The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter Thirteen

The next morning they were all up and about when Sister Abigail brought their breakfast. She set it down for them and then turned to leave but Nicholas asked her not to go yet. She turned around to face him, curious as to what this human would want of her.

"Sister Abigail, I have a request but I'm not sure if it's really possible for you to grant it or not."

"I will not know if it is possible unless you tell me what your request is," she replied.

"I would like to marry Elizabeth, to make her my wife before we return to our own territory. Just in case one or both of us do not survive the impending battles we will face there."

She looked at him for a moment, she understood the ways of the humans and really wanted to honor his request. "I am sure Sister Magdalena would perform this ceremony for you." She said and then she disappeared again.

Upon hearing this request, Elizabeth through her arms around Nicholas. "That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!" She said, hugging him as tightly as she could. Loving him even more than she thought was even possible.

"Like I told you Elizabeth, I love you more than life itself and I want you to be my wife. None of us knows what fate lies ahead of us on this journey we're on. But I want us to be man and wife when we go into this battle. Neither one of us knows how it will all end. But at least we will both go into it united as one."

To them it seemed like forever for the Iron Sisters to return to their camp, but they finally did return. Actually all of the Iron Sisters came this time for this very special ceremony. Sister Magdalena asked all of the other sisters to form a large circle around the humans. Then she stood in front of Nicholas and Elizabeth who now took each other’s hands.

Sister Magdalena now looked up and raised her hands up to the sky and then started speaking in a foreign tongue, one that only the other Iron Sisters understood. It lasted for a few moments and then she bowed her head as did all the other sisters present and then they raised them up again. She placed her hands on both of Nicholas and Elizabeth's hands, causing a very bright light to begin to rotate around them. Then she said. "With the power of all the beings in the universe, as well as all my fellow Iron Sisters, I proclaim you always as husband and wife." The bright light now began to swirl rapidly around the newlywed couple until it was almost impossible for anyone watching to be able to see them seal their union with a kiss for all eternity. Once that was done, the ceremony was over and the bright light that had been swirling around the newlywed couple had ceased to spin around them and then it disappeared altogether. Nicholas and Elizabeth turned now toward their friends who gathered around them and congratulated them on their nuptials. Damien did as well only because he saw Nadia do it and it seemed appropriate for him to do the same as she did.

Sister Magdalena now approached the small group. "I wish you all well on this most treacherous journey that lays before you. The fate of our worlds depend on you. So go with all our hopes and blessings that you succeed on your mission. I will have one of the sisters remain with you to guide you until you reach the border of our domain. Once you crossover, you will once again be totally on your own and at the mercy of the creatures of the underworld. So now I wish you all farewell and hopefully you will succeed in your mission for all our sakes." Then she disappeared as well as all of the other Iron Sisters with the exception of Sister Abigail who was the one chosen to escort them out of the Iron Sisters domain. The four of them now mounted their horses and turned in the direction of their own lands. Sister Abigail was never seen by any of them but they all knew she was in the misty fog that guided them along. As before the fog stopped its forward direction and hovered over this particular clearing in the woods they had just came out of. They knew this was her way of telling them to make their camp for the night.

Nicholas jumped off his horse before anyone else could dismount and went over to Elizabeth and put his hands around her waist and then lifted her off her horse. This caused Nadia to smile at the two newlyweds. Then Nicholas kissed her deeply before reluctantly turning her loose. "I love you Mrs. Blackwood!" He said, before having to start setting up their camp for the night.

"As I you, Mr. Blackwood!" She replied with a wide grin on her face.

Damien just shook his head and wanted everyone to just get the camp set up so they could eat. They were going to have to cook their own meals again and he was starving already. He was not use to having to wait for a certain time of day to eat, demons just ate whenever they felt like it whether they were hungry or not.

Nadia went about preparing the nightly meal with Damien at her side. For no other reason than to be near her. It wasn't long before dinner was ready and they all sat down to eat. "This will probably be the last night we have in peace without being worried about being eaten." Nicholas said. Elizabeth shot him a look when he said that.

"You could have said it with a little better description than 'to be eaten'! Really Nicholas!" Elizabeth said to him and then laughed at his humor. Then she got up and helped Nadia clean up the dishes they used for dinner. Damien and Nicholas went off into the woods to find more firewood for their campfire that night.

"Your wedding ceremony was beautiful today Elizabeth." Nadia said, as they were cleaning up.

"Thank you. I never expected it to ever really happen. I so love Nicholas with my whole heart and soul."

"I think I'm in love... also." Nadia said putting the last plate back into the pack.

"Really! That's absolutely wonderful! Who is the lucky man?" She said, with a wide grin spreading across her face.

"It's Damien." Nadia answered, shyly.

Elizabeth just looked at her in surprise, she had seen the way the two of them had been acting around each other lately but Nadia, are you sure about this? He is a demon after all. Is it possible for a human and a demon to... be a couple if you know what I mean?"

This question really embarrassed Nadia. She wasn't quite sure how to tell her friend that her and Damien had in fact... became a couple in ever since of the word last night. "Yes, I know it for sure." She replied, looking down with a deep red blush coming over her cheeks.

Elizabeth just stared at her friend for a few moments until the full impact of her words hit her. "Are you telling me that you and Damien... have already made love?" She asked, with a wide grin spreading across her face.

Now Nadia was really embarrassed. She has never talked with anyone before about what happens between a man and a woman. But now that she knows, she really needed to talk to someone about it. "Yes, last night when we went for a walk out by the waterfalls we were holding hands and they Damien kissed me." She said, coyly.

"And then what?" Elizabeth asked getting really excited for her friend to have actually be able to experience all of the pleasures a man and woman can have together.

"He started moving his hands all over my body, which caught me by complete surprise at the feelings I was having by him just touching me. I found myself kissing him back, passionately. It was like my body needed some kind of release. I don't really know how to explain it."

"Nadia, there's no need for you to explain it to me. I know exactly what you're talking about." She thought about hers and Nicholas's lovemaking and she herself couldn't put it into words the sensations that would spread through her body.

All I know is I truly love him. Every time he looks at me or when we just hold hands I get this really funny tingly inside. But when he kissed me... oh! That was absolutely wonderful." She said, looking up at the stars as she was describing all of this to Elizabeth.

"Well, it sure sounds like you're truly in love to me!" Elizabeth said with a big smile on her face. Just about that time Nicholas and Damien came back from the woods carrying more firewood then they would need for a week. Maybe they just needed some time to have a guy talk, she thought to herself.

That was exactly what they did. Nicholas told Damien that since this was his wedding night that he would appreciate it a lot if he and Nadia could take an extensive walk tonight away from the camp. So he and Elizabeth could have some time... alone together. Damien had agreed so as soon as they put the wood down by the fire, Damien walked directly over to Nadia. "Nicholas said we have to take a walk away from the camp now and it has to be a really long one."

Nicholas just rolled his eyes and felt a little embarrassed by the way Damien had suggested they take a walk. That wasn't exactly, asking. He just flat out told Nadia that he said they had to take a very long walk. Demons, he thought to himself shaking his head.

Elizabeth started to giggle. It just was too funny for her to keep quiet. That the guys go out into the woods and bring back all of this wood that they don't need and then instantly Damien is demanding Nadia go for a long walk away from the camp. The more she laughed the funnier it got to her as well as the rest of them with of course the exception of Damien who had no idea what the heck they were laughing about.

Nadia took Damien by the hand as they told the other two they were going on their long walk now, she couldn't help but start laughing again. Damien just frowned down at her thinking he will never understand humans.

"Damien, when humans get married to each other, that night is, their wedding night." She said, hoping he would understood what she was trying to say. But by watching his face she could tell none of this made any sense to him what-so-ever. She would just have to try and explain it a little more clearly. When two human people get married that night is called their wedding night. And on their wedding night they seal their marriage by...."

"By what? I do not understand?"

Nadia just shook her head again in frustration and part from embarrassment, she couldn't believe she was going to have to talk to him about this. A blush came to her cheeks when she looked at him again. "Remember last night when you and I... came together?"

"They must... how would you put it, mate to seal their vows." She looked at him this time to see if he was following her. She could see he was trying very hard to understand exactly what she was talking about.

"I think I understand now. They mated like we did last night."

"Yes. Exactly. And humans like to have time alone with each other so they can express their love."

"So you are saying that they mate just for the pure pleasure of it and not for continuing their species?"

"I guess you could put it that way. But some day they do want to have children. Just not every time they make love." Nadia said. She was so happy he understood and it kind of made her embarrassed to talk about it with him. Memories of their love-making came flood back into her mind and she became embarrassed all over again.

"How long do you think that we need to continue our walk for? How do you know when you have been on a long walk verses a short walk?" He asked, looking down at her questionably.

She just rolled her eyes again. She really was truly in love with this... demon there was just something so special about him. "Well, the difference between a walk and a long walk is that when you are on a long walk you are on it... longer." She said and then started laughing again. What she had just said sounded so stupid to her!"

"Thank you Nadia, I think I really understand it all now." He replied.

That just made her laugh harder. She just squeezed his hand and continued on their long walk to give Nicholas and Elizabeth the alone time they needed since it was after all, their wedding night.


Once the two of them were gone Nicholas took Elizabeth into his arms in a warm passionate embrace as he held her tightly against his chest. "I've waited so long for us to be alone together again. You are my wife now and forever more," he said, as he looked down at her lovely features, and lost himself in the liquid pools of her eyes and then their mouths met, in a deep, passionate kiss that seemed to last forever before his lips moved down her neck, causing her breath to catch in her throat. His hands began caressing her breasts, bringing her nipples to a firm, hard peak, beneath her now open blouse. A moan escaped from her lips when his caresses became bolder as she wrapped her arms around him tightly, not wanting to ever let him go.

Carefully Nicholas lowered her to the ground kissing and caressing her as she now started grabbing his shirt and practically ripping the buttons off of it in her haste to remove it. Within seconds they were laying on their bedding completely engrossed with each other now. He continued kissing her as his hand caressed her now naked flesh, moving from one to the other of her now completely naked breasts causing Elizabeth to again moan aloud in just the shear sensations that she was feeling ripping through her body. She felt like she was on fire now and their passion grew with each passing moment until neither one of them could wait any longer as he entered her suddenly, with each thrust penetrating deeper that the last.

Elizabeth was pressed ardently against his long muscular body matching each of his thrusts with one of her own, bringing them to heights of passion neither one of them knew existed before they both reached their ultimate peak of love making, leaving them both panting, trying to catch their breath. "That was truly amazing, Nicholas." Elizabeth said once she could breathe normal again. "I never knew it could be like that." Nicholas just shook his head and wrapped his arms around her again, wanting her as close to him as possible tonight. Because tomorrow they will cross back over into their own territory and who knows what their fate will be.

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