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The Curse of The Hybrid

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Sagwa Brays has been turned into a monster, a hybrid of human-werewolf-vampire. will she be able to put an end to the evil who did this to her, while her friends search for a curse; or will she succumb to the curse

Horror / Romance
Samantha O'Maker
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Chapter 1


The yellow folder sat open on the large oak desk.
Looking in you would think it was just another corporate office; there was certainly nothing interesting about it; it sat on the 25th floor, ceiling to floor glass windows with a view of more grey office buildings; a deep red carpet cushioned the entire floor in one corner near the mahogany door stood an antique chest filled with glass tumblers; on top sat an ever present bottle of the best whiskey.

Looking at the office, everything seemed normal; there was no telling that it belonged to Jack Dempsey, one of the most evil men in the world, also the boss of a company which was so sinister it would make a persons blood run cold.
Jack sat on his cushioned chair , peering at the open folder,

NAME; Sagwa Brays

AGE; 22

DESCRIPTION; 5’10. pale skin, long dark hair, grey eyes

FATHER; Unknown

MOTHER; Deceased


Suddenly in a fit of rage, he flung the folder off of his desk, “How long can it possibly take to behead her?”
Jack’s right hand woman, Darla Evans sat on the edge of his desk, legs crossed with the slit in her black pencil skirt showing quite an amount of skin.
She tossed her glossy blond hair over her shoulder with a perfectly manicured hand, “Jack, darling, relax; you yourself know that we have the best Hunter on this; it’s only a matter of time before he brings you her head.”

“Well he should be doing a better job at it then; we’ve been waiting for her head for weeks now!”
Darla sighed, “You created her to be the best in your army, of course it will take some time to get her; just sit back and relax.”
He scoffed, “Sit back and relax? Are you forgetting that she has the power to kill all of us?”


In a small lab at a top notch university sat the science teacher, Gabe Blackburn; he sat on his uncomfortable stool in front of his computer which sat on a spotless aluminium table; the walls a bland grey with few small windows along the wall.

He sat studying the blood which was currently being drawn into vials from the arm of his one true love; Sagwa Brays.

Sagwa sighed, “Gabe, how long is this still going to take?”
“As long as it takes.” He replied rather casually.

“For a scientist you sure take your time finding a cure for this shit.”
“You make it sound so easy, but it’s not; this is Hybrids, Sagwa, human, vampire and werewolf infused genes; there is nothing normal nor easy about this; I can’t afford to make any mistakes.”
Sagwa rolled her eyes but said nothing; she knew he was trying his best to find a cure for what Jack had done to her.

She had been his best Hunter; he had raised her himself after her mother had passed away in childbirth twenty-two years ago.
Sagwa often wished things had been different; her mother had been a drug addict on the streets and Jack had found her and taken her in when she was a few months pregnant; trying to help her.

But life had turned out differently and her mother had died, leaving her in Jack’s care.

He raised her to work for him in the Organization; she was his best Hunter; his best killer.


And recently he had tried to create an unstoppable beast out of her; he had used science to fuse her genes, but something had gone wrong and her human genes and remained, turning her into the only human-vampire-werewolf Hybrid.

And the moment she had walked out of the Organization she had vowed to take Jack down, even if it killed her.

She had spent most of her life killing for Jack; doing things that now made her stomach turn.

And even though it would never repair the damages she had caused, it would stop Jack from continuing his streak of terror.

She was suddenly pulled away from her thoughts as Red walked in carrying a brown take-out bag.

Her childhood friend, Red, shoved his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and held out the bag towards her, “Got you food and coffee.”

Sagwa snatched the bag from her red haired friend, “This is why I will always love you, friend.”

She waisted no time in starting on her burger.

Gabe cleared his throat, “I’m a bit stuck on a few things so Em will be coming over to help us.”

Sagwa dropped the burger onto the table nd roughly pulled the needle from her arm, “Excuse me? Did you just say that Em will be joining us?”

“She wants to help.”

Sagwa scoffed; Emily Parker had been the reason behind her break up with Gabe; they had been together for two years when he had cheated on her with Emily, the model worthy blond.

And although Sagwa and he had remained close friends, she had never truly forgiven him for what he had done to her, and she had never forgiven Em; she knew that Gabe had loved her and still did, but she had lost all feelings towards him when she had walked in on him and Em together.

Red sighed, “Gabe, I told you this was a bad idea.”

“What was a bad idea?”


Sagwa groaned when she heard Em’s voice at the door.

When it was clear she would get no answer, Emily continued into the room in her pink sun-dress and matching wedge heel sandals.

She smiled brightly at Sagwa, “Hey, how are you?”

Sagwa glared at her, “Oh, I’m just peachy; it’s amazing how being turned into a monster just brightens up the day.”

The smile on Em’s face dropped, “Oh, right; I’m really sorry-”

Sagwa cut her off mid sentence, “I really don’t care; and if you want to hang around, go right ahead, but for your own safety, the less you speak to me the better.”

Gabe shifted uncomfortably.

Emily let out a long sigh, “I just want to help.”

Sagwa turned to Gabe, “Enough blood for today?”

He nodded, “Yes, now I need to analyse because it appears that the tree different genes have fused.”

“Well, we will have to do that elsewhere; it’s only a matter of time before Jack catches up with me; the more we’re moving the longer we have.”

Red nodded, “We figured you would say that; we were thinking that my family cabin would be great for a while.”

Sagwa nodded, “Jack probably doesn’t know about you guys yet, so that could work for now.”

“Let me pack up all what we need.” Said Gabe already at work collecting vials.

Emily sat on one of the stools, “So do we know who Jack has sent after you?”

Sagwa shook her head, “No idea, but it will definitely be one of the best; Once we’ve set up safely at the cabin, I’ll stop by Jerred and find out who Jack has after me.”

Jerred was a lawyer at the firm for the Organization; he was on Jack’s payroll, yet loyal to Sagwa, and he would tell her anything that she needed to know.

“I’m here for Sagwa Brays.”


The four of them turned to the door and Sagwa instantly knew that he was the Hunter Jack had sent for her.

He had long dark brown hair which curled slightly, and he wore black leather pants with black boots, a black shirt and a long black coat; his lightly tanned skin suggesting that he had some Latin in him; he stood around 6 feet tall and Sagwa knew that she would have to put up one hell of a fight to get out alive.

Gabe stepped forward and Sagwa stopped him, “Gabe, he’s a hunter and you’re a scientist who stands at five foot ten; let me handle this.”

Gabe ran a hand through his long black hair s he took a step back, clearly his ego was wounded by her words.

“Okay, let’s go then.” Sagwa followed him out onto the grass, the sun shining down on her between the few large trees; she stopped, crossing her arms over her chest.

He turned to her, “I have a job to do, and I will get it done; so let’s go.”

She tilted her head, a cocky smile on her face, “I’m Jack’s prized possession, do you really think that this will be easy?”

He scoffed, “It doesn’t need to be easy; I will still take your head to Jack.”

Sagwa made a face, “Just my head? How lovely.”

He stared at her unblinking and she charged at him, sending them both to the ground.

Her fist connected with his nose and he threw her off him as if she were a rag doll.

He got to his feet and as he leant down to pull her to her feet, she kicked him in the stomach, sending him staggering back a few steps.


Sagwa turned, at the door to the lab stood Gabe and Red, Emily behind them; looks of concern on their faces.

6 And when she turned attention back to the Hunter, he was walking towards her, a short sword in his hand.

She knew that if he killed her, he would kill her friends next.

Suddenly her vision began to cloud over in a red haze, almost like a red mist.

As the Hunter stood over her, sword raised, ready to kill, she felt herself losing control, her nails turned into claws and she still looked through a cloud of red mist.

She herd herself snarl as she grabbed hold of the Hunter, throwing him to the ground with a new found strength; she dived on top of him, throwing punch after punch to his face; her claws digging into his throat; she could smell only blood.

“Sagwa stop; he’s dead.”

She was suddenly pulled out of her trance at the sound of Red’s voice.

Getting to her feet, she stared down at the Hunter lying on his back in a pool of his own blood.

Em cleared her throat, “Well... That was... intense.”

Sagwa turned to them and they all gasped, she frowned, “What?”

Gabe scratched the back of his neck, “You let the vampire out; it was kind of scary to watch.”

Red nodded, “Not to mention your one eye has changed colour.”

Her frown deepened and she went over to have a look at her reflection; her left eye remained grey, while her right eye had changed to strange luminous white/silver colour.

“It must be the vampire part.”

She shook her head and turned back to the others, “Get to that cabin, I’ll meet you there once I’ve gotten rid of the Hunter.”

Gabe nodded and Sagwa went over to the body of the Hunter.


Sagwa had used the Hunter’s black pick up truck to transport his body to a deserted cliff area.

She now stood staring at his body which lay bleeding in the back-seat.

He was still breathing slightly.

“I should kill him.” she sighed; she had wanted to get away from all the murder.

Slamming the door shut, she turned and began her walk back, deciding she would let the Universe decide what would happen with the Hunter from here.

She had walked to Jerred’s office building, taking the elevator to the twentieth floor, she walked passed the receptionist who sat at a large round desk, in the sparkling white hallway, and into Jerred’s office.

He sat at his desk in plain black suit, his brown hair slicked back.

Across from him sat blond man in a powder blue suit which blended with the walls in the office.

Sagwa made a face and Jerred jumped to his feet.

“We will have to have this meeting another time; if you’ll excuse us.”

The man in the horrible suit nodded before getting to his feet and stumbling out.

Jerred smiled at Sagwa, “Are you okay? Jack has been going mad; he wants your head.”

She nodded, “I know, he sent a Hunter after me; I almost killed him; he might survive though.”

Jerred frowned, “You didn’t kill him? Do you know who he sent after you? He sent Kreed Cortez.

Sagwa let out a heavy sigh, “Oh... Well if he survives I guess he’ll be coming back for me.”

Kreed Cortez was the best Hunter in the Orginization.

Jerred sighed, “Sagwa, maybe you should lay low for a while? Perhaps even change your name and disappear.”

Sagwa shook her head, “You know me too well for that; I’ll see you again sometime.”

She walked out feeling a lot worse about her choice to leave Kreed alive; he would come after her again, and this time he would be extremely pissed off.

She had single-handedly managed to piss off the best Hunter there was.

When she walked into the cabin she was met with Gabe at the kitchen counter in front of a computer; Red sat on one of the brown couches in the slightly cramped lounge area which consisted of two brown couches and a small coffee table in front of a fireplace.

Em stood near the small passage way which led to a bathroom and one bedroom.

Gabe looked up, “You took a while.”

“I stopped by to see Jerred; that Hunter was Kreed Cortez, the best Hunter there is.”

Red let out breath, “Thank God you got rid of him then.”

Sagwa scrunched her nose up, “Well you see, I didn’t know who he was; I had never seen him before, only heard of him... And he was still live when I left him at the cliff, so I just left him there.”

She was met with silent stares.

Gabe frowned, “So he might come after us?”

“No; he will come after us, but this time I will make sure that I kill him,” she walked over to stand next to Gabe and peer at the computer, “Any luck with a cure?”

Gabe shook his head, “No, we’re still trying to figure out what the genes are actually doing; the fact that one of your eyes have changed colour indicates that they are busy mutating the last of your human genes.”

Sagwa crossed her arms over her chest and leant back against the marble counter, “Mutating. That sounds bad.”

Em nodded, “It is; if I’m correct, you will lose your human genes completely.”

“How long before this happens?”

Gabe cleared his throat, “A few weeks maybe.”

Sagwa said nothing, she hadn’t been expecting that at all.

She realized that this meant she would need to kill Jack sooner, because she needed to kill him before she lost her human genes; he had turned her into this to use as a weapon and she had no idea if he would be able to control her once she lost her human genes.

Em cleared her throat, “We’re going to figure this out and make you normal again.”

Sagwa let out a humourless laugh, “I was never normal, Em, and I don’t even care about the cure; my main focus right now is to stop Jack,” she shrugged, “Once I’ve done that, I don’t care what happens to me; putting an end to Jack is my end goal in this.”

Red stood, “Well we care bout you, Sagwa, not Jack.”

Sagwa sighed, “I know, Red, but none of you will be safe until Jack is dead; no one in the world will ever be safe again if he builds an army with hundreds, thousands of Hybrid’s. And I was a fluke, one mistake; he will get it right to create the Hybrid’s he needs.”

Gabe pushed away from the computer, “And you are welcome to stop him, but we are going to figure this out and create a cure, because where your main goal is to stop Jack, our main goal is to save you.”

Sagwa forced a smile; she knew that her friends cared about her and would do anything for her, but she was only able to focus on one thing; taking Jack down and she had made peace with the fact that there was a chance that she would die in the process.

And at this point of time she was fine with that.

At the age of twenty-two, she had already done so many bad things for Jack; she had hurt and killed people, some of which were not even bad people; and it was starting to eat her up inside.

This was her way of making up for all the bad, and where she knew it would never erase the bad things she had done, it would at lest be one good thing she could do, in the hundreds of bad.

Emily interrupted her thoughts, “You guys, this is something she needs to do for herself; you need to accept that.”

Sagwa could see the pined look on the faces of her friends and she decided it was time to change the subject, “Okay, Gabe, you work on the cure, but right now, let’s not focus on this.”

“I agree; we should just take a little break from it.” added Em.

Gabe threw a glass vial across the room, shattering it to pieces, “A break? Every single hour, minute, second is time we are wasting.” he stormed out of the cabin, slamming the door behind him.

Sagwa exhaled loudly, “That went well.”

Em walked into the small open plan kitchen, leaning on the marble counter next to a small white toaster, she looked at Sagwa and smiled, “He’s just scared, Sagwa.”

Red turned, “I’m going to go speak to him.”

Sagwa waited until he had walked out before turning to Em with a raised brow, “Cut the caring crap, Em, we are not friends.”

“Can’t say I blame you for feeling like this; but it’s not an act, yes, I messed up in the past by going after Gabe when the two of you were still together, and I’m sorry about that; I just want to make peace with you and I truly want to help because you’re not a bad person, and I will always care about Gabe, he would be crushed if he had to lose yo; so yes I truly do care.”

Sagwa hoisted herself up onto the counter, leaning against the aluminium fridge which stood next to the counter, “Em, this is all so much bigger than any of us... I appreciate the fact that you want to help though.”

Emily frowned, clearly shocked, “Wait, that’s it? I don’t need to beg for forgiveness?”

Sagwa shook her head, “No, I actually do forgive you; I know all too well what it feels like to screw up so badly and want nothing more than to take it all back, that’s why stopping Jack is so important; this is me trying to make amends for all the bad shit that I’ve done for him.”

“Well, the fact that you actually want to make it right counts for something, yes you did a lot of bad things, but you’re not a bad person.”

Sagwa sighed, “Thanks, Em... But I was a bad person for a very long time; I was so caught up in being Jack’s little pet that I allowed it to cloud my vision, I allowed it to consume me; probably half of the reason that Gabe ended up cheating in the first place.”

Em shook her head, “No, he only cheated because I came on so strong; I knew he was with you and I had to have him; I thought it would make me feel better about myself, I was so jealous of you; you’re beautiful, strong, independent and super bad-ass... I always wanted to be you, and I figured if I could take Gabe it would prove that I was better than you at something,” she chuckled, “Not that it did any good because he still wouldn’t leave you for me.”

Sagwa raised her brows, “You were jealous of me... are you kidding me right now? I always figured it was your looks that got him.”

The door opened and Gabe walked in with Red.

The atmosphere was thick with tension.

After few minutes of silence – which felt like years- Gabe spoke, “Who’s dealing with dinner?”

Em held up a hand, “I don’t mind handling it.”

Red nodded, “I can help.”

Sagwa jumped from the counter, “I’m going to take a nap; I’m feeling rather exhausted.”

She went into the lounge and draped herself over one of the couches.

Gabe walked over to her and sat on the coffee table in front of her, “Sugs, I’m sorry if it seems that I’m being selfish with all of this; it’s just that I don’t want to lose you and I don’t want any of us to lose Sagwa, the one we know.”

She remained stretched out on the couch as she looked at him blankly, “And I do understand that, however I need to think of the bigger picture, I can’t only think of myself and my friends, I need to think of the whole world here.”

He sighed, “I will respect that if you can respect the fact that the only goal I have is keeping you safe.”

She forced a smile, “Okay, now go away so that I can sleep.”

He chuckled before getting to his feet and returning to his computer.


Sagwa was awake when dinner was ready, however she pretended as if she wasn’t, and only got up once everyone else had gone to sleep.

Red was asleep on the opposite couch; Gabe on a mattress on the floor, and Em had taken the room.

Sagwa tiptoed into the kitchen and retrieved her bowl of shepherds pie.

She was about to return to the couch with her food when the flashing light on Gabe’s computer caught her attention.

Sneaking a glimpse at Gabe, who was still fast asleep, she went up to the computer; the flashing was a notification to say that the analysis of her blood tests had been completed.

Taking a deep breath, she clicked on it and sat down to study it.

She wasn’t sure on what everything meant, but by checking the noted Gabe had left, she was able to understand most of it.

And what she understood was that it was not good.

Sighing, she deleted the results before restarting the analysis; she needed to buy herself some time with Gabe.

He would have a complete meltdown if he had to find out that the Hybrid genes were not only mutating her human genes, but were in fact slowly killing her; in order to keep herself alive she would have to keep the Hybrids alive; and if she did that the Hybrids would become stronger, and there was no guarantee that she would be able to control them.

Suddenly losing her appetite,, she stood, leaving her bowl untouched on the counter top, she quietly opened the door and walked out into the dark of the night.

It was dark and the half moon offered very little light; the large forest surrounding the cabin had an eerie feel to it and the usually crystal blue lake now looked like a pool of blackness.

She took a slow walk over to the pier and sat down, taking off her boots she dropped her feet into the icy dark water.

“I’m going to die,” she had no intention of keeping the Hybrids alive, which meant that without a cure, there was no way to save herself.

She had planned to use the Hybrid’s against Jack, but she had figured that even if they weren’t fully released their power would still be enough to kill him.

Now with this new information, she would have to start planning her attack sooner; the sooner she got it done the better.

She needed to have Jack stopped before the Hybrid’s killed her; and if the Hybrid’s continued at their current rate she would be lucky to make it through the month.

She would strengthen the Hybrid’s just enough for her to be able to release them when the time was right; and if she did not die fighting against Jack, she would afterwards.

If Gabe found a cure, she would use it straight after defeating Jack; but she wasn’t about to create a plan around an ‘if’; she would plan for the worst to avoid any mishaps.

She knew that in order to finish this she would have to stay focussed, which meant she could not allow herself to think of her friends.

Sighing, she lay back on the pier, staring up at the stars.

This would be one hell of a ride she had set herself up for and she was ready for it.


Sagwa frowned; the sun was in her eyes and her back ached; she had fallen asleep on the pier.

With a grown she got to her feet, heading back towards the cabin.

When she walked in she found Gabe at the computer and she felt a pang of guilt for what she had done by deleting the results.

Red sat on one of the couches with Em.

“Where were you? We were staring to worry.”

“I fell asleep on the pier,” she placed her boots on the floor, “I need to shower, but I don’t have a change of clothes.”

Em shrugged, “You can wear something of mine.”

Sagwa nodded; at the end of it, something bright was certainly better than something dirty.

Sagwa took a quick shower and went on a search in Em’s clothes; everything consisted of either dresses or bright colours, both of which Sagwa hated.

She was in luck when she found a black dress which had a fitting top piece and slightly flared skirt piece.

As she walked out to her friends both Gabe and Red snapped up in shock.

“You’re wearing a dress.” they both spoke in unison.

Sagwa raised a brow, “It was either this, or floral print,” she stuck her feet back into her combat boots, “I’ll have to get some clothes today, because I cannot live in dresses.”

red chuckled, “You look good though.”

“I might look good, but I sure don’t like how I feel in this thing,” she let out a sigh, “I’m going to see Jerred and get some clothes.”

Gabe frowned, “Should one of us go with you?”

“No, rather not; you carry on with the cure.”

“How long will you be? Asked Red.

She shrugged, “I’m not really sure, but I’ll be home by tonight.”

She knew that they were worried but she had planned on stopping at her mothers grave, and she wanted to do that alone.

In the morning spring sun, a light breeze blew the large trees slightly; a smell of the flowers being carried with the breeze; a quiet sense of piece in the air as she sat at her mothers grave, feet tucked underneath her on the short, bright green grass.

She had been sitting at her mothers grave for an hour, silently, she sat, simply staring at the elaborate marble tombstone under a large cherry tree.

She was aware of the fact that she had been followed; but she didn’t care.

Sitting staring at the grave of her mother, the woman who birthed her, yet the woman who was a stranger to her; she felt rather different about everything, she now had a feeling of defeat, as if she were ready to simply give up.

She felt as if she had no more fight left in her, as if it were all so useless to stop Jack; as if she had no reason to think she had a purpose in life; as if no matter what she did, it would not change the fate which had been shaped for her even before birth.

Perhaps she was meant to suffer, to kill, to destroy; perhaps she could not make a difference because she was never created for that purpose.

Jack had given her mother everything and yet he could not give her life; he had stayed true to his promise and raised Sagwa, and now she repaid him by planning an attack.

As she stared at the tombstone, she wondered what her mothers advice would have been; would she have told Sagwa to do the right thing, or would she have told her not to turn on Jack?

How could Sagwa ever guess when she had never met the woman; she had no knowledge of her mother at all.

“You should have killed me yesterday.”

she turned, looking up, she looked straight into the eyes of Kreed Cortez.

Sagwa smirked, “That was a rather quick recovery.”

He had a thick bandage covering his neck, other than that there was no indication that he had almost lost his life the day before.

“For the Hybrid, your skills are rather lacking.”

She got to her feet, dusting off the dress and her knees, “Look, I could have killed you, but I chose not to, could you maybe take that into account and cut me some slack?”

He chuckled sadistically, “I have a job to do, and it is a job I am very good at; I have a hundred percent kill rate, I do not plan on messing that up.”

“You’re not going to get this one done; Jack created me to be unstoppable; I have no weakness.”

“But you do have a weakness; that little cabin holds your weakness; and I will kill each and every one of them if I need to.”

She had not been expecting that, she had thought that Jack didn’t know about them; she felt as if her heart had dropped to the pit of her stomach; Kreed was right, they were her weakness.

No matter how physically strong Jack had made her, she still cared enough about her friends to be prepared to do anything to protect them.

That bit of her human genes flawed her; it allowed a weakness.

And that weakness far over weighed her strength.

She let out a heavy sigh, “Right... Well, you can’t very well take my head off right here now can you? Far too many witnesses.”

“Let’s go.”

Sagwa said nothing more as she followed him to his black pick up truck; she wanted to get him away from the general population, maybe even wait until he made his move first, and then unleash the Hybrid’s; and this time kill him.

As she got into the truck, he hand cuffed her to the door before getting in himself.

She glanced down at the dried blood on the black carpets, “You have a better doctor than car guy.”

He glanced at her before starting the truck.

“Kreed, you don’t have to do this; The Orginization isn’t the only way of life; I was raised in it, and even I have realized that it doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Listen up, Hybrid, we are not on a first name basis; we are not even on a speaking basis.”

Sagwa rolled her eyes dramatically, “I think that I’m entitled to speak on a first name basis with the guy who’s attempted to murder me.”|

“Hunter; not just some guy who tried to kill you; the guy who will kill you.”

“Right, because Kreed Cortez has a hundred percent kill rate, how could I forget.”

“Cut the small talk, Hybrid; whatever you are trying to do, it wont work.”

Sagwa raised a brow, “Why? Does chatting with your prey make you feel uncomfortable?”

“It actually does, yes.”

“Well, that’s too bad then because I don’t plan on shutting up any time soon.”

Kreed huffed, “Well, you will just have to speak to yourself.”

Sagwa made a face, “Why? Do you not like to speak? Do you just have such a sad life that the only thing you have going for you is being a Hunter?”

He said nothing, but she saw the way his jaw clenched.

“So, what is it? Rich boy ran away from home to get back at mummy and daddy, and landed up in Jack’s clutches? Ever indebted, you spend the rest of your life being his skivvy?” she watched his body language closely for any signs that she was close to the truth; she had a feeling that if she could slowly break down a few of his walls, she would in fact be able to get through to him.

There was no sign that what she had said bothered him.

She frowned, “No? Dad ran away leaving you all alone to look after mom and a few other illegitimate kids; you got involved with Jack because it paid the bills?”

He started straight ahead as he drove, refusing to answer her; but she could see she was slowly starting to annoy him.

“No? Hmm, mummy was a drug addicted-”

He slammed his fist on the steering wheel, “You know nothing of me or my family!”

She smirked, “Not yet, but i sure am getting there.”

He once again clenched his jaw, “Hybrid, my life story is far to complex to guess anywhere close to correct.”

“Well, you ended up working for Jack, and you obviously lack social skills; I’d say it’s pretty damn obvious that it’s complex.”

“Rich coming from you; you were his prized possession for a very long time; even before he turned you into this Hybrid monster.”

She scoffed, “At least I had the brains to get out; at least I could see what I was doing was wrong.”

“Yes, and we can see just how far that got you.”

“At least I am not miserable and alone; I have friends who actually care about me, I didn’t let Jack or the Orginization destroy me.”

He kept his eyes on the road and she could see that her words were playing in his mind; she had actually reached a nerve, which showed her that perhaps there was hope; perhaps there was a chance that he wasn’t as heartless as he had hoped to believe.

Perhaps he just needed to be reminded that he was in fact still human.


The Hybrid had finally fallen asleep; she looked rather uncomfortable with her hand cuffed to the door.

He wondered rather briefly if she had even realized how similar she was to her father whom he himself had worked with alongside on the few occasions he actually came out of his office.

She was feisty, as was her father; she had a rather commanding presence about her as well; and there was no denying she had gotten that from her father.

Kreed shook his head, “Cortez, you have gotten your hands full on this one,” he glanced at her before returning his eyes to the road, “Perhaps a little too full.”

He had a feeling that this job would in no way be as easy as his past ones had; she would put up a good fight.

When she had attacked him the previous day he had felt only a small amount of the power she held through the Hybrid’s and he got a small understanding on why Jack had wanted her head on his desk; she would destroy him and end his whole operation in the blink of an eye if she allowed herself to use her full power.

She would end it call without even using much effort if harnessing the full power of the Hybrid’s.


Her eyes snapped open at the sound of sirens.

She realized a few seconds after that Kreed was speeding and they were in fact being chased by a police car.

She glanced over at Kreed, “You couldn’t just pull over and give them some sort of story?”

“I have a woman hand cuffed to my car door, do you not see the problem here?”

She winced as he took a corner, the hand cuffs digging into her skin as she fell in the opposite direction.

She pulled herself back into a sitting position, “There’s an old warehouse ahead, pull into the bushes; on foot we’ll be able to get away without being noticed.”

The police car was far behind when Kreed came to a stop at the warehouse, “Do not try and run, stay close to me,” he un-cuffed her and they got out of the truck.

The sirens indicated that the police car was a bit too close for them to be able to run without being found, so Kreed grabbed hold of her wrist and dragged her into the old, falling apart warehouse.

She frowned, “Are you insane? You’re trapping us!”

She glanced around, the concrete floors were cracked, pieces of grass growing through; the windows knocked out years ago; the moon shining through from the broken down roof the only source of lighting.

There were a few large machines which had been left behind, and a steel, half broken down staircase.

Kreed glanced around, suddenly he placed his hands on her waist and lifted her to the top step, “Find a dark place up there and do not even think about making a sound.”

Sagwa pulled herself up and crouched in the dark, keeping her eyes on Kreed who hid himself behind one of the large, rusted machines.

Exactly five seconds later two police men walked in; guns and flash lights up.

“Come out, or we will shoot.”

Sagwa watched as Kreed kept his eyes ahead, obviously waiting for the police men to come from the front.

It was clear that he had no idea that the one stood dead still while the other was coming up behind him, having switched his flash light off.

She shook her head, Don’t do it, Sagwa

As the police man rounded on Kreed, Sagwa jumped to her feet, “Kreed, behind you!”

Kreed was fast, spinning and slamming the police man’s head into the side of the machine.

The other police man, who remained in his spot at the door, raised his gun, pulling the trigger.

The bullet hit the railing, sending the steps down, and Sagwa along with it.

Kreed – much faster than she had expected- caught hold of her and placed her on her feet, just as the police man fired another shot.

Using himself as a shield, he threw them both down behind the machine.

He took hold of the gun from the first cop who lay unmoving, and waited.

As the cop came around the corner, Kreed shot him straight in the face.

Sagwa let out a breath, “So much with me being done with murder.”

Kreed looked over at her, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, “Yeah, no injuries.”

He extended a hand and helped her to her feet.

As the two of them walked out of the warehouse, she noticed blood running down his arm from his shoulder area.

“You got shot!”

He chuckled, “Well, yeah, the bullet had to go somewhere.”

She smirked, “you just took a bullet for the woman you’re going to kill; that doesn’t make much sense.”

Kreed said nothing; he himself was confused.

He had no explanation for what he had done; it had simply been instinct to save her.

“We’re going to have to stop the bleeding.”

Kreed nodded, “I’ll get something from the next shop we pass.”

They got back into his truck and Kreed once again cuffed her to the door.

She raised a brow, “Is this really needed?”
“Yes; there is no saying you won’t attempt an escape.”

Sagwa rolled her eyes, “Well when we stop at the shop you’re going to have to risk it and let me off because I need the toilet.”

“I’m sure you can hold it.”

“You either let me off, or I pee on your seats.”

He glanced at her with shock on his face as she stared back blankly.

rt writing here…

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