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Godless Failure

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It is a book or finding characters you don't want to meet and then only to find they very well could be your neighbors.

Horror / Other
Courtney Skelton
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June 30. 2011

The morning started out to be a normal, quiet Thursday. It wasn’t very long before there was an unexpected argument that escalated to 911 being dialed, which then led to two cop cars being dispatched. Once the situation was surveyed, a call was made to the police lieutenant to join the party, who was the most agitated, as this was her scheduled day off.

The strobe lights streaked around the surrounding houses, and caused each resident to stop their routine, and gawk. The driveway was filled with items laid out and priced for to what was about to be a nice summer morning garage sale. A big sign was posted with balloons on strings to attract the attention of those passing by with the words everything must go! Bicycles, exercise equipment, one piece of medical equipment, records, tapes, movies in VHS, as well as children's clothes all hung on a rolling stand, jewelry, men’s cologne, and one table devoted entirely to small knick-knack figurines with the somewhat domineering “You break it, You bought it!” in large enough letters to clearly get the point across. All this is now sealed up with a strip of yellow police tape, as it has now been deemed a crime scene. There was a fresh crisp summer feel to the air as the humidity hadn’t set in yet, but the sun was out, making the outdoor temperature perfect for shorts and skirts. The air about the place now however, was nothing short of ominous.

One middle aged white man was standing in between two uniformed cops, and was exasperated, but mostly angrily insisting they need to stop talking, and get to looking inside that house. Every time the opportunity presented itself, he would glare over at a police car with an indicting finger point. In the back of the patrol car sat a younger man dressed in jean shorts, and a black concert t-shirt, and a three day old beard grown up under his chin, and a hairdo that made him look like he just woke up. He rested his head on the side window, and just sighed. If only if he would have left everything alone. The two story brick house was on the end of a cul-de-sac, so traffic usually was minimal, and for sure news coverage was never expected. That was before today.

Parked in front of the neighbor’s house, a white news van with a telescoped antennae coming out of the roof, the sliding door wide open while two younger guys in blue jeans and tee shirts feverously moved to get set up for a moment of on air time.

In the front seat was a short blonde woman, head phones on, peach colored skin, with black eye shadow. Her seriously anger stare said that she no more wanted to be there than the police lieutenant. This look would evaporate once the bright light of the camera lit her up for the channel 4 audiences to see their number one beat reporter. She was just putting on the finishing touches of the lipstick, retracted it, capped it, fluffed her hair one more time, and stepped out.

“Okay Heckle and Jeckle, we need to get live like NOW. They will be ready for us soon. We are not going to have a replay of that incompetence you displayed with Missy what’s her name! No, not while I am here, so chop chop!”

The two younger interns, Tyler, Caucasian, the other Lee, Korean, stopped moving and just stared at each other. Each one had on ripped jeans with a ball cap on backwards. After a moment, one of them piped up. “We will be ready in 30 seconds. Hey, who are Heckle and Jeckle?”

Her shoulders slumped. “Oh my God, Why do I have to work with children?! Look, I will make it simple for you. Just tell me when you have me on, and point to me when we are live! I mean, if you can stop jerking off long enough to do your job!”

Lee straighten up to her with a quizzical look. “Are you okay? You seem even more on edge than usual.”

She looked out at the line of houses with a distant stare. Spike. What ever became of you? I barely got to know you at all and then you were gone. Why did you run away? I really thought you loved me! She almost looked like she was going to open up and soften her words but then stopped herself with a hard swallow. “Just trust me that I have good reason to not want to be here and leave it at that! I have to answer to very few people, and you two examples of how society in general keeps getting dumber and dumber are not on that short list! So just drop it, and try and at least pretend that you know what you are doing for once!” She looked down at her cell phone and then up at the officer on site, and in a split second smiled and gave him a flirtatious wink.

Both guys shrugged, then Lee made a phone call, while Tyler put her into view with the camera. A silent count down from five to one culminated in him pointing at her, and then he mimicked shooting her, which brought a wry grin to his lips. She ignored this and put on her game face.

“This is Tiffany Roberts; I am standing in on a quiet street in Belvidere Illinois on what should have been the start of an uneventful day, but that is not the case now. The police tape surrounding the house behind me tells the whole story. What started out as a normal garage sale has now spiraled into the uncovering of something possibly much more diabolical, and possibly even more sinister. The early report is this involves a few cold cases that have transpired over a decade ago. One item in particular was long since lost and now appears to have old dried blood on it. The items in question appear to be connected to several missing persons reports. Everything is in its earliest stages, so we are far from anything concrete, yet everyone here is beginning to get an unsettling feeling that we may have some disturbing discoveries, as well as images to come. I interviewed a few of the residents, and the feeling among all is shock and horror.” She listened for a moment, while brushing her bangs out of her eyes, never looking away from the camera, and never blinking. “Yes, there is some speculation that there has been a death involved or possible multiple deaths, yet because the whole house has been thoroughly searched, and at this point the coroner’s office has yet to be called, so we cannot confirm that at this point. If or when that is the case, we will be here to report it, so please stayed tuned to WBFR news channel 4. Reporting live this has been Tiffany Roberts.”

“”We are clear.” Tyler swung the camera from his shoulder and held it by one hand at hip level.

“We were always clear.” She rubbed her eyes with her free hands fingertips in pure disgust. “This is such a non-story. If there were bodies inside, then we would have something. Yet we have nothing. I never get a break. If bubble headed Missy was here, there would be bodies, yet never for me. Bullshit!”

Lee spoke up again. “We talked to everyone here, why didn’t we do a live interview with at least one of them?”

“Please! Are you kidding me? They are all a bunch of stiffs! Take that Cro-Magnon looking dick head. Do you really want to rely on him to say something compelling? I doubt if he can even count his own balls over five times and get the same count twice! Just do me a favor, and get the shot of this poor bastard getting taken downtown, and shut the fuck up!” Tiffany turned and got into the front of the van, and slammed the door.

Tyler turned to the Lee, who was laughing quietly until the very last sentence. They silently flipped her off, gave each other thumbs up, and went back to work. Tyler saw the police car holding the suspect begin to move, so he focused on the back seat. He was handcuffed, and had his palms over his face. He did not have any visible signs of injury, yet he clearly was in pain. He got a clear shot of him as he rode past him. He looked despondent and not just because of today’s events. He appears to be the victim of a permanent headache. He separated his fingers enough to see the camera recording his pass by, and then turned away for the last few seconds, and then they were out of sight. These 12 seconds would be replayed on the news all day, as well as the next. Now it’s just a matter of finding out what went on inside this house.

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