The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter Twelve

Just as Sister Magdalena said, they were all awaken at dawn. The sun was just barely coming up over the horizon. Sister Abigail was there with their breakfast. Damien who didn't sleep was staring at the Iron Sister. All demons were very leery of them for good reason. They were the only ones on earth that had weapons powerful enough that could destroy a demon. She had brought him a live animal for breakfast but he told her he would rather eat the same food as the humans. She just looked at him oddly. "Why are you deviating from your own ways, demon?" She asked.

"It is very disturbing to the humans when they saw me eat my natural food. Since then I have learned to eat what they do. It is important to me, why I do not know. But it is."

"As you wish," she said, disappearing for a few moments and returned with another breakfast for him. With that she turned to the group who had just risen from their sleep. "I will return in one-half an hour. That is when your training will begin." Then she disappeared again.

The three humans got up and quickly ate their breakfast that had already been prepared for them. They didn't dare not be ready when the sisters returned. They didn't want to bring their wrath down upon them. The one-half hour went by so fast and good to her word Sister Abigail reappeared. "Follow me," she said as she led them to a wide open area that was free from the misty fog. "This is where you will begin your training."

Sister Cleophas now appeared, she had a bright, glowing light that surrounded her completely. She was cradling a sword that had been imbedded with mystical qualities that would allow its wielder to do extensive damage to a demon or even kill it for that matter that other blades would not do. She walked over to Nicholas. "This is for you. Be very careful how you use it. It is a very powerful weapon." With that said she handed it to Nicholas. She also handed him special bullets for his pistol. He couldn't believe how balanced the blade was and it fit his hand perfectly as if it was as was made just for him. He put the bullets she gave him into a leather pouch that hung at his side. Next she brought out a dagger made out of the same material as the sword. She handed this to Elizabeth. Again she disappeared and re-appeared almost immediately with a bow and had arrows that were made of a special alloy called palladium. This she handed to Nadia. She now turned to Damien. "It would be too dangerous to present you with any one of our weapons since you are a demon. Just to handle one would cause you great harm."

"I understand completely." He replied back to her.

"Now one of the sisters has been assigned to each of you to teach you how to become experts at the use of these particular weapons that have been specially selected for each of you. Only at that point will we allow you to leave our domain with them. But do not take to long for the underworld is becoming more and more powerful with each passing day. If you do not leave soon it will be too late for what is left of our world."

Several other sisters appeared in the same manner that Sister Abigail did. They all had this radiant glow encircling around them making them almost appear to look like angels. But they were definitely not angels. They each took one of the humans with them to a different area to begin their training on their particular weapon that had been chosen for them.

Sister Dolores had been assigned to Nicholas. She was the most efficient on this blade that had been hand crafted especially for him. Once they were each in their own training area, she turned to look at Nicholas. "I want you to first get use to the weight of the sword, itself. Then we will proceed on to the next step which is learning how to wield it properly. If you do not you could damage the sword irreparably and that is something you never want to do."

Nicholas held the sword in his hand trying to get use to the way it felt. It wasn't as heavy as he thought it would be and he could move it in all directions quick easily. This pleased Sister Dolores who was watching him intensely. She had her own sword in hand so when Nicholas was ready they could begin. First you need to learn how to thrust at an opponent, like this. She swung her sword in several different directions to demonstrate what she wanted him to do. He watched her intently, not missing anything. Then he repeated exactly what she had shown him. He would lunge forward with the sword pointing at what would be his opponent, then recoiling his step.

"Excellent, Nicholas. Now I want you to learn how to use both hands on the sword as you strike your opponent like this." She lunged forward at him with both hands on her sword, striking with such force that made Nicholas take back a few steps. "Now I want you to do that to me." She said as she stepped back. "Lunge at me, now!"

Nicholas with both hands on his sword lunged at her, knocking her blade right out of her hands. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to strike your blade so hard." He said.

"No, you did exactly what I wanted you to do. You are a quick learner Nicholas which makes me so happy. Again. Come at me, again. Think of me as a demon who is trying to kill you."

This time Nicholas came at her with everything he had, knocking her totally off her feet and then she landed on the ground. "Well, I would never have believed just a mere human could learn our ways with these weapons as you have so quickly." She said as she stood up. "I think you are ready to go up against the demons now."

Nicholas dropped his blade down to the ground and bowed his head for a moment to her in respect for her expect tutorage. She in turn did the same with mutual respect. Now I do not think I really have to go over the differences in the bullets that you now have for your pistol. The only difference is that they are made of the same alloy as your sword. They will kill a demon unlike your bullets you are accustomed to using. Again take heed. Be very careful whom you shoot with them. They are more deadly then you could ever imagine."

Nicholas shook his head, acknowledging her warning.

Now I will escort you back to your campsite. You are ready. With that said she headed off in the direction of their camp. Nicholas followed, feeling very proud of himself for his accomplishments today. He couldn't wait to tell the others and hoped their day was as productive as his. By evening, the Iron Sister’s tasks were now complete. The other two were escorted back to their camp for the night. Food and beverage was waiting for them there.

As they sat around the campfire each of them demonstrated to the others how they had perfected their skills in wielding their new weapons. They all were impressed except for Damien. He still felt the effects from being this close to the mystical power of these weapons.

"I'm sorry Damien that you are finding it difficult to be around us." Nadia said. She thought Damien was backing away from them because of his repulsion for her.

Damien did not understand why Nadia said what she did and was not sure how to even answer her. Finally he just blurted it out. "It is not you humans that I do not want to be around but the weapons you are now wielding."

"Oh." Was all Nadia could say as she watched Damien move even farther away from the group. She sat back down with the others now feeling alone and depressed. Nicholas and Elizabeth were now sitting so close to each other with Nicholas's arms wrapped around her. They would whisper things to each other that caused them both to break out in hysterical laughter causing Nadia to feel even more alone and depressed.

Nicholas finally stood up and lent Elizabeth his hand to help her to her feet. "I think we had better get some sleep tonight for tomorrow we will be on our way back to our own territory and we'll lose the protection of the Iron Sisters."

That brought Elizabeth's gay mood back to reality. It had been so nice not having to worry about the demons and all their other horrible companions who were probably just waiting for them to cross the border to attack them again.

Nicholas and Elizabeth laid down on their bedding on one side of the fire and as usual Elizabeth curled up with Nicholas. They would lay together each night in such a loving embrace. Damien returned to the campsite since the humans finally put down their new weapons. He sat down next to Nadia who was still sitting staring at the fire.

"Why are you not going to go to sleep now, Nadia?" He asked as he watched Nicholas and Elizabeth take their normal sleeping positions. He was intrigued at the way the two of them responded to each other. Wanting to be lay as close as possible to the other. It had to mean something. Their mouths would come together as they wrapped their arms around each other. Was this part of the human ritual of mating? To re-populate their species? He thought to himself.

"I'm just not tired enough to go to sleep." She answered him.

"Would it help if we took a walk?" He asked, not sure why he asked her that.

"Yes, that would be absolutely wonderful. I think that would really help me get out of this depressed mood I'm in." He did not understand anything she was talking about so it just chalked it up to be a human thing. With that Damien stood up first and reached out his hand to assist Nadia up as he had seen many times with Nicholas and Elizabeth. Nadia wasn't sure exactly what to do so she just took his hand as he helped her up. A tingling sensation went through her entire body the moment their hands touched. And she was taken aback somewhat by this feeling. Damien also felt the same sensations she was. As soon as Nadia was on her feet Damien reluctantly released her hand. They walked together until they reached the edge of the waterfall. It was even more beautiful at night with the moon rays reflecting off of it than it was during the day.

"Isn't that the most beautiful sight you've ever seen?" She asked, shyly.

Damien thought about it for a moment, it really did not mean anything to him but it did seem to mean something to Nadia. "I guess I have never paid any attention to such things before."

"Well, I think it's beautiful."

Damien moved closer to stand face to face with Nadia. He wrapped his arms around her like he had seen Nicholas do with Elizabeth. Then he bent his head down so their lips could meet and he kissed her ever so slightly. He felt waves of excitement go through his body. Now he understood why humans do this. Nadia looked up at him in amazement, she could see the tenderness that was in his eyes as he looked into her face. This was her very first kiss by a man or in this case, a demon even though it made her feel a little bit embarrassed she was fascinated by the tingly sensations that were spreading through her body and she wanted to experience more of these feelings.

Damien was having the same kind of sensations as Nadia was, it was something he had never experienced in his whole life. Were these feelings he was having caused from placing his lips to hers? He needed to find out one way or the other so he again wrapped his arms around her and this time lowered his mouth over hers feeling her lips warm and passionate against his while his hands started moving downward over her shoulders at first and then lower. She arched her back naturally as her body was responding to his. He didn't know why but his fingers were fumbling with the buttons on her blouse and then found what they were searching for. Slowly at first his hand caressed her soft supple breasts causing a moan to come out of Nadia's mouth, instantly he stopped for he thought he had hurt her. "I am truly sorry, Nadia. I did not mean to hurt you. I just do not know what came over me." He said as he backed away from her.

Nadia didn't know what to say exactly but she had to say something. "Damien, you did not hurt me. Believe me you really didn't." She said.

"But you cried out in pain, I had to have hurt you." He replied, moving closer to her again.

"That was not a cry of pain Damien, it was... I don't really know how to explain it to you but you most definitely didn't hurt me. I don't know why but I... liked it. The sound I made was one of pleasure, not pain. Do you understand that?"

He thought about what she had just said, he remembered hearing similar sounds coming from Elizabeth when she was with Nicholas. "I think I understand now." He said. He then pulled her gently back into his arms. "Do you think we should try this again?" He asked with such tenderness in his voice that she could do nothing more than agree. Slowly he lowered his head and kissed her again, slowly at first then he wrapped his large muscular arms around her and pulled her tightly to his chest. He could taste the sweetness of her lips as he kissed her more deeply and passionately now. He lowered her gently to the ground as he continued kissing her, forcing her lips apart savagely as his tongue invaded deep into her mouth. His hands were pulling at her blouse that was now completely open, baring her breasts for him to see. This caused the demon blood in him to start to boil as he glared at her white, silky breasts and then his hands clasped down on them, squeezing her nipples until they became hard, rigid peaks. He couldn't control the blood that was pulsating through his veins as his mouth came down on her breasts, tantalizing her nipples with his tongue and going from one to the other and then back again.

Nadia couldn't believe the sensations that were going through her body. She had never felt like this before and didn't know exactly how to deal with it. His eyes had turned from gentleness to almost a piercing look that she had never seen before and wasn't sure what that meant. There was no stopping him now. His hands were caressing her entire body and when they reached between her thighs she unconsciously tightened her legs together but this didn't affect Damien in the least. Her small resistance actually enflamed him more, he was after all a demon. Now she felt something hard being pressed against her thighs causing her eyes to open wide. She knew what that was and why it was there. She had to pull herself together now they had gone this far it was going to be impossible to stop him now as she loosened her thighs allowing his hand to massage the inner parts of her thighs and then he put his fingers inside her. Again his mouth came down on hers roughly, almost savagely now as he couldn't get enough of her. She could feel his teeth biting her now as he made his way back down to her breasts where he grabbed them with both his hands, pushing them tightly together before his mouth came down on them, biting them hard but not enough to draw blood. It felt like he was almost trying to eat her literally. Then he thrust himself deep inside her as a small cry of pain came out of her mouth as her virgin skin was broken. Damien momentarily stopped and looked down at her soft, gentle face, knowing in fact he had caused her pain this time. She reached her hand behind his head and drew it back to press his lips against hers and kissed him deeply, passionately. Letting him know that he hadn't hurt her and she wanted to go on as much as he did.

He started moving again inside her with slow, deliberate thrusts that became harder and harder as each thrust went deeper and deeper inside her until their passion turned into a wild frenzy as they both wanted to reach their ultimate peak of organism. And when they did it was like nothing either one of them had ever felt before. They laid together there on the ground in the aftermath, wrapped in each other’s arms for quite a while before either one of them spoke. They both knew that they had indeed found their true love.

Finally Damien stood up and then helped Nadia up as they re-dressed themselves not really knowing what to say to each after this little adventure they had just had. "I think I know now why Nicholas and Elizabeth are always laying so close to each other. Does this mean you will now have a child?" He asked, sincerely.

Nadia's eyes opened wide, not even thinking about that part of this. "Well, I don't think so. Couples usually have to mate many times before they have a child together." She replied, not knowing how else to explain it to him.

"I see. I think we need to get back to the campsite now." Was all Damien could say as he took her by the hand and led her back to where the others were already sleeping.

"You must get some sleep Nadia, after all you are only human." He said as soon as they had entered the campsite.

"Yes. I think you're right," she replied, ignoring his remark about being only human.

He walked her over to where her bedding was. Just before she laid down, he took her once again in his arms and kissed her soft supple lips leaving Nadia with such feelings of love for him. Her grandmother was right. She was always right. She did find true love and he would be with her the rest of her life.

Afterwards, Damien just sat by the fire not sure of how to deal with these new feelings Nadia had brought out in him. They were feelings he never had experienced before and he liked the way it made him feel. Maybe it was his destiny to leave the underworld and join the humans who lived on this earth.

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