Council From Hell

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Chapter 1: Every day, Dissolving Away (Jacelyn)

Jamie Flora

A slow and a painful month has passed by since the Bully Trials. Lola, Christine, Natalie, Brona, Allie, Eliza, and Madison no longer mention my presence like I'm dead. That is right. I am. Every day, I am getting more screwed up by the minute.

The witching hour is the time that spirits should feel most active and powerful. That is not the case with me. I feel like something part of me is drifting away. Slowly vanishing as if something inside is not dead yet. Again, I have nothing else to lose.

"How does it feel to be lonely with no help, Jacelyn?" I hear Drea's venomous voice ridiculing in my head once again. I groan as a major migraine hits me, followed by strong ear ringing. Despite the Ace Of Horrors murdering Drea and Ramen in the Bully Trials, I still hear their voices as if they are speaking telepathically.

After what they have done to me, I did not hold back lashing out at them. I don't give a shit if Drea shoves a damn metal pipe down my throat. I did not respond to Drea.

"No response?" She questions with a fiendish chuckle, "I take that it feels so bad."

"I smell dung after you said that," I remark coldly, "Did you replace your mouth with a butt hole because all I hear is crap coming out of it?"

"Potty mouth, aye?" Drea asks very sinisterly. "I guess, you didn't learn my lesson."

"Oh yes, I did," I snarled back. "You just don't know when to quit. No wonder why people hate to meet you because you are complete a-to-the-hole."

"Because your generation needs to learn some manners, " Drea comments dryly.

My frustration rages violently. Even trying veiling it with humor, I am still getting more pissed off by the minute. "That is not what I meant, spider eyes!" I shriek with a tantrum. I slam my fist at my wall; my hand transparently goes through it. "Treat how you want others to treat you! Do you think you deserve respect by throwing monsters at troublesome people?! You have turned others into nutcases by your damn philosophy! You and your rotting husband should be cremated in Hell!"


I was thankful that Drea did not respond back. I close my eyes and try to calm myself before I blow a fuse in the light-bulb above me. Seriously, when my parents decided to come into my room to mourn over me, they see the lights do not turn on. They already had to change the bulb five times. They will only think it is terrible electrical circulating; they do not believe I am a specter.

I brood in silence until I left around 6:30 in the morning to head to school. I might be dead, but that doesn't mean I can go to Eagle High and stalk my friends. They won't notice I am there!

The bus no longer comes to my house because who wants to bring a dead person to school? Some creepy human? The Exorcist? Probably for some lame prank. I wish my spirit is able to do things physically, so I can scare some students half to death. No offense, pretty sure Ash knows how to scare the life out of people.

When I arrive at Eagle High, I see the buses unloading the students from both high school and middle school. I got to say, the middle school kids look like midgets. I knew our class was taller when we were in middle school. That is when I met Maddie, Christine, Brona. Maddie is the smartie pants, Christine is the boys' eye candy, and Brona is Lola's opposite sister. Lola's family is the wealthiest one in the group. I was the second. Eliza and Natalie were in the middle class. Brona and Allie were the lower class. We are all equal in this bracket.

I walk into the entrance and turn right to the high school cafeteria hallway. Bunch of kids stands around while waiting for the hall monitors to dismiss them at 7:15 a.m. All seven of them were talking to each other against the wall. I am going to try to get their attention once again. I tapped Brona's shoulder.

She didn't turn around.

Sigh! Being dead sucks!

Kelvin, my old boyfriend walks up to them.

"Good-morning, Kelvin," Lola purrs. Then, they kissed. Even though Lola and Kelvin are now together, I feel pain. As I can pick up his emotions, I can tell deep down that he doesn't miss me at all.

"How is Lola going for you after Jacelyn's mysterious death?" Natalie suddenly asks.

Mysterious death? What the hell?!

"I feel a lot more free with Lola," Kelvin confesses. "No offense, when Jace and I were dating, she was too possessive. I couldn't even see a girl without her pulling me away. Want me to tell you something?"

"Yeah," they all said in unison.

What are you going to say, Kel?

"Before she died, she made me have sex in the woman's bathroom," he says in a quiet whisper. All of them wheeze in disbelief and shock.

"After middle school, she has changed dramatically. She became a drama queen. Hell, why did we follow her?" Eliza asks like I am an utter disappointment.

"I don't know," Allie shrugs, "She made us feel famous while she is a bad influence." They all agreed with Allie.

"Nobody knows that we were the ones that resulted in Ash's murder. She manipulated us that Ash was the girl that tried to rape her, although it was false. She even told us that she saw Ash sacrificing a cat to the devil himself. Another bullshit tale! She convinced us that Ash was a psychopath. She started this when Ash came back from a high school college program that fried her brain," Maddison rants on like she doesn't care.

What the hell did they mean by Ash's murder? She killed herself! Those words I have said to Maddison was like months ago and she remembers it all. My words are biting back in the ass like a hound.

"Well, she is dead now. People like her should be dead," Lola cruelly states.

That crossed the line. I raise my fist up. I am ready to punch Lola in the throat. The anger and hatred are building up to the barrier. Before I clock the hell out of her, I feel an icy cold air drifting behind me as someone let in winter air from outside.

I wince around and see Jamie behind me with her eyes glowing lime green. Her eyes never have glow green for the past month until now. In this school, she is the only one that glances towards my direction. Our eyes locked in contact. Her face possessed a look of death and she is aiming at me.

That did not shiver me out of fear. I was getting more pissed off by the minute. I still did not forget what Jamie has done to me last month, neither did I forget about Drea and Ramen. If I were a snake, I would've bite Jamie with venom. I hate her 3000. I hate her so much that I wish death upon her. If I was a powerful ghost, I would've choked her right here and right now.

I let out a low growl towards her, showing her that I acknowledge her presence. I walk right around her and her eyes followed me. I am unfazed by what she is doing. I walk past her without hesitation.

Before I turn right down the sophomore hallway, I look back. Jamie is still glaring at me. What really concerned me that how are students not noticing that her head is on backwards like she rotated her neck 180 degrees while watching me.

I did not want to see her face anymore. I walk down to the sophomore hallway. The corridor is empty because the kids were still waiting.

"Jacelyn!" I hear a sweet feminine whisper calling out my name. I look around in confusion. There is no one there.

"Jacelyn!" The same voice calls out to me again louder. It didn't sound dangerous, nor angry. The voice sounded like it was coming from the girl's restroom. I follow the sound.

When I head into the restroom, I froze from what I saw sitting on the ledge near the foggy windows.

"Hello, Jacelyn? Did you miss me?" The familiar figure asked me with her head lowered. Her hair is long and wavy. Her voice sounded sweet and cheery like she didn't care what happened to her. She looks at me with her cherry-colored glasses on. I freaked out even more when I can sense life beating from her like she is alive.

"Impossible," I mutter in pure shock. I put my palms against my mouth in disbelief. "How is this happening?!" I panicked. "Why are you here alive?

Who did she saw in the bathroom?

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