Bully Trials

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Chapter X: How 'Lucky' We Are

I know if you throw up with your stomach acid, it kinda melts throw the floor a bit. If ya found sulfur in your vomit, be careful. That can burn through a living person’s skin and ruined their beauty! And if it finds your insides, RIP! Great, I am already feeling sick of writing this one! Be advised if you have a weak stomach or you’re eating.

“Who wants to confront?” The man sneered. Everyone refused. “No? I guess I need to take everyone out then!” Then a gush of vomit threw out of his mouth. Sadly, Eliza got hit right in the intestinal area. I heard loud sizzling as gut melts away in a split second. She immediately collapsed to the ground. A mixture of puss and blood began to ooze all over. Smoke rose from the pool. The organs that were exposed externally looked disfigured and looks like mushy sauce sandwich.

My stomach began to coil from the sight. I took heavy breaths from my nose to control my compulsive stomach. Another lash came out over three yards until it hit the caged wall.

“Jacelyn, your sword!” I heard Amira cry. I took it out and examined it. Still in good condition since I had never used it yet. I glared at the man. His brain was so messed up and needs to be disconnected from his body. Maybe that it would stop him from making him vomit at will.

Then he gushed out again almost hitting Christina. Without taking a breath, he purged large amounts of projectile vomit out of his mouth without stopping. The vomit was letting out smoke like it was lava itself and creeping slowly. Oh God, he was going to flood the place and kill us all!

“This is so uncool!” Christina scoffed.

All of us raced against the farthest areas that we can get to. The girl that was used as a demonstration before the start of this round accidentally gets shoved into the vomit pool. Sizzling starts again and she screams then quickly gets up. The acid slowly melts her backside of the body away. Very quickly consuming her flesh. Her blood only evaporated because of the acid. I also noticed that there was a foul sulfur smell coming from his vomit. I wished I was nose-blinded, so I can’t scent it.

The girl suddenly collapsed onto the ground whilst the contestants are panicking. The acid was still eating away even her bones. I can see the flesh of her brain.

“Move it, naggy bitches!” I heard a masculine voice screamed as he shoved to get away from the group of girls. (Jason) He scowled towards the man still vomiting like a fountain. I’d rather have the girl from ”The Exorcist" vomiting because her vomit is lime green and nonacidic. This guy is blowing out lava out of his mouth like a volcano!

He withdraws a knife out of his pocket and throws it right into the guy’s stomach. The guy stopped vomiting and glared towards the boy. The man let a low animal growl. Then aimed and hurls out to his next target, the boy who threw the knife at him.

Some light brunette girl with dust all over her face. She looks like an unexpected cyberbully who can strike a victim without anyone getting suspicious until she gets traced by authorities. She came to boy’s rescue whilst shoving him out of the way for a brief second before he was it. The girl was dead when the vomit pounded her in the face. Melt her head, skull, brain, even some parts below it. The boy seemed agitated, yet somewhat relieved. The woman’s body plops against the metal caged.

“Tracey, no!” I heard some girl shrieked then burst out crying. I assume that was her friend.

“Bitches, before we cry, how about we take care of something else?!” The boy retorted and pointed at the vomiting man who was now smirking devilishly at us.

Then Christina steps out of the crowded corner of contestants. More than two-thirds of the cage was filled with acidic vomit from this man and he standing in it without getting burned! How, though?! Acid eats the flesh off of any living being! Something tells me that this guy is already dead? Does the Bully Trials council always have to let in the undead into the rounds?!

“Kiss this!” Christina shouts and was holding a stick-on grenade and she activates it. It was beeping loud noises as it flew right on this guy’s forehead. The beeping got faster and louder and Christina plugs her ears. Kaboom! The man’s head blew off into pieces and flung every edge of the cage. Rest of his body plunges into the vomit. I finally get used to the sight of vomit even came nose blinded to the sulphuric smell of it.

The vomit lifts up in the air and evaporates in front of our eyes. The people who were unlucky also perished along with it like they were out of existence.

“The girl should’ve left me to die.” The boy scoffed. “These trials were ready piercing my humanity and tearing out the lights. I really want to escape it. That bitch took my chance and the asshole thief left my knife in his stomach.”

The metal walls slowly sank down under the grounds, finally letting us disperse. I glanced around the weapon compartment just where it was left. I walked to the boy and before he could say anything, I said: “More weapons are over there!” I pointed it to him.

“Thanks.” He said sarcastically and gets up and walks over there. I realized my mouth has reappeared without my being aware of it. I was thankful that my mouth was back. I don’t really give a shit if Drea is going to shove a piece of metal down my throat if I dare talk back.

I tried to rejoice the last group of my friends. I only got Christina, Allie, and Maddison left. Amira was sitting against the cave way sighing herself in disappointment that she didn’t help anyone or even kill the damn bastard himself.

I glare back towards my friends. “We are only three of us from the pact left,” I told them.

“No shit!” Christina huffed. Then scowled at me. “So you finally left that red-haired chick just to talk to us?”

“She’s having a brief moment of alone time. I know you guys are upset of her only helping me.” I reassured.

“You are already spoiled from your rich ass parents and now getting spoiled by this girl.” Maddison finally spoke.

“That girl has a name you know?” I exclaimed. “Her name is Amira.”

“Sounds like ‘a mirror.’” Said Allie rolling her eyes. “A mirror that is see-through and can expose the secrets of a person.” That is the first time Allie said something quite negative. She was always positive.

“She was the past winner of the Bully Trials,” I explained to them. “She didn’t want to be let back into society.”

“How is she wearing those sick ass clothing while we looked unprepared?” Maddison raises the brow skeptic.

“Let’s just stop talking about this.” I’ve argued.

“Jacelyn, we know you since elementary and you only know this girl for a short amount of time. Don’t lure your trust until you know this person.” Allie adds in.

“I said stop talking about this!” I growled.

“Attention everyone!” Drea, Ramen, and Jamie appeared in the center of attention. All the contestants gazed towards them like glue. “We have a special announcement.”

“Are you finally letting us free?” Maddison politely asks. They all glanced towards her. No reply. Of course, that was a no.

“Please don’t talk while we are talking.” Jamie scolded nicely. What the hell?! She is two-faced! One is a monster and the other one is human. Is she on her period or something?!

“The next round would arrive longer than the previous ones.” Ramen explained. “So it’s time for a short break.”

“I wanted to go back home.” Maddison whispers which I completely understand for her. The council snapped their fingers. Eight pillows, mattresses, and duvets appear. Every contestant gets to have one. I never knew how tired I was until I dove onto a mattress that was between my friends and faded into a deep sleep.

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