Scary Times

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Kasper has entered into his new house and his naughty cousins called Jason Baines and the other called Edmund Baines.These three of them are having a horrible idea to go to the forest called dead forest and in the forest there is a graveyard , the challenge is that everyone has to keep a card on the grave. The cousins went one by one but when torches battery goes out when Kasper 's chance comes the brothers kept him lonely and soon he gets lost in the forest . He meets a old woman who seems to be strange because she went inside a coffin , Kasper feels that she is kind of obnoxious and the secret that Kasper even doesn't know that she is a zombie . One day in Middle of the night Kasper dreams that she is going to eat him and goes away but soon , he finds that she is a zombie . Then, after the deadly dream he tries to get out of the house and can he? Read on......

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Chapter 1

HEY ! THIS IS KASPER BAINES. I am a cool guy . As nick name everyone calls me beans. It seems to be funny right ! I am thirteen years old. I am lucky that I don't have any sister because they irritate brothers. Oh! I forgot to do my homework and the other worst thing is that tomorrow is school . That night , I did all my homework and then only , I slept . The next morning , I got ready for school in a nice manner . My bus horned and the driver shouted Hey! boy come fast, what the heck are you doing in there. I have other jobs to do . I ran to the bus and went inside the class.I sat on my bench.The first period was fine but the second period was of the most strict teacher in our school and that to he teaches mathematics I don't even understand what he says , his name is Robert mignolet.Our class would tease him as the school robber.

There was too much of noise in the classroom but after he entered into our classroom , the whole class became quite including me . Then he asked in a hoarse voice did everyone do their homework? the students who did the homework sit down,the students who didn't do the homework keep standing for this period . Hmmm.......the students who did the homework are less but the students who didn't do the homework are more . Finally , he left the class . Soon,the school dispersed . I got into my van and the van started , I opened the window and started to see outside the fresh air gave me a peaceful sleep . When my destination arrived,I got out of the bus.I rang the bell ,my mom opened the door and finally home how was the day in school ? I replied worst ! Why? she questioned me because our mathematics teacher gave us a lot of homework . Fresh up and I'll give you snacks . What snacks? I asked.Your favorite french fries and sous,yumm!I said . I washed my face,then ate my snacks then I blurted out yumm for every bite .

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