The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter 6

Nadia stared at the young lady who sat opposite her in the Village Inn kitchen. Her heart went out to her. What do you say to someone who just lost the love of their life? But there was more at stake here than personal feelings. The fate of the world depended on this girl. Only she had the power, even unknown to herself to send this beast back to hell where he belonged. If she didn't then life on earth wouldn't be worth living anymore.

Elizabeth looked back at Nadia. "We have to go look for him. If that foul creature wanted him dead then why didn't it just kill him and be done with it. But no, it carried him away. There has to be a reason. I truly believe that."

"Are you suggesting we continue our plan of going to Hillcrest Manor then?"

"Yes, I am. If that's where the portal is then that's most likely where that creature took Nicholas. Why, I don't know. But I intend on looking for him if until I find him if it's the last thing I ever do on this earth!"

With that said, the two women decided to retire for the evening. It had been an exhausting day and they were both completely drained of energy. They had to get a good night sleep tonight for tomorrow, who knows what it will bring. And it will take everything in their power to just survive.

The two of them made their way upstairs to their rooms. Just before entering Elizabeth turned to Nadia, "Would you mind if we sleep with the inner door between our rooms open? I think I would sleep better knowing you were close enough or at least you were within hearing distance if anything happens in the night."

"No, not at all, Elizabeth. Actually I feel the same way as you do. I'm a little leery to stay alone in my room as well."

When Elizabeth heard what she said she wrapped her arms around Nadia. "I am so glad you came with us on this most perilous journey. I don't know if I could have continued on without you." She said and then gave her a big squeeze and held her for a moment before bidding her good night.

Nadia hesitated for a minute before heading back into her own room. She looked at Elizabeth but wasn't sure how to say what was on her mind. "Can I ask you something personal, Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth was a little shocked at hearing this particular request from Nadia and then answered. "Yes, of course, you can ask me anything."

"How do you know when you're in love?" Nadia asked shyly.

Elizabeth was a little surprised at her question and most definitely didn't expect that at all. She wasn't really much older than Nadia, herself. "Well, I don't know if I can really explain the feeling. Why do you ask?"

"My grandmother told me just before we left that I would meet my true love. She said I would know the moment our eyes would meet. Was it like that for you and Nicholas?"

"I don't know really. We met at my home in London. Your grandmother had placed a dream in his head to come to my home and hire me as a governess or companion for his invalid daughter. We had never met before that and it was very hard for Nicholas when he did come and the moment he saw me he couldn't believe his own eyes, because I was the exact woman he saw in his dream."

"That's not odd at all. My grandmother does place dreams in people’s minds whenever there is danger about and when it's necessary for two people to meet."

"Well that completely freaked Nicholas out. He had never had that happen before in his life and he wasn't accustomed to dealing with anything from our world that we live in."

"I see. So that was his first experience with telepathy?"

"Yes. He had come to my home in London where he was speaking with my father when I came home, actually that was the same day I first met your grandmother come to think of it. Well, anyways my father then called me into his study and that's where I met Nicholas for the first time. After he got over the shock of seeing me, he asked me if he could hire me to be a governess or companion as he liked to call it for his young daughter, Sarah."

"Then what happened?" Nadia said excitedly, she was so intrigued by her story.

I was at first a little affronted to actually have someone standing there in my father's study wanting to hire me to do some kind of medial work but then there was something in his eyes that told me to accept the position. This man was desperately seeking my help for his child. How could I refuse him?"

Oh Elizabeth, that just sounds so romantic!" Nadia said, her eyes were now starting to tear up at such a romantic story. "Then what happened?"

"Early the next morning he returned to my home and then we left for his estate. I told my father good-bye and it was so sad because I knew this was going to be the last time I ever saw him again."

"Is that when you first knew you were in love?" Nadia asked, really excited now that she could talk to someone about love. Her grandmother never told her anything. She enjoyed listening to Elizabeth's story, it was like hearing something out of a fairy tale.

"Now that I think back to our long tedious journey out to his estate that day, I did start getting a really funny feeling inside. I was so embarrassed every time he glanced in my direction and I didn't understand why I felt like that. It appears your grandmother is right about these things. That when you do meet the love of your life, you will know it immediately. It does seem she is always right about everything she sees."

"But what I don't understand is why I haven't met my true love yet? I'm already sixteen and all my friends are married and have children already."

"Nadia, I'm only just barely eighteen and Nicholas and I aren't married yet, let alone have any children. So don't worry yourself so much about this. It will happen so just try and be patient."

"Okay, I will. I do feel so much better now that we've talked about this. I've never had anyone to talk with before about things like this and I am very happy now that we have become such good friends."

"Me too. But we better get some sleep tonight. I'm sure we'll have a very busy day tomorrow."

With that said, the two young women rose from where they had been sitting on the bed. They gave each other a hug before Nadia returned to the adjacent room next door.

The following morning the two women woke up about the same time. A feeling of dread consumed both of them. The sky outside was very gloomy with dark clouds threatening to open up with a torrential downpour at any time. "This is just our luck," Elizabeth said as she was changing her clothes. With everything that's happening, all we need now is for it to storm."

"That could work to our advantage though," Nadia replied. "If it rains then maybe we'll have a better chance of getting to Hillcrest Manor without being detected by the scouting parties."

"Yes, I never thought about that. I think you're right. If it storms than maybe those flying creatures won't be able to fly in the rain." Elizabeth said gathering some extra hope for the next part of their journey.

"It could also cover our scent. The creatures won't be able to follow our trail either." Nadia added.

"Yes, you're absolutely right, Nadia. So I guess we should both be really happy right now and jumping for joy that it's going to pour down a torrential thunderstorm on us with bolts of flashing lightning everywhere." After saying that she couldn't keep a straight face and started laughing out loud. Nadia just looked at her in horror for a minute and then she realized the humor of what Elizabeth was saying and joined in with her own laughter. Once they got the nervous silliness out of their systems they became serious again.

"I don't cherish the idea of traveling in a thunderstorm but it could help us." Nadia said in a more solemn tone.

Just as the two women ended their sentences, a clash of thunder roared above them, making both of the women jump at the same time.

"Well, I didn't say I wasn't afraid of thunderstorms," Elizabeth said in a nervous laugh.


Nicholas couldn't believe what he had just heard. How can this be possible? My grandfather? "How can you possibly be my grandfather, you're a demon!"

Bael glared at him even more intensely. "I am what I am. And you have demon blood running through your veins. You cannot run from this. It will always be inside you whether you want it or not! There's nothing you can do about it! It is time for you to bare the 'mark of the beast'." He nodded his head to the two gargoyles standing on both sides of Nicholas. They lifted him up and placed him down in a chair. Tying both his arms to the chair with his palms facing up.

Bael himself stepped down from his throne and picked up a hot searing iron out of the fire. He brought it over to where Nicholas was seated. "You will now receive the mark of the beast."

With that said, he placed the end of the burning branding iron onto Nicholas's right hand causing smoke to rise up immediately from his palm as the hot searing iron permanently branded the mark of the devil deep into his hand. Nicholas screamed out in shear agony from the pain of it. His flesh felt like it was on fire. After a few moments Bael removed the branding iron and placed it back into the fire. Nicholas looked down at his burned, scorched flesh, there he saw the face of the devil himself within a pentagram burnt into his palm.

Bael looked at him again. "With this mark you will forever belong to the underworld. Then he threw back his head in a scornful laugh with fire blasting out of his mouth that reached several feet into the air. “You will now suffer all of God's fury and wrath and he will never allow you to ever enter his kingdom." He nodded his head again to the two gargoyles who untied Nicholas and dragged him back to his cage, throwing him in before closing the door behind him.

A few hours later Nicholas was sound asleep in the cage with the other villagers when he felt someone nudging him to wake up. To his surprise, it was a demon. The other people in the cage were still asleep and the demon gave him a sign to be quiet. Carefully the two of them came out of the door as the demon locked it again. Nicholas could see the gargoyles on sentry watch had fallen asleep since their bellies were full from their tasty meal of humans. After the young girl was eaten several more of the townspeople were taken and suffered the same fate. They made their way down a corridor to an area free from any creatures.

"I am Damien and I have come to help you escape." The demon said.

"You're the one the old gypsy spoke about."

"Yes. I do not believe in what Bael, our overlord is doing. I do not think he should create 'hell on earth' as he intends to do. And will do, unless he is stopped."

"Why are you doing this? You're a demon."

"Yes, I am a demon. But I have repented the ways of evil. If I help you and your companions and we succeed then I will be allowed to remain on this earthbound plane once the portal is closed once again."

Nicholas for the first time got a real good look at Damien. He had really long shaggy black hair, pointed ears and olive tan color to his skin. His eyes were blood red and he had these demon wings that would go back into his body when they were not in use. He was much taller than himself by at least a foot or more. But what was really bothering him now was he was starting to get use to all the odd appearances of these creatures he had seen in the last day or so. And now he was actually getting use to telling the differences between the various kinds of creatures that were here. That was a rude awakening he thought. And a really scary one at that. It made him shutter.

"Do you have a plan on how we are going to get out of here?" Nicholas asked the demon that was helping him.

Damien just looked at him. "No, I have not planned an escape route if that is what you mean. I just know I have to get you out of here before morning."

Nicholas didn't think he really wanted to know why he had to be out of here that soon, he just took Damien at his word. "I do know a secret passageway out of the manor house. But I don't know if I'll recognize it given the change in décor of my house."

"You are a very funny man, Nicholas." Damien said. "Now can we look for this passageway you were talking about?"

"Of course. Sorry. I just get weird thoughts in my head when I'm nervous."

The two of them made their way quietly through the maze of corridors and pits that were everywhere. Nothing looked like it used to. All Nicholas could go on is point of direction. He knew where every room was or where they were supposed to be. It took quite a while for them to finally make their way to what was the kitchen. Finally they found the pantry.

"It's here!" Nicholas said as he pulled the door open. It was pitch black in the passageway.

"Wait here." Damien said before he disappeared back into the kitchen. Within a few minutes that seemed like hours to Nicholas Damien returned with a torch. "Now we can proceed."

They made their way through the darkened tunnel until it came to an opening out by where the stables use to be. Damien put the torch out not wanting to draw attention to them. "We will go the rest of the way in the darkness." Nicholas nodded his head in agreement. He wasn't sure exactly where they were going but at least he was out of that cage and off the breakfast menu for the other creatures in the morning.


Elizabeth and Nadia got quiet instantly when they heard a noise downstairs. Not having any idea who would be coming into the inn caused them to frantically look for a place to hide. They both spotted a closet and ran into it. Hoping whomever was downstairs wouldn't find them there. They might not even come up to the second floor they hoped. Maybe some of the townspeople had returned and wanted to get out of the thunderstorm that had been dropping torrential rain on them on and off all day long. They would just have to stay quiet and see what happens. A short time later they could hear voices coming up from downstairs. And then Elizabeth heard her name called.

"Oh my god! That's Nicholas's voice." She yelled as she ran out of the closet and downstairs right into the arms of her beloved. "Oh Nicholas! You're alive! I couldn't believe when that creature took you away!" Then she screamed a high pitch scream when she saw Damien standing right next to Nicholas.

"It's alright, Elizabeth! He's a friend." Nicholas said as he tried to calm her down.

"A friend you say?" She looked at him doubtfully.

"Yes. He helped me escape. That's the only reason I'm standing here right now."

Elizabeth stared at Damien. She had never seen anyone look like him before. Yet Nicholas seemed to trust him. And then she remembered the old gypsy woman did say they would meet up with a good demon. It was going to be hard for her to get used to. Just looking at him gave her the creeps.

"I am Damien. I will help you on your quest." The moment he spoke another crack of thunder roared overhead and the torrential rain that had threatened earlier that morning came pouring down on the inn.

The moment their eyes met, Nadia knew instantly. "He was the one her grandmother had foreseen in her vision. She did say she would be surprised. And surprised, was the ultimate statement for her, he was a demon of all things. How can this be? She asked herself. How in the world could her own grandmother envision such a match for her? She did feel an immediate attraction to him though. And he felt the same way about her. She just had to trust her grandmother. She knew what was best for her. How in the world could she have foreseen her only granddaughter mated to a demon? Really? What is this world coming to?

"Well, it doesn't look like we're going to be doing much traveling today. This heavy of a rain would be almost impossible to ride through. Which reminds me. Damien doesn't have a mount to ride. We're going to have to go into the village and check out all the stables there to see if possibly someone left any horses behind. We also have to gather supplies from here as well as in the village. We will definitely need food to live on while we continue our journey."

Elizabeth just looked at Nicholas with such love. How he has adapted to all of this. It was as if he was born to it. "But right now I'm exhausted and starving. I haven't slept or eaten since yesterday."
"We haven't eaten dinner tonight, either. The inn's pantry is fairly well stocked. I'm sure Nadia and I can cook something for all of us to eat."

"That would be awesome!" Nicholas replied. Then they all headed into the kitchen to see what they could find.

Elizabeth turned to Nadia when they entered the kitchen and whispered, "I really don't know how to cook. I've never had to do it at any time my entire life."

"Well I guessed that last night when we were trying to fix something to eat." Nadia replied. "I'll take care of it, I've been cooking my whole life. We gypsies can make almost anything out of nothing." She said proudly.

"Thank you Nadia. I just feel so inadequate right now."

It didn't take long for her to rustle up some food for them all to eat. But then she stopped and looked directly at Damien. "I don't know what demons eat...?"

He just looked back at her. "We eat anything, alive. But if there is not any live animals or humans, we can eat dead ones if we are really desperate."

That statement caused all of the others to look at him in horror. They all tried really hard not to think too much about the reality of what he had just said as they all sat down at the table in the kitchen and filled their plates full of all of the meat, cheeses and a variety of breads that Nadia had prepared for them to eat. Elizabeth kept glancing over at Nicholas. It was like she couldn't keep her eyes off of him and he was doing the same thing as her. She couldn't believe she actually got him back after that horrible ordeal. She would have never guessed in a million years that Nicholas would be the one making the noises downstairs a little earlier today. Talk about a shock! She thought to herself.

Once their stomachs were now satisfied they all decided that they had better try and get some sleep, Nicholas definitely needed sleep since he probably didn't get much at all when he was being held captive by Bael. They all got up from the table and moved into the other room.

"I will be up all night because I do not need to sleep so if the three of you would go upstairs you must get the sleep you will require. I am sure tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day for all of us."

With that being said, the three of them climbed the stairs to the second floor. Nadia said goodnight to both of the other two and walked in her room and closed the door, leaving Nicholas and Elizabeth standing in the hall not quite sure of what to do next. Nicholas just didn't leave anything to choice now, he just put his hand on Elizabeth's back and opened the other door and escorted her in and then he turned and closed the door.

It only took a few seconds for them to both start pulling their clothes off as fast as possible while they were walking over to the bed together. They didn't even pull the bedspread off the bed before they both fell into the bed with Nicholas on top of Elizabeth, kissing her deeply and passionately. She slid her arms around his waist and molded her body sensuously against his causing Nicholas to suck in his breath. Surprised by his reaction, she looked up at him innocently and found his eyes closed, his mouth parted and his face unduly strained. Had she caused this just by merely touching him? Elizabeth was really intrigued now. She must explore this further. Gingerly, she moved her hands slowly up his chest until they reached almost to his shoulders where they paused for a moment and then reversed their direction. Whey then ventured below his waist, a loud groan escaped from his lips.

Nicholas couldn't withstand this bombardment of his senses. The mere touch of her fingers sent unbelievable burning sensations rippling through his body and then when she found what she'd been searching for, his breath locked in his throat. Elizabeth, he croaked just before he crushed her body to his, unable to restrain himself any longer.

His mouth came down hard on hers, forcing her lips apart savagely as his tongue invaded her with such force, Elizabeth had to gasp for air. She felt like she was on fire, for the now familiar warmth that had spread through her body, intensified tenfold.

His hands never stopped moving as they found soft, supple breasts. The contact his fingers made with her bare flesh caused Elizabeth to moan aloud, never knowing how deeply her passion could be aroused by a man's caress. As the sensations mounted, she felt like screaming for fulfillment, her need was so great.

Nicholas lifted his head and stared down at her, his breath warm, his voice husky. "I love you, Elizabeth and I don't want anyone else to ever taste your sweetness but me."

Elizabeth shuddered at the hungry look she saw in his eyes as he continued staring at her. His hands clasped her breasts, squeezing her nipples until they were hard, rigid peaks. But he still kept staring, watching her reaction to his every touch. She closed her eyes, reveling in the ecstasy that was flowing through her in waves of burning fire. "Oh Nicholas," she cried, her body aching for more. "I never knew it could be like this...."

Her words exploded in his mind and he couldn't bear it another moment. His hand quickly moved between her thighs, which she parted for him unknowingly and pressed his fingers inside her. She was already moist and ready for him, he brought their hips together while his hard, erect manhood searched for its place of entry, gently and tenderly for he didn't want to startle her.

Elizabeth’s eyes opened wide, shocked at the wild frenzy she felt when his male hardness pressed against her most private areas. Instinctively, she reached down to guide it to its final destination. But her innocent actions caused Nicholas to go insane with passion. He couldn't contain himself. He needed to reach his ultimate peak of organism right now! So he thrust himself deep inside crushing her to him, covering her with fevered kisses until she was matching him thrust for thrust.

A cry suddenly escaped her lips as wave upon wave of sheer, raging pleasure ripped through her body as she arched her back and then it exploded, gloriously in its climax. Elizabeth laid panting, her head buried in his chest, stunned at the sensations she'd just experienced. No wonder no one ever talked about what transpires between a man and a woman for if they did, then there wouldn't be any such thing as a virgin. Nicholas had made love before this but it never felt like this before in his entire life.

In the aftermath, he reached down and lifted her face up to meet his and kissed her deeply, tenderly until she melted against him, surrendering herself completely to him. Her eyes were still smoldering from the passion when she looked back at him so innocently. "I so love you, Nicholas more than you will ever know.

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