Council From Hell

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Chapter 5: At The Breaking Point (Jacelyn)

The scarring images flooded my mind and didn't bother returning to school until next week. That is when Ash went back to school. She is the only one by my side now. My friends were slaughtered like animals. Honestly, after hearing them talking smack about me and are losers to the Bully Trials, I didn't give a royal shit anymore.

I caught up to Ash, standing by the glass wall that separates the high school cafeteria. I hated to wait until 7:15 a.m to get to class.

"Jacelyn...," she begins, "I have heard about your friends' deaths."

"Are you pitying me for my loss?" I ask dryly.

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Good." A slight smile appears on my face. "They are not even my real friends anymore."

"Now you know how I feel," Ash remarks. True, my mind sighs.

"Ash, do you know the truth about my friends' deaths?" I ask her.

She just shrugs. She seems confused and perturbed like she is questioning her beliefs or what she has been told. She probably heard about my friends' creating a suicide pact and jumped off a building, but I know the real truth. After a long pause, she finally says, "They say they had killed themselves but I feel that there is something more behind it."

"I watched them die," I told her coldly, "in the damn office, they were feast upon by Ramen, Drea, and Jamie." I then further explain what happened to them. Jamie sneered at me, saying that she was hungry. Soon after, they were all called the office. I was dumb enough to follow them. I was forced to watch how humans go cannibalistic. If I had a living stomach, I would've puked on the floor.

"I think it's time to investigate about Ramen and Drea," Ash considers.

I didn't say anything while Ash takes out her phone. I can tell she was typing up something, yet I didn't bother being a snoop because that is one way to piss someone off.

"I got something," she states.

I walk over and gaze at her phone. She looked up Ramen and Drea on the Internet. There were a couple of nonsense sites, such as art, porn, and shopping sites. If they own those sites, that would've been hysterical. She scrolled down a bit and it shows some 1800s serial killers. Ash doesn't hesitate to tap on the link. It didn't take a while to find some people named Drea and Ramen Agnew.

Drea and Ramen Agnew were terrifying serial killers in 1800s in younger America. Drea Maurice (Agnew) was a murderer that slashed pregnant women and children. They say that her violent impulse towards children and pregnant women is when her mother disowned her because she was not a boy. At the age of thirteen, her mother had an affair and became pregnant with a son. Her half-brother was stillborn. That is when her mother began to grow more violent towards Drea; Drea was beaten, starved, severely punished, and blamed for her brother's death.

Drea endured abuse for a few more years. The last straw was when her mother became a prostitute and pregnant with another child. She locked Drea in the basement, which she slowly went mad. When she snapped, she grabbed a pair of scissors and broke out of the basement. With an unstoppable rage, she stabbed her mom in that chest and cut her stomach opened. Some others believe that she cut the stomach open wide enough to see the fetus.

Drea realizing what she has done, she ran from home and lived on the streets. Anytime a child passed by, hatred burns within her skull. When school is let out, she kidnapped kids and murders them with a pair of scissors, strangles them, and gags them in a hidden area to make them starve to death. When she ever saw pregnant women, she broke into their homes and killed them the same way just like she did with her mother. Soldiers increased patrol to find the child killer.

"Now that's messed up," I opine appalled. "Drea knows how to perform an illegal abortion."

"Let's see what Ramen has in store," Ash says unfazed.

Ramen Agnew was a descendant from Ireland that immigrated to the United States decades ago for new wealth. After Ramen finished his education, he started to have bloody and sexual desires. It was either from having a hidden mental disorder or the results of himself being an alcoholic. Once he owned a house, it didn't take long for him to start his own office of shambles. He brought home females and males of all ages. He drugged their drinks and put them to sleep. For girls and ladies, he rapes them [dead or alive] before torturing them to death. For males, he drained them from their blood to use for paintings.

Ramen was a known artist in Boston. People were starting to grow suspicious because any guests he brought back to his house or invited to stay for shelter, they never came back out. They took the matter into their own hands, but by the time they burnt his house down to the ground, Ramen was gone. Losing all his income and on the run, he was starved to the point of cannibalism. He kidnapped lonely travelers just to snack on them for days.

In 1843, when both Drea and Ramen were in their thirties, they met. Ramen used his loot that he stole from his victims just to buy some food. That is when he met Drea Maurice. He felt death and horror radiating from her too. Drea offered him a place to stay at her old home because he looked crappy. It is unsaid that Ramen was planning to kill and rape Drea. He saw a skeleton placed on the basement floor with a baby around its ribcage.

Drea noticed and attacked Ramen, she pushed him down the stairs. Ramen just laughed at her, afraid that he will tell the authorities. He told her that cops were after him too and promises her that he will help her keep out of sight. Partners in crime, they joined forces and the killings spree increased. Then one day, the killings stopped when Drea and Ramen have gone missing. Soldiers tried to find them, but no luck. To this day, their bodies remained a mystery.

"Did they ever found their location?" I ask.

"No," Ash shakes her head.

"Okay, guys, you may go!" The monitor announced and students disperse to their lockers. I follow Ash and watch her do her first class: Food and Fitness. Monday is Gym day and she seems okay about it. She is still on medical from the doctors, therefore, she walks the track.

I waited until lunchtime where Ash gets back to searching. She still finds nothing about their hideout.

That is when I get frustrated and growl, "I am getting pissed off!"

"You and me both," Ash shrugs indifferently,

"I lost my body by those coons," I continue on ranting, "Everyday, I feel I am losing myself!"

Ash stops and looks at me. "I reckon that your body is not exactly gone."

"Can you clarify?" I ask confused, eager for what she wants to say.

"They must've separated yourself from your body; the more you spent out of it, the more your body wastes away. If we don't get it soon, you will lose yourself," she theorizes.

"How is that possible?" I ask. I feel that I should believe her, but need to question her more.

"Remember how Drea, Ramen, and Jamie possess mystic abilities than a normal human wouldn't have? They could be under some supernatural force. Possible demonic?" She asks again.

"Do you research demonology?" I ask and didn't answer for the yes or no question.

"A little but mostly paranormal," she answers honestly.

"Aren't you a satanist?"

"I was and I am more into Greco-Roman polytheism now," she says without getting offended or she doesn't care.

I am curious now. "What's it like?" I ask again.

"Satanism was fun," she shrugs while saying that calmly, "but people can be brash ignorant. Anything you say out of their beliefs and you will be called a Jew. They say that Jews are reptiles."

Jesus Christ... At least Ash seems annoyed by it. I just heavily sigh and roll my eyes at their stupidity. "Ash, can I ask you a personal question?"

"You have been doing that all this time," Ash retorts coldly, "but ask away..." Her flicking hand gesture indicates that she is open for another.

"About your friend, isn't she Jewish?" I ask her.

"Her household is, yeah," she awkwardly replies, "ironically, she is now into that occult system I previously mentioned."

Then her mood suddenly changes, "We need to get back on the topic, sly dog, you got me dialogue-ing."

"You mean monologuing?" I assume.

"Monologing is when you make the person talk on and on," Ash explains.


"And dang it, we just did it again!" Ash says with playfully hitting her hand with a fist. I burst into chuckles. Sorry, Ash.

"We need to get this information about how we get my body back," my playful mood finally subsides.

"We need to take a risk to ask one of the Bully Trial Council members..." Ash says in a odd determinant voice.

I started choking, even though I am dead. "Wh-What?!" I managed to sputter. "Ash, that is suicide!"

"I committed that a month ago," Ash morose. I restrain myself from smacking her right across the face for bringing that up. She glares at me for another minute until she reaches into her backpack and pulls out a black notebook. She flips through the written pages.

"What is that?" I ask, gesturing to the book.

"Spells that I've learned or created..." She replies straightforwardly. It seems she was ready when I asked her that.

Anxiety hits me. "Um, had you ever cursed me?" I asked with panicky laughter.

She shakes her head and I sigh in relief. "You are lucky that I didn't curse you. Others weren't so fortunate," her tone turns sour at the end. I can tell she is thinking about something from the past. With the same voice, she asks, "Can you please stop questioning my practice and get a move on before hell breaks loose?"

I stay silent, hinting that I am obeying her order. She keeps scanning through the pages. She stops and looks at a particular page. That must be what we are looking for.

"This spell can unveil any creature or spirit beneath someone's flesh. You can also see a person's higher self. This one has a drawback: Only a psychic can activate the spell," she states.

"Are you psychic?" I ask quickly, obviously desperate again.

Ash nods. She warns me not to tell anyone that she can see, hear, feel spirits. She can also pick up energies and auras. I joke about that she is the only one that can pick up my friends' spirits because everyone that I care is dead. Ash morose again and sighs in response.

Her voice turns calm and serious, "When doing this ritual, you need to keep your distance. I don't want Jamie to become suspicious. If there is a supernatural force behind here, it will screw us up big time."

I smile and nod, "My wish is your command. Do your part."

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