Bully Trials

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Chapter XIII: Treachery Is A Bitch

I love my enemies more than traitors.

Ramen was counting us with his own eyes. “There is only four of you guys left.” He stated. “We are not giving you guys a break, you’re going into a dark mansion that was abandoned since the 1890s.”

“Have fun.” Jamie jerked a smile as we all teleported again to the dark mansion. I was standing next to Maddison. We were in a lavish living room with a fireplace.

“I don’t feel like doing any of this. How about we sit on the couch?” Maddison suggests. I was really skeptic about the couch. Mysterious about if it was a booby trap. Is some monster going to grab our legs and pull us under for his next meal? Maddison carelessly plops herself on the couch. She glared at me and give me a gesture saying that it’s safe.

I slowly sat on the couch. “Woah!” Maddison and I gasped in unison when the fireplace just roared into life within seconds. I was surprised that the flames didn’t roar onto us.

“I wonder what are we going to do if we won the trials?” Maddie sighs.

I replied: “Resume my life and kick Jamie in the throat.”

“Me, buy myself a cake.”

“Who are you going to celebrate with, Maddie?”

“Someone who’s alive and that’s not me.”

“Don’t doubt yourself. We’ve made it past four torture sessions, now we can get through this one.” I winked at her.

“Honestly, if I haven’t given into my curiosity, I wouldn’t be here.” She stated. “Sounded like ripping of something, but it turned out to be my stupid dog clawing at the carpet again. I felt like I was being followed. The moment when I winced around to find out it was Ash’s death herself. My bedroom door flung open with a portal and she shoved me in there.”

“I was dragged down by Ash too!” I gasped. “We were brought down by the girl that killed herself. Thought suicide was only an escape. I’ve heard loud stomping noises. I thought ISIL was breaking into my house. Then I discovered my phone went missing. I found it into the closet with Ash grabbing my phone. She sang this eerie song in a crooked male voice. She chased me up to my room and when I’ve opened it, she teleported to me and made myself flung back near the stairs. She then picked me up by my blouse and throw me down the stairs then I blacked out.”

“Since Lola has been dead from the first wave, I can finally say this,” Maddison smirks.

“Say what?” I cocked a brow.

“She kisses your boyfriend!” Then she roared into laughter.

“What?!” I said in disbelief.

“Your boyfriend is naughty, double-dating.” Maddison cracks up again.

“If I live, I am dumping his ass.” I distressed.

“Well, no more dick for you.” Maddison balled into laughter that I had to tell her to shut up that she is going to get us killed. “Oh shit, I forgot about the round.”

“It’s been like two minutes,” I exclaimed. “Where’s the monster?”

“Don’t jinx it!” Maddison playfully slapped my shoulder. I cocked the brow and said to her: “Should we be worried that the monster isn’t here yet?”

“No. More you beg for the monster, the monster will come.” Maddie shook her head. “Other than Amira, who do you think about the black boy?”

“He’s nice compared to Jason,” I said. “He seems more calm and slight emotional like. He also didn’t want to be here.”

“Welp, he’s not the only one!” Maddie exclaimed. No one wants to be here! “And where in the world are the other trialists?”

“I don’t know,” I answered.


My eyes slightly adjust to the dark mansion. I used to hunt in the dark when I lived in Sudan. We had a war for years and now it’s drawing to a close. I walked down the eerie hallway clutching tightly of my sword. I knew a bit of experience with the sword, mostly the bow and arrow. I shoot down deer, birds, even people. People who made threats to my family and I ought to protect them.

I glared towards another room as I saw Amira’s fiery hair. I heard her name when that blonde hair girl was telling it to her friends. She was standing still with her head low. She then glanced up at me with her eyes glowing lime green.

“You okay?” I asked worriedly. That was only the first. The next thing that came was going to scar me for the rest of my life. Tendrils and a second pair of arms began to grow from her back. Her mouth started to look Tarkatan.

Then her skin turned all light grey. A light animal growl escaped her mouth. “Luchshiy beg, chernyy mal’chik.” She gritted between her teeth. (You better run, black boy.) I didn’t understand the language she was speaking. It felt like a danger to me. Her voice was snarly and cruel. I shut that door and ran. He sprinted down the stairwell. “Jacelyn!” I shouted out. I figured out the blonde girl’s name from her friends. Then Amira teleported right in front of me. A high pitch scream came out of my lungs.

“Zatknis’, prezhde chem ya razorvu tebya vdrebezgi!” (Shut up before I tear you to smithereens!) She threatens and grabs me with her tendrils. I choked down my screams by biting my lips. I used the sword to chop off one of her tendrils. She screams and I fell to the floor. For the hell of it, I decided to run. It’s a big mansion and needed to alert that the monster was one of the comrades all along.

An orange glow emerged into view from a room just past the despaired stone arch. I stumbled into that room with fire from my lungs like I just had a secondhand smoke. Disapproval crossed my face when I saw Jacelyn and her other friend, Maddie, I think, sitting on the couch talking until they noticed me.

“Roy, we wondering where you were.” Says Maddie, “Where’s Amira?”

Before I could say anything, Amira appeared right behind me making them scream like banshees. “Praise Allah to make me return home.” My final words before her tendrils lifted me up then hanged me upside down. Her arms latched around my thighs. A painful tug came between my legs. In a split second, a snapped and my body rips my half. I grunted and went into the light then the pain was no more.


“Amira!” I shrieked.

“Too bad!” She huffed in a cruel voice. My body began to break down. I tumbled to the floor, balling my eyes out. Maddison gave me a pissed off glare.

“Y...You were one of us.” I sniffled.

“I lied!” She spat. “I didn’t shoot someone in the “Blue Whale” game! I was the one shot!”

“What?!” Maddison raises the brow in disbelief.

“I was one of the triplets that got killed. Drea and Ramen found me and gave me a deal that if watch the prior trials, I can rip creatures to you to shreds.” Her voice became like a monster.

“Don’t make a deal with the council!” Maddison shouts at her.

“It’s making a deal with the devil,” I exclaimed. “Make you become like them.”

“Too late, I’ve just did!” She spat.

“You insolent fiend!” Maddison takes out a knife and throws it at Amira. It hit her right in the throat! A bat screech was her response followed by ripping it out while coughing up blood. Maddison didn’t pick up the blade, afraid of being torn apart just like Roy’s fate was.

Amira took a large swing at Maddison’s side, knocking her to the ground. Then a cloud of smoke appears all around me. I was in a dark cell. I pounded on the walls begging to be free. Then, I noticed that the walls were enclosing in on themselves. Creeping closer and closer to me every second.

“No! No! Shit! NO!” I’ve cried, still pounding on the walls and desperate to find an attempt to escape.


My body felt like jelly as I stood back up. My side is throbbing with pain. I winced over to Jacelyn to find that Amira knocked Jacelyn out and now was tricking her mind with this weird smoke bomb. She seemed pretty off guard about me. I stealthily grabbed the knife and clicked the small button that was on the bottom of the handle. The blade extended the knife making it easier to dig into the muscle.

Creeping behind her slowly. Amira was bending over making it easier to get on top of her. I grit my teeth then leeched onto her back then stabbing the knife to the back of her throat. The blade appeared on the other side. She gags up blood. I withdrawal the knife and stabbed her near her spine. Her tendrils grabbed me and made myself look at her dead in the eye. She spat blood onto my face making me cringe.

“Umeret’, mudak!” She screams which sounds to be Russian. I did take some Russian classes online and pretty sure it meant “Die asshole.” My body began to shiver from her chilling words. Her tendrils pounced me around like a rag doll. The wall, the couches, and the floor was a weapon. It hurt and broke my bones upon impacts. My body grew numb and hopefully, I was inches away from death.

Then she flung me. I didn’t know where because my vision was blurry. I felt heat intensifying as I flew backward. Then extreme inferno was all around me and I was choking in the flames. It didn’t matter if I escaped, I would’ve been dead. My skin cracked and burst into the flame just like my wings did. I closed my eyes and let the burning canvas blanketed me goodnight.


“Maddison!” I’ve cried as Maddison joined the flames. I was still regaining my sanity after the hallucination tried to squish me with my barriers. I glared towards Amira.

“Say goodbye, Jacelyn!” She said while her tendrils grabbed me and I spewed out the word: “No!” She flung me against the wall. The left side of my head began to swell and throb. I was dizzy. She kicked me down the floor on my back. She kept me down by her left foot. She bends down and ripped strands of hair out of my flesh. I screamed as stinging pain came from both sides of my head. My fist unintentionally punched her right in the face.

“You little shit!” She screams then begins to clock my head with her hard fists! My visions begin to spin as my skull slowly and painfully cracks open. A roar of a lion came out of Amira as I felt a force pulling her off of me. My vision somehow quickly regained. I saw was some slight blue haze of a girl standing before Amira. I saw Amira fell to the floor as something sharp gets impaled into her head and body multiple times making her look like a mushy soup of gore and blood. Then the sky aura vanished.

I got back up finding out I had a bloody nose and forehead. A wooden door appeared right before me. The fire in the fireplace went out just like the light. Maddison’s body was all pitch black. Bloodstained the wooled carpet in the living room. Everything was dark and quiet like my heart. The fire has burnt out and it’s growing colder, not even a spark can resurrect it. It just keeps on beating as I opened the wooden door awaiting to see what’s hidden on the other side. I had to leave it all behind me and I glared back. Never shall forget it, but can’t hide what’s burden. I refocused on my vision ahead then went past the door and closed it.

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