Bully Trials

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Crafted by my friend, Jamie. "Words can haunt you." On rare occasions, the victims desire retribution. The Bully Trials can send the bullies into their worst nightmare. Rounds of torments with monstrous beings to battle. This story tells six friends who were sent to the Bully Trials from making someone friend's commit suicide. Now, they had to battle monsters and endure tortures only until one bully remains. BULLY TRIALS- Rough draft and unedited.

Horror / Other
Ace Melee
Age Rating:

Before the Story Begins

Another story linked to the Bully Trials is already out. If you are finished this one, check it out. Wait a moment, Jamie, didn’t you already released a sequel? Yes, I did. Deleted it because lost my train of ideas and I was recovering from scars. To notify you that I am sensitive to stories like this, yet with my friend, Ace Melee, is helping me along as being the co-author. She may not get nightmares from this while I do; she is expanding my limits. Three chapters are out! Check it out when you are done reading this!

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