The Return of the Beast Sequel to The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor

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Chapter Eight

The foursome were so relieved that all the creatures had left, for at least the time being. They were all exhausted from lack of sleep to just dealing with the turmoil that the beasts created.

"I think we all need to rest for a short time but then we had better move out of here as soon as possible. Nadia, do you have any kind of spell that will cover our tracks when we leave? That would give us a great advantage." Damien asked.

"I don't know right off hand but I'll think on it and see what spells could possibly help us."

"It would be nice to be able to cover our tracks." Elizabeth said.

"Yes, indeed." Nicholas also agreed with her.

"Wouldn't it be better to leave at first light? We all need more than just a short rest. We don't want anyone falling asleep while we're riding our horses." Elizabeth said.

"I forget you are only humans and have more needs then we do." Damien said.

They all looked at him when he said that. "Well I'm very glad you can at least recognize our needs as you put it." Nicholas replied back to him.

"Alright then. Maybe the extra time will give Nadia a chance to come up with a spell." Damien said as he looked over at Nadia. Feelings he didn't know he had kept rising to the surface every time he looked at her and he didn't know how to deal with these new feelings at all.

With them all in agreement now that they would stay overnight at the inn they each went about gathering there things so they'll be ready to leave in the morning. Nicholas went out and fed the horses while Nadia packed up as much food as she could in the kitchen. Elizabeth and Damien stood watch at the front and rear of the inn while the others did the other necessary chores. Once they were all done, they all met back in the main room again.

"I think it would be best if we all stay downstairs tonight. That way we can block off the upper floor as well as re-enforcing the front and back doors." Damien suggested.

"Yes, that would be the safest for all of us and less areas to have to watch." Nicholas agreed with him.

"I will stand watch all night because I do not require the amount of rest you humans do. Therefore, the three of you can take shifts guarding the front door while I will guard the back door."

Elizabeth turned to Nicholas. "I think you should take the last watch because I don't trust you to wake us up for our time to watch." She said, eyeing him closely.

Nicholas just shook his head. But she was right. It didn't set well for him to sleep, making the two women stand watches. Elizabeth knew him just too well. "I agree." He said with a sigh. So it was decided for Nadia to take the first watch on the back door as Damien watched the front. That left Nicholas and Elizabeth laying together on the bedding they had laid down for themselves in the main room. Damien who was watching the front door and didn't pay them any attention what as ever as he stood his watch.

Elizabeth was curled up, wrapped in Nicholas's arms as he toyed with a lock of her hear and then ran his fingers slowly through it, his eyes suddenly clouding over with passion. Quickly he pulled her tightly up against his chest, his mouth pressed against hers in a long, tender kiss. Her eyes were closed when he rolled her over on the blanket and continued kissing her deeply while his hands began unbuttoning her bodice. Soon he had her supple breasts exposed and lowered his mouth over their taunt, rigid peaks. She moaned with pleasure as he went from one to the other.

"Nicholas, we really have to stop... we are not alone... in this room." She said, scarcely breathing.

"Oh Elizabeth, Damien is paying us no mind," he said, trying to convince her it was okay for them to continue on with their love-making so they both could reach their ultimate climax.

"No, Nicholas." She said, her eyes were still smothering from passion when she looked up at him so innocently. "I just doing feeling comfortable.... "Please forgive me." She begged, pulling slightly away from him.

Reluctantly he rolled off of her, respecting her wishes but it was going to be quite a while for him to be able to deal with his pent up emotions. She had no idea what it was like for a man to come to this point and then not being able to reach the ultimate peak of their love-making. "I understand Elizabeth. Why don't you try and get some sleep now. I think I'm going to relieve Nadia early on her shift of watching the back door since it's going to be a while before I'll be able to get any sleep tonight." She just looked at him, not really understanding what he was going through but then just told him if that's what he wanted to do then it was fine with her.

The rest of the night flew by quickly as they all took their turns on watch so they all could get the rest they needed so badly.

When morning finally came they all got up and were so glad that they hadn't been attacked during the night. Nadia and Elizabeth went into the kitchen to fix something easy for them to eat for breakfast. They didn't want to waste any time if they could help it. When they were finished they all took their supplies and anything else they would need for their journey and packed it on the horses. Elizabeth was so glad that Nicholas had found not only a mount for Damien but an extra horse to carry all the added supplies they would need for their journey. Now that they were ready to go Damien turned to Nadia. "Well, did you come up with a spell to cover our tracks I hope?"

"Yes, I think this one will work very well." With that said, she began her chant. "We disappear into thin air; those who follow will never see; and they will have to let us be." Once she was done she was the last one to mount her horse and then the four of them headed off on the start of their long journey together to the Citadel Volcano. There they would meet up with the Iron Sisters who could hopefully provide them with all the adequate weapons they needed so desperately to defeat the demons they were up against.

They rode for hours without any signs of the beasts following them. None of them speaking at all for fear that they may be overheard by the creepers or any other horrible creatures that would be out searching for them.

Finally Elizabeth couldn't stand to be quiet any longer. “It sure looks like Nadia's spell worked perfectly." Elizabeth said as she glanced over at Damien who was riding next to her. It was so odd to see a demon riding on a horse. When they first mounted them Damien's horse refused to let him get up on his back. It took several tries before he managed to get on. But then the horse tried everything from rearing up, spinning in circles or just trying to buck him off. But nothing worked for the horse. It was almost comical to watch. She had to put her hand over her mouth so she wouldn't laugh. Finally Damien got control of his mount and didn't have any more issues with it after that.

The ride was growling. None of them were really use to being in the saddle all day long. She was so happy when Damien decided to stop for the night. It wasn't quite dark yet but they needed time to set up their camp.

Nadia started fixing food for dinner as Nicholas tended to the horses. Damien stood guard but Elizabeth was feeling somewhat useless at the moment. She wasn't good at cooking or tending to the horses and for that matter she wasn't good at anything to do with setting up the camp for the night. When she made her feelings known to the others, they all just said the same thing. That was not her purpose on this journey. So not to worry about it. Even with the assurances from the others, it still didn't make her feel any better about it.

When dinner was finally ready to eat all of them sat down around the campfire except for Damien who left the camp and said he would return later. This caused the threesome to start having suspicions about his real intentions. Was he really telling the truth about why he was with them or was he actually a spy planted to keep Bael and the others beasts informed of their movements at all times. Maybe this was a setup to catch them off guard and be left defenseless for the demons to attack and kill them all.

It wasn't long before Damien returned with a live rabbit he intended on eating for his dinner. It made the three of them almost sick to their stomachs when he bit into the animal causing it to cry out in agony.

"Oh my god Damien! I can't watch this!" Elizabeth shouted, standing up. When she said that Nicholas and Nadia instantly agreed with her.

"You are eating, I am eating so what is the problem here?" He said, shrugging his shoulders.

"The problem is Damien, what we're eating isn't alive!" Elizabeth try to explain.

"I still do not see the difference."

"The difference is our dinner isn't screaming out in agony as we eat it!" She shouted back at him. Now very upset and aggravated that he couldn't see the difference.

"Well, if it is that offensive to you, I will eat my dinner elsewhere, out of hearing distance from all of you!" Damien replied as he stomped off back into the woods to find a place where he could eat his dinner in peace.

"Thank you." The three of them said in unison.

The three of them ate their meal in complete silence after that. It was just too repulsive.... Were they really being hypocrites'? They were also eating meat. So where does the difference lie? Elizabeth thought to herself. The more she thought about it the more upset she got. She finally came to the conclusion that the difference was the animal they were eating died a merciful death, quick, no pain. Where Damien was eating his animal while it was still alive. Feeling all the pain and anguish with each bite he took.

After they were done, Nicholas and Nadia hap-hazardly stood watch still waiting on Damien to return from the woods while Elizabeth cleaned up what was left of their evening meal. She had to do something to earn her keep. The others weren't concerned at all about it but she was. She just felt like a fifth wheel within the group. They all were doing something to benefit the group but what was she really doing? She was so lost in feeling sorry for herself when all of a sudden the first wave of attack came. Catching all three of them off guard. Between the gargoyles and hellbats came the creepers who were just looking for scraps the other creatures left behind. The scraps the demon creatures had no interest in but they would feast upon.

Nicholas and Nadia tried their best to ward off this attack but it was a losing battle. They were completely caught off guard and they came so suddenly. One of the hellbats swooped down on Elizabeth knocking her down. Then two more came and started biting chunks of flesh from her back which made her cry out with the shear pain of the multiple bites they were inflicting upon her. Nicholas and Nadia were suffering the same fate as Elizabeth but not as severe as the creatures moved in for another attack. But one by one they were torn away from the humans by Damien who had finally finished his dinner and was just now returning from the woods back to the camp. The creatures had to have known he wasn't there. They waited for him to leave camp. He started snapping the necks of as many hellbats that he could get his hands on, then finally he broke one of the hellbats completely in two of one of them that was biting Elizabeth causing the others to retreat in fear from this most powerful demon. Quickly he helped Elizabeth to her feet, her biggest concern was Nicholas and Nadia who were now standing examining their wounds. Elizabeth's wounds were the worst. Her back had been literally torn to shreds, blood pouring out from every bite that was there. Nicholas was afraid she would bleed to death as he tried to hold pieces of cloth as compasses on her back to stop the flow of blood. But nothing was helping. Every cloth they used now was completely soaked in her blood. Her face was becoming very pale from the loss of blood. Finally she just blacked out completely. Nicholas kept trying to wake her but now he could hardly hear her breathing.

"What else can we do?" Nicholas screamed at Damien and Nadia both! "There has to be something we can do to save her?" He was now beside himself and almost out of his mind with worry. He couldn't lose his Elizabeth now! She was his true love and he couldn't deal with anything bad happening to her, now when they all needed her the most? He placed her amulet in her hand and closed her fingers around it. Then he put it on her chest hoping maybe the old gypsy woman could help her somehow.

Nadia and Damien both looked at each other and then just shook their heads no at the same time. They both knew there wasn't anything here on earth that could help her survive this vicious attack that she had just suffered. She had lost just far too much blood and now she was so weak she couldn't even hardly take a breath. Elizabeth opened up her eyes and blinked a couple of times then she pushed all of them away from her. She was now just barely able to grasp her amulet that Nicholas had put in her hands. She closed her eyes and held it tightly and tried to contact the old gypsy woman but she wasn't there. She tried again but still she couldn't contact the gypsy. What came instead was a heavenly angel who appeared in front of her in a misty fog. She was waving her hands all around Elizabeth. Instantly she felt no more pain. The bites were starting to disappear one by one. Finally, all of the bites were gone completely. Even all of the blood she had lost came back inside her. Elizabeth was now able to fully communicate with the angel with her mind.

"You must take care, Elizabeth. You are the chosen one. I will always be watching you from heaven above so do not fear. You will know in your heart what is to be done." Then the angel faded away leaving Elizabeth completely entranced with what just happened to her. The others were also speechless, they all saw the angel with their own eyes. Even Damien was amazed to see such a heavenly creature. They all knew now that their journey was blessed by the heavenly beings from above.

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