Bully Trials

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Chapter XIV: Escaping the Trials

I was not expecting this, the Bully Trials Council all standing before me. There was also disfigured kids amongst them. One kid had his neck turned upside down. One bad a bloody bullet hole in his head. I can only tell these were the kids that committed suicide from bullying because Ash is standing right next to Jamie with a sadistic crazed smile.

“What is this?!” I demanded angrily. “You tore me down by killing my friends, mentally stabbing me in the back, even watching other people get killed! What else do you want from me?”

“We’ve seen that someone was with you. Someone that is not part of the trials, that person saved you from the first round and last round. Who was it?” Drea demanded.

“I don’t know!” I cried. “It’s not like I’ve summoned someone to help me!”

“In regulations of the Bully Trials, you’re prohibited to have outside help at all times.” She replies.

I retort: “You didn’t give out the rules in the first place, you’re the blame for that one.”

“Let’s see if the person who helped you will save your life.” Ramen glared towards the suicidals. “Come on, you emo fucks, kill this bitch!” Inhuman snarls escaped from their mouths and they charged at me.

A blue bubble engulfed me all the sudden. The suicidals started to beat on the bubble. Then the bubble burst causing them to fling back and turned to ashes on impact.

“Show yourself, coward!” Jamie demands in a vigorous tone.

The entity that helped me all along appeared. She was wearing a dark blue cloak holding a dark scythe. She stood and removed her hood. She looked about the same age as mine. Her hair is a Celtic cascade of brown curly hair. It might be a pain in the butt to restore hair to its beauty from being snarly and knotty.

“You!” Jamie snarls full of hate. “Why do you want to help her after what she has done to you?!”

“I received one hell of a lecture from my actions, but your obligations was so uncalled for! I realized my mistake, don’t shift it on her, it’s just words. Now, you went way too far.” Said the cloaked girl.

“Well, you disrespected the rules, so now you’ll suffer punishment!” Seethes Ramen. Then his body turned rotten putrid corpse, zombie-like. Then zombie hands began to rise up around him. Drea’s eyes fully turned bright red. Eight large legs with the same feature as a spider came out of her back. Drea opened her mouth wide, a tarantula exited her moist hot mouth and crawled on top of her hair.

Jamie's eyes turned lime green as her veins glowed yellow. It was all over within a split second, but her veins act as the tectonics, creating heat making her skin to rip and slide off of her, revealing the dark bloody muscles and tissues underneath. Her eyes began to fall out of their sockets. An evil grin appeared on her face. I have a feeling she has tendrils too, but not revealing. The only thing that didn’t fall off was her blonde long hair.

I winced back at the cloaked girl and she expresses no fear. “I’ve seen worse,” Said she. “And you are not scary. If you’re a scary wannabe, I will show you!” She seethes then a purple flash engulfs her for a second and now she looks different. Her hair was now longer because it was straight. I moved right by her side and saw her face. Her eyes were blue and wearing a black dress and shadow aura around her. She looked a lot older than me. She glances towards me with a piercing look.

“The Ace of Horrors?!” Shrieked Jamie. “I thought you were only just a writer!”

“Hahaha!” Laughed the Ace. “You know, Jamie, that in the afterlife, things worked so differently?” Her voice went so dry. Jamie replies: “You release your wild fantasy and on top, you helped the fiend that pushed you over the edge.” I really cringed by when her voice sounded like a male like she had balls and they dropped pretty deep. The irony is that she doesn’t have balls.

“At least I didn’t make imposters drag bullies down and break their minds using waves of screams, death, and dread!” The Ace retorts as her voice becomes loud and angry. The walls began to shake to Ace’s rage.

“I guess you’ll be joining them!” Drea smirks then looks at me. “You too, Jacelyn! Seize them!”

“Shadows and darkness, come out!” Ace calls out and darkness came out of her and shadows rise up from the ground. Then I felt something was coming into me like a harsh tug. It was one of the shadows borrowing my body for granted. Shadows launch themselves towards the council while mine stay put. Every attack from the council, they vanish only to reappear again. Ramen bounced up high and landed right in front of the Ace leaving Drea and Jamie battling the shadows and darkness.

Zombie hands rise up and grab me. Ace didn’t pay attention to my cries of help. She stared at Ramen with a menacing glare. “You shouldn’t bounce right in front of me!” She smirks then an oblivion spike rises up from behind him and drove right through his skull. Then the spike went back into the ground and Ramen dropped dead as he can be. The zombie hands slowly vanished, finally managed to break free.

“Damn you!” Drea cursed. Then she spread webs out of her hands like Spiderman. A shadow inside of me made me float to the top of the ceiling. Oh, the terror upon Jamie’s face was so amusing! Ace blast dark magic from the palms of her hands, screaming out: “The Sirens of Screams!” The darkness engulfed Drea and Jamie.

“Oh! Come on, I wanted to see what is going on inside the darkness!” I pouted, Ace glare to me menacingly.

“It’s not darkness, it’s oblivion that holds horror and fun inside. All those screams they heard from the Bully Trials, they are going to hear them.” A devilish grin appeared across her face. “I am going to make them deaf.” She rolled her eyes as an obsidian cube appeared right in front of her with a knob. I obviously know that it’s a volume adjuster, so she cranks it up to the max. Now, I could hear screams from every victim of the trials. I just laughed like a clown high off of candy.

“I don’t hear their screams.” The darkness receded. Jamie and Drea had their ears bleeding now. Drea gave Ace a cruel look and said: “We summoned people and games to torture them, not ourselves. Apparently, you’re the one who is doing a mass murder.”

“Bullshit! You hired beings to kill people!” Ace shrieks and obsidian spikes rise from the dark ceiling and walls enclosing in on Jamie and Drea.

“Knock it off!” Jamie scolded. The spikes made a sphere around them and meet at the threshold, trapping them akin to a cage. “You will never see me again if you kill me, friend!”

Since when did Ace of Horrors befriend Jamie? I can see Jamie as a teen writer, not a scary one, to be honest.

“I am not going to kill you.” Ace said while spikes started to grow inside the obsidian cage, mostly towards Drea. “I am going reverse the contract that those idiots put on you!”

“No!” Drea shrieked. “It’s obscured to reverse if you not one of-” I’m glad that she wasn’t able to finish the sentence because Ace made the spikes pierce through every limb such as the arms, hands, head, legs, feet, and torso. Jamie screamed from the horrific sight of it. The spikes evaporated leaving Jamie the only council left.

“No! Please! No!” Jamie pleaded. Ace stalked over to her and glanced at the pile of skin and eyes of what Jamie left. Ace picked her up by the neck and throws her on the skin pile. A purple bubble surrounded Jamie, she pounded and beg. Ace rolled her eyes from Jamie’s cries and snapped her fingers. That’s when the real magic happens.

The layers of skin all slide back onto Jamie’s skin. Layer by layer, piece by piece, akin to a puzzle. Then green smoke came out of Jamie’s eye socket while she pounced and shrieked uncontrollably. Ace glared at me and said: “The power of the council is leaving her spirit.”

Then the eyes rise up and sink back into the sockets and attach to the front of her brain. She screamed and her eyes were still glowing lime green until it faded back to hazel. The bubble perished and Ace walked up to her and said: “You will wake up, but never shall forget. I will never forgive this act and you shall not return because these trials shall be no more. BEGONE!” Her voice was loud to shake the walls and Jamie slowly vanished into thin air.

The shadow leaves my body, making me fall onto the concrete floor. As a result, snapping both of my ankles and making me scream in pain. Ace levitated over to me and her shadow aura vanished making her seem like a familiar girl. I gasped to see the one who went beyond the edge finally had some common sense, it was Ash. An innocent grin appeared on her face. The building began to shake.

“It’s caving in.” Stated Ash. “We will get out of here.”

“Ash, I am sorry for what I’ve done.” I cried. “I never wanted you to do that to yourself. I-I-” She shushed me and smiled. “It’s alright, Jacelyn.”

“I wanted to my life to be normal before all of this and I won’t say another mean word to you ever again.” Her smile grew weak as I cry. Rubble from up above started to collapse. Ash snapped out of my cries and said: “Time to get out! Close your eyes for ten seconds then reopen them.” She orders while putting her hands on my shoulders.

“Will I ever see you again?!” I panicked.

“I’m afraid not, I am already dead. Now, I must go back into the afterlife to be reborn again. Goodbye, Jacelyn! Remember your mistakes and never rewalk them, remember!” She says before vanishing just like my friends did, perished.

I saw a large chunk of the cave wall fall down right at my feet. I gasped and closed my eyes. After six seconds, everything went quiet. I opened my eyes at the eleventh mark. I was on the ground in my parent’s closet right when this trauma had started.

“Gahhh! My damn head!” I rubbed my head as one massive headache erupt on me immediately. It was like someone hit my head with a bat. Not a single headache medicine can help it!

My ears began to violently ring and a woman’s voice popped into my head. “No more Bully Trials, but we are still out there, watching you. You’re not the only one that survived, but don’t consider yourself lucky because the people who survived go crazy a month later.”

“For fuck’s sake, they go crazy because you’re stalking them, like give them back their privacy. I don’t want a creep silently watching me in the shower. Leave my mind, bitch!” I shouted at the woman and the ringing stop after that.

When I came out of my parent’s bedroom, I thought I would never see the light of day again, home sweet home!

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