Council From Hell

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Written by Ace Melee and Jamie Flora Read Bully Trials before this one, in order to avoid confusion! "Death was their only escape." (Jacelyn, Bully Trials) The winners should've continued on with their lives; survivors shall not be killed and the losers die. Doesn't it how horror survival games work? As Jacelyn survived her nightmare, she miserable lives as a ghost. She feels hopeless while her friends lived on. Her pain only grows as her old friends seemingly forget about her existence. Sadly, only one other 'living' student sees her. Now, with more darkness and wrath rising, the bully and their old target have to team up to solve the real riddle from what hell had in store before it is too late. The real trials have just begun.

Ace Melee
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Every devil sought to escape within the gates of Hell;

To spread the fiery inferno and accel their power.

The abides of sinister tendencies and homicidal hate.

Any mortal can be a monster themselves.

The council does not make contracts; only take what they craze.

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