Council From Hell

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Chapter 4: Death is Here (Jacelyn)

Jamie Flora

Soon Ash left, I feel alone again. Other than Jamie, she can see me somehow. She is probably at the brink of death when not realizing it. It is better than having some glowing-eyed freak watching you.

A few periods went by. I didn't see Ash and Jamie. Probably Ash left school after picking stuff up. I don't feel bad for her because no one wants to stay in the hectic school. Everyone is looking forward to getting the hell out of here!

Lola resumed dissing me during their relaxing period called study hall with the old grumpy ass lady, Ms. Lozano. I am pissed off by Lola's swing of attitude while I am thankful for neither of them is posting about me on their social media.

"Jesus, Lola, after her death, you are now talking shit about her left and right," Eliza exclaims while chuckling.

"What? Since she mocked the girl who got stabbed a month ago by leaking her personal information on the Internet. Now, she has killed herself over her mistakes. Perfect time to make fun of her," Lola states in the same emotion as Eliza.

"Okay, she's the new Ash while you are the new Jacelyn," Eliza jokes. Then, she bows down for laughs. "All hail the new Jacelyn!" All three of them burst into fits of laughter.

"What's so funny over there?" Ms. Lozano asks sharply. All classmates gaze at the trio table.

"Oh, nothing, we are just joking about Lola being the new Jacelyn because Jacelyn is dead," Eliza says while trying to stifle herself from laughing.

"Why is that?" The teacher lady asks coldly like she isn't impressed by what they are saying.

"Jacelyn was manipulative and always bullied Ash. She even leaked Ash's personal info all over the Internet. She killed herself three days after Ash was stabbed. Since she is dead, Lola is talking about her," She later implies.

I clenched my fists and immediately began to shake with fury. I hear Ms. Lozano warned angrily, "Be careful, young and naive ladies, talking shit about the dead will get you killed."

They are so damn lucky that I am a weak dead ass being because if it weren't by that, they will be on the ground bruised while Lola's body is mangled to the unrecognizable. Only my anger makes me feel stronger. I can see the girls' were unsettled when the LED light started to flicker above them. I wish I can do more than just that.

"It's here and screwing up with the lights," the old lady barks, making the girls jump.

"It must be a bug," Lola tries to come up with an excuse. "Besides, Ms. Lozano, ghosts are attached to where they died."

Bullshit! How do they explain me?!

"Whatever," she replies grumpily and resumes grading assignments.

Third and fourth period flew by. I followed Lola in her Global 10 class. The other girls were in different classes. If I was still alive, I would've been with Maddison and Brona in the gym.

Perfect, Jamie is here too. She sits on one of the tall tables alone. I stand in the corner as far as possible from her. Ugh! I can't even look at her like she is a ho herself. She probably has a boyfriend that she uses as a blow-up doll in bed.

For the second time this week, they are watching "Gandhi". Maybe Jamie can learn a thing or two not to be damn aggressive to start an evolution. Everyone was quiet. Some were focused on the movie, playing on their phones, or whispering to each other.

My eyes keep crawling back towards Jamie. I am not worried about Lola because Lola's shuts her trap when she is alone. I am checking to make sure she isn't pulling off something crazy. They can change the course of events. Pretty sure, it's not just Ramen that can alternate the timeline.

Twenty-minutes went by and the movie is still running peacefully. I glimpse back at Jamie. Her head swiftly moves towards me like a robot and her eyes are glowing green. If this was a movie, viewers would've jumped. If that wasn't enough, the already darkened room seems to shade. The class seems unfazed like they didn't notice her.

"I am hungry," she says in a raspy and reptilian voice. She grins wide as her teeth sharpen to the point that it can rip throats out. "When I am starving, there is death," she darkly continues, "Tragedy spices the meal." Two voices came out when she said the last sentence: one is her raspy voice and a deep demonic one.

"Excuse the interruption, may we get Lola Shopman, Natalie Broski, Christine Skiett, Maddison Natro, Brona Fisherman, Eliza Tarone, Allie Rothkhan, and Kelvin Loss to the main office please," the secretary announces on the intercom. She then repeats the names again before ending.

I smell something fishy going on. I follow Lola as she got up and left the room. I can pick up that she is slightly nervous.

When we enter, the office appears dark and vacant. All of them were confused as hell. "Is this a joke?" Maddie opines. She then suggests, "We should get out of here?" She walks to the door, however, it's locked. "What the?! It's locked!"

I feel myself being pulled back by an invisible force. I am now sitting in a chair. Zombie hands sprout from the floor and grip onto my wrists and ankles like they were chains.

A snap of someone's fingers echoes throughout the office and Jamie in her Bully Trials Council form appears. She no longer has long blonde hair, her hair is white and short. Her eyes are glowing foggy white while in a tight dress the stops just below the knees. I am happy that it does cover her ass.

"Hello, everyone, nice to see you again," Jamie says in a high seductive manner.

"Who are you?" Allie asks in a state of confusion like she doesn't remember her. None of them do.

"Remember your little nightmare?" Jamie replies. She grins wickedly, "I am Jamie."

"I thought you looked familiar!" Natalie blurts out.

"So you are the bitch behind me in Global class?" Lola spat as she cocks the brow, "Aren't you Ash's friend?"

"I am," Jamie admits with a sinful smile. "Do you remember Jacelyn's death?"

She snaps her fingers. All of their eyes trace towards me. I can see their eyes widen in disbelief and fear.

"Surprise!" I said sarcastically. My voice turns grim, "I've been following you guys for the past month. I have heard every word you said!"

Lola saves her jaw from dropping to the floor by slapping it with her hand. I kinda snicker when I see some of their eyes move to Lola a little bit.

"You hate my guts now?" I hum rhetorically. "You've never known what I've been through and you are talking shit about me when I am dead. Dead inside too."

"The tr-trials?" Maddison asks as she tries to recall from the nightmare. "That wasn't real. You died by killing yourself, Jace," She comments in ignorance.

"That was real," Jamie comes back in with a smirk, "But this isn't the time to say hello to your friend. "

"Then why did you call us here for?!" Kelvin questions angrily.

"We brought you here for a feast!" She said vigorously. She bares her sharpened teeth. They all gasped in fear. Maddison starts struggling with the damn door but it wouldn't budge. Well, they lost. They should've been dead in the first place. If that's the case, why am I still begging for them to live?

It didn't take long for Ramen and Drea to materialize. Ramen appears taller than I remember with four additional zombie hands. Some parts of his body were skeletal and decomposing. Drea possessed spider legs that were strong enough to lift her body into the air. She didn't have two eyes, four black eyes that went across her forehead. A venomous snarl comes out of her mouth. I can see those fangs. The vampires won second place for the fang contest, Drea won it all.

Zombie hands rise from the ground and start to pull Maddison, Allie, and Brona to make them fall onto their asses. Ramen pounces onto them and begins to rip them up. He viciously rips their flesh off with ease. I can hear him growling in delight from his cannibalistic nature.

Simultaneously, Drea vomits out webs at Kelvin, he falls flat on his gut. He looks up at me sadly. His hand reaches out, begging me to help him. I try to break free from the rotting hands but I can't seem to break them as I saw in the movies.

Drea's mouth opens abnormally wide as she picks up my ex. He begins screaming. "Let him go!" I shriek at her. He wasn't in the Bully Trials, so he should be spared, right? Nope. He shrieks louder before she bites into his neck. His body goes lifelessly still. She begins chewing and chewing on his head. I cringe at the bones fracturing from inside her mouth.

"He's delicious," she whispers to me with a smile. "Better bring his corpse to my young ones."

She has children?!

"Cry and beg all you want, Jacelyn Weslan," she said harshly, "We don't give a shit about lowly humans like you!"

I fell silent after what she said. The rest turn blurry. There is frantic screaming of pain, horror, and torture. Ramen kept slaughtering and eating my friends up, Drea consuming Natalie in one gulp, and Jamie erratically pouncing on Christine and Lola, slashing them with her knife.

She tears off the layers of skin before jabbing into the organs that cause them to gush blood. She drinks the blood. I swear to God that I can hear a growling male voice coming out of her, "Blood tastes like sin and impure unlike Christine's." Once again, vampires won second place in the blood race, Jamie won in a heartbeat.

I think she is referring to Lola not being a virgin. I am not surprised that she banged Kelvin after she took him.

The image scarred me for life. I didn't return back to school until Friday. A rumor hits headlines in the school, saying that my old friends and boyfriend weren't slaughtered by a team of creatures in the main office. The council changed their deaths.

All of them gone insane inside and they made a suicide pact. They jumped off a building within the city of Pricksburg. None of them survived.

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