Bully Trials

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Chapter XI: Most Sick Nightmare I Ever Had

The most awkward thing is waking up because you heard someone moaning. A large inhaled came inside of my nostrils as I sat up from my bed. It was 5 pm, I must’ve taken a nap. My bed was nice and cozy and my phone was flashing, of course!

I got off my bed and stretched. There was another moan. I thought my mom and dad were going at it again.

“Close the door!” I barked. “I can hear your guys loudly from up here.” I wasn’t expected to hear a door slam because it was two floors below me. I left my room and heard a girl scream right next to mine. I barged into that room that was opened and saw some guy with blonde hair watching something on a laptop.

I drew a step closer. The next thing of what I’ve seen was going to haunt me for the rest of my life. He was watching porn! I saw his hand bulging through his pants!

It didn’t take much until he turned around. He gasped then bubbled in pure rage. “Get out of my room, you bitch!”

“What are you doing in my house?” I snarled. “Who are you? My parents prohibit porn in this house!”

“Bitch, I live here now, including a bunch of people.” He sneers. “My name is Jason and I can watch whatever I want. Get out of my room before I make you.”

Pretending to be weak, I slammed the door as I exit. I was going to report his ass to my parents. Down the stairs and marching into the kitchen and saw some girl with long red hair in some dark jeans and a jacket. She glared at me with a strange look. “Do I know you?” She asks.

“No.” I shook my head. “Do I know you?”

“Pretty sure, you don’t. My name is Amira.”

“I spotted a Jason boy upstairs and now I spotted you. Why did my parents let you people in?”

“I just woke up. I don’t know how I got here.”

“Okay then,” I said. Then I silently whispered: “Gonna have a talk to my parents about this.” The lights were on in my parents' room, so I stalked towards it.

“Don’t go in there.” I gasped from the warning behind me and it was Christina.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Just don’t.”

“Um, I just tell them that many people are here.”




Oh! Never expected this! There was no bed. It was just light and empty with three people and a dead body. I glimpsed closer at the corpse, she was wearing a black dress, Ash. Seeing slit wrists, knee caps, and stomach to chest. A pool of blood all around her. Some girl was beside her mourning. She had blonde hair. I can tell it was Jamie. There were two middle-aged people. One was a male and female, dressed in suit and dress.

They put her hand on Jamie’s shoulder. “We know what happened, we feel sorry for you lost.” They said in unison.

“Do you know the bitches that killed her?” Jamie turned around and whined. A tear came down her cheek. I never killed her neither did my friends, she has done this to herself.

“Yes, we do.” Their voices became raspy. Then they morphed into young people, but different from their former figures. The man has blue eyes and blonde hair and the woman has red eyes and black hair. They were both pale. “We will get them back!”

“No!” Jamie’s eyes flashed lime green as she snapped. “I wanted to get them back.”

“We’ve been watching you too as well.” Said the woman. “I am Drea and the boy next to me is Ramen. We ought to make a deal with you as long as you do this for us.”

“Anything.” Jamie’s eyes flashed again.

“You have one hell of an attitude, so you have to let your body become like ours,” Drea said. In Jamie’s mind, it sounded like a piece of cake.

“Trespasser!” I heard someone shriek causing all three to look at me. I spun around to see mom and dad looking at me sternly.

“You were warned, Jacelyn!” Mom shouted, sounded like a cyclop was coming out of her.

I cocked an eyebrow and retorted: “You guys should’ve locked the fucking door.”

Then zombie hands came out from behind and gripped at me. It snatched me back forcing me to look at Ash’s corpse. “Look at you, scumbag!” Ramen snarled. “Witnessing the death your own cause. You are also about the witness of what a stubborn mouth gets when she doesn’t shut it!” Then the floor caved in and I plummet down and down. I crashed onto a metal tray on a conveyer belt.

Then Maddison appeared with pale skin and her veins popping out. She strapped me in and gagged me. “Just in case you die rather quickly,” Maddison said as she injected some liquid in me. It perked me right up and the conveyer belt had begun to move. The roaring heating furnace was up ahead. I struggled in my restraints. Soon flames were surrounding me. Sweat was pumped out only to evaporate. Then the flames were crisped away at my skin. My skin was boiling and my hair burnt away. My blood began to sizzle.

Suddenly, the conveyer belt grind into a halt. The flames had calmed down. My skin was churning in agony. I witness a saw arising up from the conveyer belt between my legs. A cold sweat drenched down my face. Oh God, this is so merciful! Please get me out of this terror!

The saw roared to life and the belt slowly started to go reverse. A curdling scream shrieked out of my lungs. Blood splattered everywhere as the saw split open my... you know where. Excruciating pain was definitely unbearable. I couldn’t stop screaming then life flashes.

“Jacelyn!” I saw Maddie shaking me uncontrollably. She was also trembling.

“Bitch, you woke all of us up!” I heard someone holler.

I glimpse over to see the familiar blonde boy from the dream. It’s one of the males and I just figured out from the nightmare that the boy’s name is Jason.

Then the three stooges burst into the lobby where all contestants were woken up by my screams. I am more humiliated rather than petrified.

“Love the alarm, Jacelyn! I should set your screams as my own.” Drea said in delight and amused. “You guys slept for three fricken days.”

Time flies by when you are fast asleep.

“And the special guest has arrived. The round would start shortly.”

I glared towards Amira and a grim expression appeared. That was her first expression of terror on her face, so I asked her what’s the matter.

“Their minds are so far gone.” She whispers. “They’re insane!”

“Can you tell me what is going on?”

“They hired a colossal monster that we cannot defeat, but there is a time limit I hope. She is very shredful and dangerous.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Then she took a long moment to breathe. “I’m sorry...” I curved my lips and my stomach dropped waiting for her to finish the sentence.

"You and I might die the next round.”

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