Bully Trials

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Chapter XV: The End

The second I found my phone, I deleted all my social media that had posts about Ash. I even got rid of all of my friend’s contacts, assuming that they’re gone

I returned to school and things were ordinary when I saw my friends again, somehow alive. They were still the same old selves, but they never talked about Ash nor the Bully Trials.

Panic attacks happened throughout the school day from every torture session I’ve been through and being watched by some being or whatever. I was also being watched by Jamie. Her face expressed no emotions, but pretty sure she is suppressing them.

I tried to get rid of the nightmares by having sex in the bathroom with my boyfriend despite him cheating on me with Lola. (Lol, Good to know!) We were able to sneak into the same restroom is because of study hall and my boy putting his hood up, so the cameras don’t pick him up as a guy.

Days of everything being normal until I saw an elderly couple entering our school to talk about cyberbullying as an assembly. Their features were familiar and that’s what scared me! I asked to be excused to the bathroom and gazed into the mirror. I saw bloody scars on my face. The scars reminded what the Bully Trial Council had done me.

In the library after lunch, I finally had the audacity to ask my friends: “The nightmare of the trials were horrible.” They glared at me and went really pale! They had a terrified look on their faces like they saw a ghost. Maddison replied: “I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night because it shows our lives, but not yours.” Then they all moved to a different spot in the library. The teachers didn’t mention me nor call out to me like the usual. My parents didn’t talk to me nor look at me. I kind of felt neglected and lonely.

I went to my room and glance into the mirror one more time. Both Ramen and Drea were smirking behind me in the mirror, even the imposter of Ash was standing beside me in the mirror. Their smirks marked satisfaction and approval. The light bulb shined in my head when Maddison said about their fate including mine and it was all just a nightmare. My parents and teachers didn’t recognize me. I gasped in disbelief and my emotions fell into despair and tragedy. Ramen’s, Drea’s, and Ash’s grins grew more sinister and wider.

I figured out the reasons why the survivors went crazy because they’re dead. The people that died woken up as if it were a nightmare.

Death was their only escape.

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