Bully Trials

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Chapter IX: Caged

Death can be even your greatest fear or be the one effect from being driven into insanity.

"Should we give her another dosage?” I heard a human voice of a girl asked.

"If she’s still insane, then we might have to and she is waking up.” My eyes opened to see two people that I really don’t want to see. The boy and Jamie from the council of the trials. If one of these rounds that we have to fight, I will smite them with all my strength and anger.

A deadly glare appeared onto my face as I stare at them. “You are so unforgivable,” I growled at them.

A grin appeared on Jamie’s face. “Ramen, let me speak to this young woman for a minute.” She orders the blonde one. He obeyed and quickly walked out. “I see you are the only one that had gone insane during the last round.” She adds in.

“I thought I like you because you are hard-ass bitch, but now I see you’re a lower rank than that.” I snarled.

She rolled her eyes in ignorance. “If I was low ranked, I wouldn’t be able to do this!” She snaps her fingers. Then rotten green hands started to appear and dug their yellow nails into my skin. I heard the growls from the grim reaper beneath my bed.

“Stop!” I screamed at her.

“Told ya.” Jamie snapped her fingers and the zombie hands went back under the bed less than a second. Then Ramen began to crawl out from under the bed. It’s the same asshole that Jamie told to leave a minute ago.

“C_nt,” I mumbled.

“What did you just say?” Jamie threatened.

“Nothing.” I lied nervously.

“Thought so.” Jamie spat.

I was so damn desperate to change the topic. “Did anyone died last round?” I asked. My lips began to quiver.

“Sadly, no one did.” She scoffed. “But the next one will.” She let out a devilish chuckle.

“Jamie, if I live through the trials and come back to school, you’re dead meat.” I ought.

“Love to see you try.” She said and left Ramen here with me. He gave me a cold stare.

“How do you agree with these trials?” I snapped at him.

He let out a loud psychotic laugh causing the walls to shake which caused my body to tremble in bed. “I’ve been here since the Internet was invented including Drea.” Said he. Pretty sure Drea is the red-eyed chick.

“There are bigger assholes out there,” I exclaimed. “And you decided to leech on us.”

“Young lady,” he scolded and then got off from a stand. Ramen ran to me with vampire speed and gently grabbed me by the throat. “Czars might torment with our ways.” He spat up blood onto my blouse. “It was immoral to use ninja words to slice an innocent being.”

“Well, your shit is costing more lives.” I retort. Growls under my bed began to appear again. “Do you wanna go?” I growled. The putrid hands latched onto my wrists and ankles.

“You don’t want to know what lies beneath.” He chuckled. “Especially, your own childish fear.”

“Now the goddamn monster is standing right before me!” I sneered. “Get your dead hands off me, you old man!”

He just stares at me for a moment and let out a laugh. The hands receded back under the bed. He grinned back and walked away. Dear God, please don’t let me see that creep again. Can this luck get any worst especially when the red-eyed, Drea, dragged in?

“That was rude of dissing one the council of the Bully Trials.” Drea scolded.

“You and your bullshit ways of killing people just because they made someone kill themselves.” I retort.

“You will lose your voice if you don’t shut your trap.” Drea threatens. The white hospital room began to drift into a freeze.

“Go ahead take it.” I snarled. She snapped her fingers and boom, my mouth disappears! She didn’t take away my voice. I can talk with my mouth shut. “Bitch!” I said with my mouth closed.

“After the next round, your will to speak would be granted,” she smirked. “If you continue with your obnoxious behavior, I will shove a metal piece down your throat! By the way, you better not have a weak stomach otherwise you will spurt out of your nose.” Drea finally left the room. I gave her my middle finger right behind her back.

“Douche!” I mumbled between my teeth. I don’t know how many rounds are left, but they are not human beings including Jamie. They are dehumanizing us. Ripping the layers of heart from our flesh.

I glared coldly once the door opened the again. Thank God, it was Amira! She stopped and gasped when she saw my face didn’t have a mouth. “I bet you dissed them, didn’t you?” She asks.

“Ya think?” I said in my mouth. I can tell she understands a word that I said. “Next time, they going to shove a metal piece down my throat.”

“What?” She said confused. I tried again, but she didn’t understand a word I was saying. Amira opened the covers and ripped out a piece of paper and also gave me a pen. I wrote down of what I’ve said in my mouth then I wrote: “Penance would be over after next round. Do you know what it is?”

“Something that eats away your flesh.” She replies.

“A monster?” I guessed on paper.

“No, an acid that targets anyone in its path,” Amira said. “I highly suggest you to-”

Then Jamie barged in and said: “Get your ass out of bed, you’re stable enough to walk.”

I listened to Jamie and got up from the bed and stood up. If my mouth hadn’t disappeared, I would’ve told her to get her head out of her ass. Since she is disrespecting me and numerous amount of people, she deserved to have a comeback. A good one as well.

“Everyone line up!” I heard Ramen’s voice bursting the chat bubbles from the contestants. Amira and I catch up towards the line in single file. Some contestants looked at each other and talked. I glanced towards Eliza and Christina. They were pale as a ghost and there were scars amongst their faces. What could’ve happened to swing their minds to unfold? Did the mirror maze scare the salt out of them?

“Jacelyn, stop looking at them!” Ramen made me snapped out of my gaze causing me to stare at him. I smite him with a deadly glare. “Give me another look like that and you will-”

Amira cut Ramen off. “How about you tell us about the next round instead of focusing on her?” She suggests with a serious tone of voice.

“As you wish.” He smirked in delight. “Who wants to guess about the next round?”

I and my friends don’t bother guessing. We all sat in silence because we knew what they’ll do if you guess it wrong. We all remembered that they had asked us what a ‘simple cut’ felt like. Brona guessed it ‘wrong’ and she died from getting her wrist slit by Jamie.

“The next round be a fricken riot!” A girl with messy wavy dark hair shouted with rebellious pride. She sticks her two middle fingers up at Ramen. (Audri) Some of the contestants began to smirk in humor.

“Incorrect.” He snapped his fingers and she was teleported right in front of him. Ramen grabbed and pulled her hair back. Her eyes began to turn lime green. Then she was gagging like she was going to hurl.

“Get behind me.” Amira used her hands to put me behind her back. The girl let out a chucky green vomit right at us. Mostly, all the contestants screamed and dodged out of the splash zone. When the poor girl stopped projectile vomiting, she was panting.

“Gross!” I heard Roy whisper.

I glared towards Ramen and the girl right behind Amira’s back. She seemed out of breath. Then he pulled back her hair again then her eyes glowed lime green. She immediately vomited and Ramen made her aimed right towards the contestants. It rained down upon them. Some girls screamed and the boy and Roy dodged out of the way. I closed my eyes and hold back down my food.

The girl stopped vomiting and Ramen let her go. She just collapsed to the floor panting and weak. “Try not to lose your food in this round.” Ramen vanished into thin air again.

We didn’t teleport into another area. We were stuck in this dark cavelike forest. Then we saw metal walls come up all around us. Enclosing us off in a cube cage. Then some torches opened up upon the ceiling, giving us an ability to see. In the midst, a man appeared. His eyes were glowing lime green. He appeared very skinny and very pale. He was only wearing ripped jeans. His smile was sadistic.

“Garrett!” I heard Christina shout. Who the hell is Garrett? Then the man gave us a taste of his wrath. He hurled right upon the cave-like floor. There was loud sizzling coming from his vomit like it was burning through the stone. Everyone backed away in fear including myself and Amira.

We were trapped with this man and there is no way out.

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