The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter Seven

"I think we should take this opportunity to get the most needed rest we deserve. It's been a couple of the most grueling days any of us have had to endure." With that being said, we must take this time also to gather supplies and get prepared to make a standoff with these hideous creatures the best way we can."

"You are correct." Damien said. By now they will know you are gone and Bael will do everything in his power to get you back."

"I agree." Elizabeth said. "We must definitely be prepared to defend this inn against whatever he sends at us at all costs."

"Nadia and I will head into the village to find another horse as well as any supplies that we'll need that we don't have here. You and Damien must secure this inn. We can't afford for any of us to be taken again."

With that being said, they all went about their tasks. Nicholas and Nadia despite the weather conditions headed out the front doors and headed to the village. It was very slow going in the thunderstorm that was upon them. But maybe it hampered their pace to get to the village but it also would keep all of the winged creatures grounded for the moment giving them time to reach the village unscathed. It didn't take long before they found a couple of horses wondering around the village looking for something to eat. They were able to throw a rope around their necks and used them as pack horses for all the supplies they had gathered in the village. They headed back to the inn and were a little concerned because the thunderstorm had passed and clear skies were starting to appear above them. Just before the inn they caught a glimpse of a few winged creatures, like the ones that had carried Nicholas away. They hastened their pace and was able to reach the inn just before the creatures knew they were out and about.

"Let's get these supplies into the inn as quickly as possible," Nicholas said to Nadia who was already unloading the supplies they had gathered. Once inside they could see how much Elizabeth and Damien had fortified the inn. "How the hell did you two get all of this done in such a short time?" He asked, incredibly.

"It was Damien who did all the heavy lifting. He's like having a force of about ten men or more." Elizabeth said, impressed by Damien's strength. She was starting to like him more and more. But something inside her still didn't trust him. After all, he was still a demon.

"We have gathered at least enough supplies to last us several weeks." Nicholas said.

"That's Awesome, Nicholas!" Elizabeth responded before she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body as tightly as she could to his. Not wanting to ever let him go. She had come too close to losing him. But she never wanted to go through that ever again if she could help it. She loved him more than life itself and she would let nothing ever take him away from her again. Ever!

If the inn is secure then we should stand watch at both the front and the back doors. We should work in pairs. As much as he wanted to be with Elizabeth, he knew she was far safer with Damien. And after seeing what he could accomplish in such a short period of time. He knew that was the right decision for him to make. Nadia herself was very well skilled in the use of her dagger. For someone her age and being a female at that, she was the most skilled person with a knife he had ever seen.

"They could come at any time," Damien said, knowing exactly what the demons were thinking. He knew they had to take Nicholas captive again. And would stop at nothing to get him back under the control of Bael. But he could not ever allow that to happen again. Elizabeth needed all four of them including herself to defeat Bael and his minions and send them back to where they belonged and seal the portal once again between their worlds.

"Nicholas, you must use your amulet the old gypsy woman gave you. It will give you some protection. Since you're out of ammunition your pistol will be unless now."

"I did find some rifles and a few pistols in the village today. That will be somewhat helpful."

"You know it wouldn't kill them." She said.

"Yes. I'm fully aware of that, Elizabeth. Do you have any suggestions, Damien? You're a demon, you know how they think and hopefully you know what will kill them."

"Yes but we do not have anything here that will destroy them. What we have will only slow them down."

"Then what do you suggest we do then?" She asked, fearfully.

"We must hold them off so we can get out of this area. We must travel to the citadel volcano. That is where we will find the Iron Sisters."

"Yes." Elizabeth said. "The gypsy told me as much."

"How far away is it?"

"It will take us several days to get there. And then we must convince them to help us. They are our only hope. The weapons they create are forged in the fires of the citadel volcano. They also extract witch stones from adamas rock which will glow when touched by the shadow hunters."

"Who are the shadow hunters?" Elizabeth asked.

"They are mortal, human-angel hybrids who hunt down demons. The Iron Sisters are responsible for placing a protective spell on all newborn shadow hunters. So you do not have to be afraid of them. They are only interested in demons."

"The sisters no longer fight themselves but they still make the weapons for others to use against demons. But beware. They are a very tight-knit group. They hate all men. They never leave their own domain. I am sure they will give us the weapons we need. And hopefully we can convince them to loan us their special rare daggers which are seethed and tempered in angel blood but they are very careful whom they loan these special daggers to."

"Do you think they will loan them to us?" Elizabeth asked with concern.

"They know what is happening here on earth. They are already expecting us."

"If the beasts are coming then I should put down a protection spell. But Damien, being a demon yourself, you cannot participate in the ritual itself."

"That's not a problem. Just as long as your spell does not eliminate me from the premises."

"No. Not at all. As long as you're in here when I cast the spell and you are not part of the spell then you should be safe enough. So if the three of us could join hands now, I will begin."

Nicholas thought for a moment. "I found out when I was held capture by these creatures that Bael, the overlord is my grandfather."

"What!" Elizabeth shrieked. "How can that be possible?"

"When you sent him to hell, it only made him much stronger. Now he wants to rule the earth as the devil rules hell."

Elizabeth turned to Nadia. Will this cause a problem with your spell?"

Nadia thought for a few moments. "If the demon blood that he has running through his veins has yet to be awakened, then it will not interfere with the spell."

But how do we know if the demon blood has awakened yet? What will happen if it has been awakened and he's part of the spell?"

"Then he will die. We must take the chance because the spell requires three and Damien can't participate because he's a demon."

"Oh Nicholas! I can't lose you again! I just got you back!" She said as she wrapped her arms around him tightly and began to cry. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

"Nadia is right. We must take the chance. Hopefully the demon blood hasn't been awakened yet. But if it has already then I'm willing to take that chance. We have no other choice." With that being said, Nicholas kissed her deeply as if this would be the last time they would ever be together. "I love you Elizabeth, with all my heart. And if this is our final kiss then remember it for the rest of your life."

Once they finished their somewhat good-byes to each other, they turned back to Nadia. "I guess we're as ready as we'll ever be."

Nadia then told them all to join hands as she began her chant.

"By the dragons light, on this June night, I call to thee, to give me you might, by the power of three, I conjure thee, to protect all that surrounds me."

When Nadia had finished they all dropped their hands. Elizabeth was so happy that Nicholas was still standing there next to her and he hadn't been burnt to a crisp.

"This may keep the creepers out but I do not know if it is strong enough to keep the hellbats or the more powerful demons out." Damien said.

They all could hear the noises of wings from outside. The creatures definitely knew where they were. They all took their positions at the windows in the inn. Trying to protect the front as well as the back. The hellbats attacked first. There were dozens of them. Each swooping down on the inn, shooting out fire like a dragon from their mouths. The inn caught fire by the second wave. But it only burned the outside of the building. The inner part was most definitely being protected by Nadia's spell. Nicholas continually fired the rife as well as a pistol through one of the windows on the first floor. Each shot hit one of the hellbats sending it screaming high into the air. By now the creatures realized that they couldn't burn them out so they retreated momentarily to figure out another plan of attack. This gave the group inside a few moments to rest before they would start again.

"How are we ever going to get out of this?" Elizabeth said. She didn't want to lose Nicholas again or any of them as a matter of fact.

It wasn't long before the creatures returned again. This time along with the hellbats were gargoyles who started using brute force to break down the front doors. Now they could hear several creatures scurrying down the chimney. Quickly Elizabeth ran over to the fireplace, threw extra wood in and started a blazing fire. The room became almost intolerable with that much heat between the outside walls burning and now the fireplace. But they didn't care. Nicholas and Nadia continued shooting out the small holes in the windows. The front doors were now barely holding the beasts back. They knew Nadia's spell wouldn't be powerful enough to keep this many creatures coming in at one time once the door gave out.

At the moment the creatures pushed the doors open Damien grabbed Elizabeth's hand and put his ying/yang crystal ring to hers. The power of the meeting of these two mystical rings was unfathomable. A bright shining light began swirling around the two of them. Faster and faster causing the hideous creatures who had broken through the doors start screaming in such a high pitch screech that none of them in the room could tolerate it for very long. Finally the creatures retreated back out through the front doors and flying off to lick their wounds.

Once the inn was free from the on slot of creatures, Damien broke the bond between him and Elizabeth's rings, causing both of them to fall backwards instantly onto the hard wooden floor.

"What the hell was that?" Nicholas yelled. "I've never seen anything like that before. How did you do that?"

"It was the power of the meeting of the rings." Damien replied. "But it is only to be used in an extreme emergency when there is no other possible solution."

"Why can't we use it whenever the creatures are about? That was so awesome! It sure made those creatures high tail it out of here." Elizabeth said with relief.

"Because Elizabeth, it is very, very dangerous. You have no idea the power that these two rings have when put together. Every time we use this power we are drawn closer to the dark side. So we must try to restrain ourselves from using it even though we will both now be forever drawn to it."

Elizabeth just stared at Damien. "That's a shame because when we were united, I can't even start to describe the feelings I got from the experience."

"Well if it's that dangerous Elizabeth, you better take heed to what Damien's telling you. You must promise me you'll only use it if we are in dire straits. And only then."

Elizabeth let out a deep sigh. "I promise, Nicholas."

"Good, now that's settled what are we going to do next?" He said, turning to Damien.

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