelings of doom instantly disappeared.

"What do we do now?" Nadia asked looking into the fog but not seeing anyone.

"We must follow them."

With that said, the group re-mounted their horses and followed along as the Iron Sisters lead them in the direction of the Citadel Volcano. This seemed so bazaar to Nicholas. Just to follow along with this foggy mist, not seeing anything or anyone in it. They traveled for hours until they pulled their horses to a stop. The mist had quit moving forward and remained in one place.

"Does this mean we are there now?" Elizabeth asked, hopefully.

"No, they know you are only human and must rest. We will make camp here for tonight."

They all dismounted their horses and started setting up camp for the night. This was the first time they could do this without fearing an attack from the creatures of the underworld. They were all filled with such a gay mood, to actually not to have to be afraid tonight. The girls almost felt like dancing.

None of them had yet seen one of the Iron Sisters and they were all starting to get very curious to what they actually looked like. The Camp fire was going and their dinner now over, even Damien ate what meats Nadia had fixed for them to eat to the relief of the rest of the group not having to witness him eating live animals for his dinner.

Damien couldn't keep his eyes off of Nadia. He had never had feelings like he had ever since he met her. He tried to justify it in his own mind that she was just one of the companions on this journey. But there was something really special about her. He wasn't sure how to deal with such powerful feelings. He kept telling himself she was just a human and humans and demons do not mix well together. But why was she so different? What made her so special to him? He just shook his head and tried to think about other things but now that they were with the Iron Sisters, he did not have to stand watch as he had before. They were all now under the protection of the Iron Sisters as long as they were in their domain so he really did not have anything else to do at the moment except maybe watch Nadia's every movement. He could see her looking in his direction and then quickly looking away if she saw him staring at her. She would get this reddish color to her cheeks every time she looked at him. Was this normal for a human? He never saw it happen to Elizabeth if he looked at her? He had never been around humans as long as he could remember and he just did not understand humans that is all it is, he thought to himself.

"It is really peaceful here," Elizabeth said, more to herself then to the others. For so long they've had to be extremely concerned especially when nightfall came. The creatures could sneak up without any warning. But tonight, she was just relishing in the fact that they were safe. Really safe tonight. She now turned to Nicholas. "I do so wish we had married when we were in London but I know there was no time. The fate of the world is such a burden to carry."

He just looked at her. Realizing just how much stress all of this was having on her. He moved closer to where she was sitting and then without any warning he scooped her up into his arms and kissed her more deeply than he ever had before. "I love you, Elizabeth more than you will ever know. I would die a thousand deaths before I would let something happen to you. Hearing this just made her love him even more.

"Oh Nicholas, I don't know what I would do if you hadn't come into my life. I was such a lonely person growing up. My only friends were the spirits that would come visit me. But now... I have you. You're the love of my life, my heart and my soul. Without you I would be nothing." She placed her head against his chest while he cradled her like one would cradle a lost child. But he also loved her with all his heart and hated seeing her suffer even over the smallest thing. They were traveling on this perilous journey together that could destroy one or both of them but he would lay down his life in a heartbeat for her. That was how much he truly loved her.

A log fell over in the fire causing all of them to look up, ready to do battle if necessary at the least sounding noise. They all laughed softly to themselves realizing they were jumping at nothing more the logs in the fire.

Damien had been watching Nicholas and Elizabeth for quite some time now this evening. He did not quite understand the warm embraces or the looks that they gave each other with the other responding to it instantly. Had he missed so much in his life? Living in the world of evil. Never experiencing this new emotion that he had never felt before? It was so much more powerful than the emotion of evil which he pursued his entire life. The only thing he could do now was to watch the others, learn from them how to deal with these emotions he had never felt before. He felt almost over-powered by these new emotions he was feeling. He glanced over at Nadia who instantly looked away from him. Was she so repulsed at what she saw in him? This wasn't the first time he saw her look away from him the moment he looked at her. Could she in time grow to care for him? He just shocked himself, he never would have seen the day that he would be thinking such thoughts.

Again the logs shifted position in the fire. "All right you guys, we have to get a handle on our emotions tonight. We are safe. We are under the protection of the Iron Sisters. For once, can we all just relax?" Nicholas emphasized the last word. They all shook their heads in agreement. "Well I don't know about the rest of you but I relish the thought of actually having a good night sleep tonight without the worry of being killed before daylight."

They all chuckled aloud, each feeling the same emotion as Nicholas except perhaps, Damien who just watched the other three laugh for whatever reason. Nadia got up from the fire and laid down on her bedding on one side of the fire, she could keep her eye on Damien while she laid there trying to go to sleep. She knew this was one night she didn't have to worry about being attacked by the demons or other creatures from the underworld. But she was having a really difficult time falling asleep. She could see Nicholas and Elizabeth on the other side of the fire, whispering to each other and then laughing softly at whatever the other one said. She wished Damien would come over and lay next to her even if he didn't need to sleep for nothing else but to be close to him. To lay side by side like Nicholas and Elizabeth did every night. But he was a demon and his ways were so different than that of humans. But she didn't care. She loved him more and more with each passing day. With that thought in her mind she was finally able to fall asleep.

Damien who was not use to sitting around a campfire all night decided since the others would be safe tonight then he would go out into the woods. He needed to do something to occupy his thoughts other than sitting here, staring at the sleeping Nadia. He just couldn't understand why his eyes stayed fixated on her. That's when he decided to go out into the woods if nothing else to get his mind off of her. With that he made a short comment about leaving for a while and then disappeared into the woods around them.

Nicholas and Elizabeth looked up for a moment when he said that, looked at each other and shook their heads. "Demons." Was all either one of them could say. They knew Nadia was already asleep and with Damien out of the camp for a while that gave them the perfect opportunity to be alone for at least a little while. Instantly they started taking off their clothes, knowing they didn't have a whole lot of time but they were most definitely not going to let this golden opportunity pass them by. They left their clothes in a pile next to where their bedding was and were now both wrapped in each other’s arms. His lips moved down her neck toward her breasts as she wrapped her arms around him in a loving embrace. She could feel her passion growing with each minute as she started to dig her nails into his back as she arched her body feeling the full ecstasy that was flowing through every inch of her like a burning fire, she needed to reach the ultimate peak soon or she was going to go completely out of her mind.

Nicholas sensing her urgent need, thrust himself deep inside her, crushing her to him, covering her with fevered kisses. His need now was as urgent as hers as they matched thrust for thrust until they both experienced at the same time wave after wave of pure pleasure exploding inside them, finally laying together completely exhausted from their lovemaking. They laid there together for quite some time when they thought they heard Damien coming back to the camp. Quickly they both grabbed their clothes and put them on quickly and then laid back down curled up together like they did every night and pretending as if nothing had happened at all while he was gone. He just walked into the camp, glanced at the sleeping humans and then sat down by the fire since he didn't have anything else to do.

Finally Nicholas and Elizabeth were able to go to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

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