The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter Sixteen

It was still dark out when Nicholas and Nadia were being shaken awake. They opened up their eyes and looked directly into the bright green eyes of one of the Shadowhunters. "You have ten minutes to be ready to go." Was all he said before walking away from them? They looked at each other before scrambling up, picking up their bedding at the same time.

"Nicholas. This is insane. They have to give us more time than ten minutes. Are you kidding me? Really?" She said, complaining. "It's not even light out yet."

"Alright! I'll ask them for more time." He said heading off in the direction of one of the Shadowhunters. "Excuse me but could we possibly have more time than ten minutes? We have to break camp, eat breakfast and saddle the horses."

The Shadowhunter just looked at him with disgust. He wasn't used to being around humans and all of their strange ways. But maybe this one was right. He would allow them more time. "Will an hour be sufficient for you, human?" He asked looking down at Nicholas.

"Yes, indeed. Thank you," then he turned around went back and told Nadia about the extra time they were allotted.

"I'm hoping it will be daylight by the time we leave. I feel kind of nervous to travel in the dark. Especially with these odd looking creatures." Nadia said.

The hour passed quickly as they had finished everything they needed to and were now mounted up on their horses. As Nadia had wished, the sun had come up and it was actually going to be a beautiful day. Weather wise that is. They knew they would reach the village by noon as long as there wasn't any delays. And there wasn't. Thank god. They had made good time and arrived exactly when they expected to. They pulled up in front of the now familiar Village Inn, dismounted their horses and went inside. Memories came flooding back for both of them.

"We can't allow ourselves to dwell on the past, Nadia." Nicholas said, sitting down at one of the tables in the dining room. "We must formulate a plan to try and rescue the villagers from Hillcrest Manor."

"Hopefully there will still be some alive." Nadia said. Nicholas had told her why the beasts had taken them in the first place. She couldn't fathom being fed to the demons for food. They made such a sport out of it as well. She shuttered as she thought about how it would feel like to be ripped apart limb by limb while you were still alive for the amusement of all the other demons.

"If we can get to the secret passageway undetected then we'll have a good chance of getting some of the villagers out if not all of them."

"Are the Shadowhunters going to help us?" She asked, they kind of gave her the creeps but they would have a much better chance with their help.

"Yes. They should be joining us here soon to discuss how we're going to attempt the rescue." It was as if he conjured them up for the moment he said that they had walked up to the table where they were sitting. Six of them. They stood around the table as Nicholas explained where the passageway was. And he thought he would be able to lead them from the kitchen to where the villagers were being kept. With their plan in place they got up from the table and headed outside with the Shadowhunters and then mounted their horses and headed quietly in the direction of the manor house.

They came across multiple creepers and the Shadowhunters were able to dispose of them quickly and quietly as they made their way through the woods and stopped at the edge of his estate. They dismounted their horses and crept up a little closer. They could see the gargoyles standing watch around what use to his home. He pointed out to them where the entrance was to the passageway that led into the house.

Quietly they all made their way to it and were able to reach it, un-noticed by the guards. Just on the inside was the torch that Damien had used to help him escape. One of the Shadowhunters lit it as they made their way through until they got to the end which led into the kitchen.

This time of day the demons would have had their mid-day meal of townspeople and would be just lying around allowing time for their stomachs to digest the food. They one by one quietly crept into the kitchen and down the first hallway. The demons would have no idea that they were there because they had not been spotted by the gargoyles who were on watch. It took them a little while to maneuver the different hallways until they reached the end where it led into what was now the throne room. They could see all the demons laying around not paying attention to anything or anyone.

"You two stay here." One of the Shadowhunters said. "We can reach the cages where the townspeople are being held easier if you were not with us. The demons have a very difficult time seeing us." With that said, the six Shadowhunters slipped off in the direction of the cages. They silently slit the throats of any gargoyle's that were standing watch on their prisoners and got the keys and opened up the cages.

The townspeople were scared to death the moment they saw them enter. They had no idea what these new creatures were going to do with them. But they remained silent as the creatures motioned for them to do so.

"We have come to rescue you, follow us quietly so we do not disturb the sleeping demons." There were about fifteen townspeople left who did exactly as they were instructed. Once they reached the area where Nicholas and Nadia were they were so excited to see them. Several spoke out and then they were hushed immediately.

The sounds of the townspeople drew the attention of several of the demons in the throne room who looked over in their direction. Nicholas and Nadia along with the townspeople pressed themselves up against the wall, trying not to be seen. As they were doing that they heard a familiar voice. Nicholas quickly looked back into the throne room and there sitting next to Bael were Elizabeth and Damien. Shock overtook him momentarily as he said her name aloud, drawing even more attention to themselves.

"Trespassers!" One of the demons said as he made eye contact with Nicholas. Quickly they all started to wake up with loud bellowing screeches coming out of their mouths.

"We have to go now!" The Shadowhunter leader said, as they hustled the people down the long hallways back to the kitchen where they were able to get them all into the passageway and closed the door behind them. They re-lit the torch so they would be able to find their way out again. But Nicholas and Nadia refused to go with them.

"Elizabeth's alive and Damien... they are both alive!" He said, "I'm not leaving without them!" And Nadia agreed with him completely.

The leader of the Shadowhunters turned to Nicholas. "They have turned already to the dark side. You have no idea of what you are up against. They knew the risk and took it. Now you have to be reasonable. What you are seeing is only what you want to see!" He tried everything to convince Nicholas and Nadia but they were only human. They did not see what the underworld had done to their loved ones. The townspeople were cowering in the passageway. It was so dark, they only had the one torch for light. "We must remain here. They will be watching for us to re-appear outside. As long as they do not discover this passageway, we will be safe for now."

The townspeople finally calmed down, knowing that they were at least safe for the moment. One of them asked the leader of the Shadowhunters. "How long do we need to stay here? Is it really safe?" He asked as he cradled his youngest daughter in his arms.

"Yes. You will be safe as long as you remain quiet!" He made an emphasis on the last word which quieted the man down right away.


Elizabeth was sitting next to Bael on one side and Damien on the other side of her. When the commotion started she glanced around the room to see what was causing such an uproar. Her eyes had locked with Nicholas's the moment she saw him. Memories came flooding back to her mind. So much has happened since she had last seen the likes of him. But who was he? Why was he here? He did not belong here. He was just a mere human. This is the kingdom of Bael, sole ruler of all worlds. No one dared to enter his realm without permission! She glanced over at Bael to see his reaction to these intruders, today of all days. He had chosen her to be his mate and the ritual was to take place tonight. She relished the thought of being the Queen only second in power next to Bael. He now wore the matching mystical ring on his right hand. The one Damien had possessed. She thought back on how he had obtained the most sought after ring in this world. The demons kept coming in waves, hundreds of them died just getting close to the rings until one of them had grabbed her dagger which was laying on the ground next to her. Once he had it he now had the power from the Iron Sisters to sever the connection. With one quick slice he cut off the hand of Damien which broke the bond immediately. A roar went out throughout all of the demons. They had succeeded in retrieving this most powerful ring for their master. Elizabeth and Damien went back with them, willingly. They had now been turned to the dark side.

Damien had also seen the humans and could not figure out why they would even come here. Escape was futile. He as well as all the other demons and lower creatures were furious that they had taken all of the villagers with them and now they seemed to have disappeared into thin air. He kept getting glimpses of a hidden passageway but that thought did not stay long with him.

"For a moment I saw recognition in Elizabeth's eyes. I think there is still some hope to bring her and Damien back from the dark side."

The Leader of the Shadowhunters he was speaking with thought about what he was saying and then replied. "That will be our only chance we have now to save this world. Once Bael and the human woman join the rings, there will be nothing on this earth or heaven that could ever defeat them!"

"Then we must at any cost stop them!" Nicholas said.

"Yes. I agree." The Shadowhunter started speaking to the others of his kind in a language the humans couldn't understand which infuriated Nicholas. Finally they turned back to him. "We will wait until just before the ritual to make our move. They will all be too distracted to think about us." So with their plan in place all Nicholas could do was to sit back and wait.


The throne room was in a complete uproar with the anticipation of the ritual that was to soon take place. They all knew the moment of the meeting of the rings that nothing could stop them from remaining here on earth and ruling it for all eternity.

The six Shadowhunters as well as the two humans carefully made their way back through all the corridors until they came to a room where Elizabeth had gone to prepare herself for the ritual. Several demons accompanied her there to assist her in anything she desired. They had been chosen by Bael himself to be the personal slaves to this human woman who would soon be their queen.

The small group entered the room unseen. Instantly they took out the two demons that were there, leaving Elizabeth now dressed in all black, a thin black veil was covering her face. They grabbed her before she could call out to the guards and knocked her unconscious. That way they could bring her back through the manor house without her giving away their positions.

Once they all got back safely to the hidden passageway, they laid her down on Nicholas's lap as he cradled her tightly against him. He had to bring her back from the dark side, if he couldn't than all would be lost. Her eyes flickered open and locked on with Nicholas's eyes. A faint light started to surround the two of them. Then it became much brighter until they both heard a voice. It was the sweet sound of an angel.

"Elizabeth you must fight the desires of the dark side. Return to us where you belong. You are the only one along with the help of your companions who can right the wrongs that have happened here on this earth."

With hearing the angel’s voice, Elizabeth started fighting the evil that had possessed her. It was light going through a tunnel with a bright light on the other side. She had to reach it. The angel waved her hands over them and then she was gone.

Nicholas looked down at Elizabeth. He saw it in her eyes. "You've come back to me!" He said, hugging her tightly against his chest. "I love you, Elizabeth. I knew you would come back to me!"

She glanced around at everyone else in the passageway, not remembering how she got here or who these strange creatures were or anything else for that matter. "Why am I dressed like this?" She said as she looked down at this ugly black dress she was wearing along with a thin black veil covering her face.

"Tonight you were to become Bael's mate. To rule at his side in both worlds together. Once the rings united during this ritual then nothing could ever break that bond again. They would forever be protecting all evil in this world as well as below." One of the Shadowhunters explained all this to her. But now you have returned from the dark side and now must destroy this evil creature for all mankind at any cost." Then he moved away from her, leaving her to Nicholas, her husband.

Nicholas helped her sit up and wanted to try and find out what happened to her. "What do you remember?" He asked tenderly, still holding her, not wanting to lose her again.

"We were fighting the demons and they were going to overrun us. Damien and I... put the rings together. I can't really explain what I saw or felt but it was drawing me to it, making me want to go to wherever it went. I couldn't help myself." She stopped. "I don't want to go back there, Nicholas. I don't ever want to think about it ever again!" She said, with tears running down her face.

"You don't have to, my love." Nicholas reassured her as he comforted her again. "But we still have our mission to complete."


Bael was furious when he was told the news that his queen-to-be was gone. "I want her found!" He bellowed, his voice reverberating throughout the entire manor house. "Search every inch of this earth and do not return without her!"

Instantly all of the beasts that were present in the room took off to do his bidding. Bael sat back down on his throne, staring at the empty hall. He was so close to ruling the earth forever. He shifted his weight impatiently waiting, she could not have gotten too far, he thought to himself.

Hearing all the demons and lower creatures leave the manor house Nicholas, Elizabeth and Nadia along with five of the Shadowhunters made their way back to the entrance of the throne room. The sixth Shadowhunter remained with the townspeople hoping to be able to help them escape when the opportunity presents itself.

With being unseen by Bael, they began a chant. Elizabeth was in the middle as everyone else encircled her. Walking around and around her. "Three times they go round; all evil will stay on the ground; if any evil is near this place; it cannot enter this sacred space." Elizabeth as well as the others were all clasping their amulets the entire time they kept repeating the chant. Finally she turned to the others that encircled her. "It is done!" Now they all walked into the throne room getting the immediate attention of Bael.

"How dare you enter my kingdom?" He yelled as flames shot out his mouth!

"This will no longer be your kingdom. You are going back to where you belong and never again will you be able to return to our world." Elizabeth said in a loud, commanding voice as the three of them approached him.

Nadia pulled on Elizabeth's sleeve. "Please, please," she begged, "you must save Damien before we send this beast back to hell or he will be lost to me, forever!"

Elizabeth turned to her friend and placed her hand on her shoulder. "I have already done that for you." She said simply. "Turn around."

As Nadia turned, there was her beloved Damien standing behind her. "How did you do that?" She asked but not really wanting to know the answer before throwing her arms around him and hugged him tightly. Never ever wanting to let him go again.

Elizabeth just nodded her head to her friend and then looked at all of them. "We must now complete our mission. We must destroy the portal that he created and be rid of this beast who dared to enter our world so he can never return here again, ever."

Nadia turned back and stood with Elizabeth and the others as well as Damien. The three of them drew their weapons up. Simultaneously they all lounged forward toward Bael, stabbing him as deeply as they could with everything they had. He let out a horrifying shriek so loud that none of them could stand it but they all stayed fast. Holding these special, mystical weapons that had been forged from the adamant rock of the Citadel Volcano now had finally done what they were meant to do. To send this evil being back to where he belonged. Once and for all. Back into the fiery flames of hell! As soon as he crossed through the portal, it immediately sealed up behind him. Locking him and all of his followers forever in the burning fires of hell for all eternity.

With the portal now sealed Elizabeth turned to Nicholas who took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. He couldn't believe their mission was finally over. They both looked at what was still remaining of his home. They knew they didn't have long to get outside. The house itself had multiple fires burning and there was no way they would be able to put them all out. Taking one last look the four of them along with the Shadowhunters turned and made their way through what used to be the front entrance.

Outside they found the few survivors that had been held captive along with the Shadowhunter who had lead them out to safety.

"Lord Blackwood," several of the town folks called his name as they had come out through the front doors.

He greeted all of them, telling them that the danger was finally over. That they could return to their homes in peace. And then he said to them, "right now we must move farther away from the house. He now led them all quite a ways away from the burning house and they turned back to watch his family home burn to the ground, leaving only what use to be the main fireplace with its chimney still standing.

"I'm so sorry, Nicholas. I know this house had been in your family for decades and now it’s gone."

"Yes, you're right, Elizabeth. It was built by my great-great-grandfather. Everything that has been passed down from generation to generation is now forever gone. But that is only material objects. The most important thing is we all got out alive."

Elizabeth just looked at him. "What are we going to do now?"

He thought about it for a few moments. "We will clear away all of the burnt remains and then we will re-build Hillcrest Manor. We will start a new family history of our own for our future generations to look back at this day. The day that we saved our world from total annihilation. With that being said they all turned and started to walk away along with the surviving villagers.

The Shadowhunters now were gone. They went back to guarding over the two worlds. To keep them from ever colliding again.

Nicholas turned to Nadia and Damien. "What are the two of you going to do now that it's finally all over?"

Nadia and Damien were holding hands, they looked at each other and then turned back to Nicholas. "We will go back to live with my grandmother and all of the other gypsies. That is the one place that no one will treat Damien as an outsider. We will wed and start our own family there."

"That sounds like a wonderful plan to me. You and Damien deserve true happiness and I know you will find it there living with your own kind, Nadia. Where they will not judge Damien for what he is. But only on his true merits and who he is." Elizabeth said, looking down for a few moments while the full impact that she would probably never she her friend ever again.

"I will miss you terribly, Nadia," Elizabeth said as she gave her friend a final hug good-bye. "And I will also miss you Damien." She said as she gave him a big hug as well. "I will miss you both more than you can imagine."

"We will miss you as well." She replied back.

Now the world could be theirs once again as they remembered it to be. To flourish for all mankind could finally live in peace once and for all, without living under the threat of the underworld ever creating another portal into their world and try again to conquer it and make it their own.


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