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The Pack and The Queen

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Werewolves are protected humans for centuries from the evil that wanted to prey on them. In modern today, humans have grown to distrust them as well as they live amongst them. Rayowa "Ray" Okeke finally mates with both Samuel Torres and Ethan Black, becoming their Pack Queen. She creates an unbreakable bond with the boys and creates a safe home as the two are fiercely in love with her, vowing to protect her. Bonding with two males is new to her but soon begins to feel like a pack to her. Ray risks losing the support of her family as she chooses her happiness than what her family wants for her. The three wolves vow to keep the human race safe from bloodthirsty Chiroptera (bat-like vampires). The Chiroptera race must feed on blood to stay healthy from the warm-blooded but lately, they have been thirsting for the blood of humans. This has become a dangerous hunting game as Rayowa saw witness to it as her niece was killed under her care and must put a stop to it. This bloody game becomes a journey and battle of revenge. WARNING: This story is very dark and sexually explicit that involves threesomes.

Horror / Erotica
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The Pack's First Full Moon (Prologue)

Rayowa took a deep breath as she sat up on her knees in only her bra and underwear in the center of the largest werewolves she had ever met. They towered over her human body, circling her. She listened to their heavy footsteps while they pant around her like sobering hounds. She allowed her milk chocolate skin bask in the moonlight, feeding off the energy of the precious moon she serves. The moon felt so warm on her skin, like a sun. It sent chills down her spine as her body ached to shift into the wolf that she truly is but she had to be patient and keep herself under control. She had to be patient for them, her new kings. Ethan and Samuel were to become her new kings, her new mates the ceremony was tonight. She opened her eyes, watching the two werewolves circle her like lions ready for a kill. The two beasts salivated as they eyed her like a like deer hide, licking their large fangs hungrily. Their sharp gold eyes burned holes in her skin, the boys were hungry but not for red meat just yet but for her.

Ethan, the largest of the two males asked her lowly “Are you truly ready for us? To be one with us and to belong to us, Ray. To be our mate.” His voice was deep and menacing.

“Yes.” she responded as she felt the fur of his muzzle against her back, inhaling her scent. She smelled good, delicious. He ran his hot tongue against her back.

Samuel, the second wolf responded “Once you become ours, there is no turning back. But we promise to give you everything, our protection, love, and support. You will become our pack queen and will belong to us both. We will not share you with anyone else. Are you prepared for that now love?” Samuel nuzzled his jaw against her face lovingly, with his tall ears back. With a jaw so strong to break a man’s neck, he was so gentle with her. The most gentle of the two.

“Yes.” she responded again as she pet under his muzzle, as he leaned into her touch. She was addictive to him.

“Do you know, how long we waited for you? To be our queen?” Ethan asked.

“A long time my loves.”

“Yess..” Ethan responded as he gripped his fangs on the back of her bra to rip it off her body, revealing her plump brown breasts.

“Are you sure you are prepared for this?” Ethan asked “You will be bonded to us for life. Many of our kind will not understand but...”

“What works for us, works for us. I understand.” She finished. “I am ready.”

Once she said that Ethan looked at her deep in the corneas of her eyes. His eyes almost burned her eyes sockets as he read them and her emotions. Ethan and Samuel both cared for their sweet Rayowa very much and wanted to make sure she was absolutely ready to be theirs. Her life will revolve around them and their lives around her. Ethan didn’t see any doubt in her eyes. He saw commitment and truth. She was ready. Her body was ready and her wolf was ready as well. The wolf was ready to explode, the urge to mate gave her a fiery burn in her stomach. She needed them. Ethan then bit on her panties and tore them off of her buttock with ease. She then was fully naked in front of them.

“Alright, tonight we’ll claim you as ours. You belong to us, our queen. You must run with us.” Ethan announced.

Rayowa didn’t hesitate, the wolf in her took over as her bones cracked and ached while she shifted into her true self. She shifted in the most beautiful grey wolf Sam and Ethan had ever seen. Her grey fur was dark as the sky with white trimming on her large paws and tail. The boys crowded her with licks of affection as their tails wagged high in excitement. For the first time in her life she felt like she belonged, she felt like home. She felt free and happy as she ran with them into the night, she ran with them as a pack as a family.


For the rest of the night, the three share their bed together for the first time totally tangled into each other. Samuel and Ethan worshipped her body as if she were a goddess, like the queen to them she was. Their large hands caressed her velvet chocolate skin all over as their lips traced her body. Her skin was addictive to touch as she took great care of it. Ethan dominated her lips as he needed to taste her, to feel the warmth of her mouth on his tongue. Ray melted between them both, she was ready to be taken by them, to be theirs.

Then Ethan asked against her lips “Which one of us you want first?”

“Both” she mindlessly answered.

Ethan chuckled and said “I think the both of us inside you will be a bit too much for your little body. You have to choose.”

Rayowa paused for a moment. To only choose one of you? How does he make it seem so easy?

“It’s okay, love. Neither of us will get offended if you choose. We accepted the fact that that you will have to choose when it came to lovemaking. We don’t want to overpower you this time around.” Samuel encouraged.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Positive.” they both agreed.

“Alright then. Then I choose..Samuel to be the first for tonight. Then you after him.” Ray spoke. Samuel froze for a moment as she made her decision. He was a bit dumbfounded but honored to be her first for their first full-moon, her first chosen mate. Ecstatic wasn’t even the word for him. Ethan smiled at her decision and moved out of Sam’s way to please her. Ethan allowed her head to lie on his lap as Sam prepared himself for her. Ethan simply just played with her long dark locs as Samuel prowled himself on top of her to capture her lips with his.

“You sure, you want me to be your first tonight?” he asked, suddenly a bit nervous.

“I’m not changing my mind. You first. Don’t worry about it.” she reassured.

With that final conformation, Samuel didn’t hesitate to make love to her. He caressed her softly, making sure to be gentle with her soft skin. He has always been delicate with her; making sure to bite her softly as he tastes her. Not scratch her with his nails his hands explore her body. He treated her like glass. Rayowa let him have her as he kept rocking himself inside her warm velvet glove. She allowed herself to get lost in him as she felt him in her body and in her mind. He whispered nothing but sweet things to her as he held her curvy hips. Ray always appreciated his tenderness and loving ways. She always felt like his queen.

Ethan was the exact opposite. His loving making was dominant and assertive. He claimed her from behind like the animal he was, the animal they both were. He spanked and bit her as she hollered for him. Ethan was her alpha, the dominant one of the pack. He always handled her with fire and strength, not to abuse her but to claim her his queen. His marks were his and will let every male know that she belongs to him as well as Sam. However, he wasn’t the only one with fire. Rayowa tussled with him and bit him back. She played no games with him, she wasn’t going to allow him to dominate her for too long. This side of her excited Ethan and loved her for it. This excited both of the boys because she made her mark tonight as the Pack Queen and their mate for life.

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