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The man with no name

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The man with no name his all alone in a dark cruel world nothing but silence as it seems. Nightmares will come and go but what might seem fake is actually real

Horror / Scifi
Hope Ryan
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Page 1 the man with no name

It was a dark stormy night in Autumn all was silence not a sound to be heard. A little boy was sound a sleep wrapped up in his warm bed cuddling against his pillow

A branch hits off the window creating a big bang sound the little boy wakes up he looks around his room he looks at his dresser

He gets a cold uneven feeling as if his being watched his heart beats loudly against his chest he looks at his window and sees a figure of a person

The person is tall with rags of clothes on his skin the shadow of the person moves closer to his window, he calls out but no one seems to hear his little cries for help,he can't seem to moves his tiny little toes and his tiny little fingers but he can't seem to move out of his big bed he looks down at the dark dusty floor and see's a dark shadow under his bed.

he heard his name being called over and over he looks around the room and hears a women crying in the distance the room suddenly becomes blurring and everything goes quiet...

The little boy has his little eyes closed he hears a machine beeping over and over he hears the window shut closed and he hears these heavy boots hit the floor as a man walks by his bedside suddenly everything goes dark

The little boy can't seem to move or open his eye he hears his mother in the background crying and sobbing on his little arm his arm is all wet from the mothers tears, the little boy final opens his eyes to see his mother with dark grey bags under her eyes

his throat is all dry and he trys to speak but all that comes out is nothing but silence, his mother looks at her son gently whispers to be quiet as she looks at a boarded up door and looks back at her son she gently says you have been out for some days now you fell while we ran for the car and you hit your head

The little boy whispers mammy what's happening where are we, the mother doesn't say a word as a metal door bangs open and a tall man comes in and hugs the little boy mother and smiles at the little boy the boy jumps up while his heart beats fast and loudly he yells Your the man from my nightmare

the man looks shocked as he looks back at the little boy mother,the mother in a strong tone says You have to be quiet or you will get there attention, the little boy goes stoned cold as he stares at the boarded up door and he hears some loud thumping sounds he whispers to his mother What is that sound mammy

his mother turns around slowly with one of her eyes hanging out of her eye socket, stale old blood on her cheek and lip and her hair all messed up, the mother growls at her son and then grabs him and bites his little face off the little boy screams and everything goes blank

Beep beep beep a alarm clock is going off in the distance a man wakes up and sits up sweat pumping off his forehead he turns to his old handmade alarm clock and turns it off he rubs his face while whispering It was all a dream, he gets up and grabs his shotgun and his bullets and a firstaid kit and heads outside of his little cabin the sun is hitting off his face and the heat of the sun was burning his eyes he looks at the ground and sees how dry and broken up it looks.

He goes to the gate and makes sure it locked he climbs a broken old ladder as he looks over the old wooden tower all he sees is the dead alive, in the background all he sees are piles of bodies lying there, he looks to his left and wipes his forehead before spotting a dear the man looks shocked as he grabs his gun its the first live animal his seen since all hell broke loose

the man suddenly puts his gun down and relies there's no point the dead are going to get to it first. He sadly grabs his gun and points it to his sweaty neck as the sun is beaming down hard his hands become sweaty and slippery the man says a few small preys before pulling the trigger.

Everything goes silence the only sound can be heard is from the dead as the walk around growling not paying attention to the sound of the gun shot

As evening fall the cold air breezes thorough the cold night the man body is as cold as a bag of ice on a cold winter day. The bullet didnt kill the man the gun falls off the tower and falls onto the dry cold ground the man gently opens his eyes and looks down at his shirt and he sees blood stains on it he looks around and sees his cabin and sighs to himself

he gets up and climbs down the old broken ladder as he gets to the last step it breaks putting him off balance he falls and his the ground hard all could be heard was the thump of his body hitting the cold hard ground he gets up and all he feels is the pain in his arm he quietly goes to his cabin and opens the door

the door opens with a creek and the man walks in and closes it after him he lights a small candle and looks at his arm he relies his arm has been dislocated he puts old rag in his mouth and pulls his arm up and runs into the wall as his body hits the wall a thud sound could be heard and a loud cracking sound as his arm goes back into place he let's out a little whimper as he falls against the wall hoping this nightmare would end soon

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