Council From Hell

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Chapter 6: Demonic Ritual (Ash)


I waited patiently until the end of the day for the ritual. Should I wait until night? Well, it is impossible for me to sneak into Jamie's house and perform the ritual while she is asleep. She is the closest one that I can pry my ritual on. With no Jamie in vision, I shove the binders that I don't need back into my locker. I finished all the assignments that I missed. My teachers felt sympathy for me and others thought I wouldn't have made it; they exempt me with assignments and only grade those from the day forward.

Not wanting to go back to class so soon, I decided to take a loop around the school corridors. It feels so relaxing; however, it ends quickly. To my luck, I see Jamie walking in the eleventh-grade hallway. She didn't mention my existence; she is on her phone. I put my plan into motion. I quiet walk towards her. Just about to skim by her, I gently put my hands onto her shoulder. She only got the chance to glare at me before I chanted in the Latin language. The chant makes me ask to unveil who is under her control or who she really is.

My eyes quickly roll back into my heads and everything goes black in a flash. I am now in the gateways of the ether. I see Jamie's spirit has a dark snake around her. The snake's aura possesses corruption, chaos, death, blood, and strength. Her spirit looks at me and her eyes are glowing white again.

"Serpent, I command thou to reveal thyself and thy intention by the name of Apollo!" I command it brazenly. The words were also part of the spell.

Jamie's eyes flash lime green. She lets out an ungodly screech before a fireball blasts out her mouth. I am surprised that I dodged her attack. I wince back towards her to see the snake fully covers Jamie's essence. Then, her body transforms. Her body grows in height while the black shell turns reddish pinkish and has the texture of muscle. I can also see the bones. What used to be her hair now turns into a blood pump; the blood oozes out the scalp like a pipe. The demon standing before me is around fifteen feet tall with knees bent. If that wasn't enough, the hands contain long razor-sharp claws. Its feet reminds of a Brachiosaurus. Geesh, it looks as if it has spine problems; the tall demon appears to be hunched over.

"Tell me about the Bully Trials and death," I demand it. I am not going to back down even if it was a demon.

"You don't command me, weak flesh creature!" It roars.

I roll my eyes. With the spell, I am part of the astral. My hands glow light and bright. The demon begins to whine. Ha! It is sensitive to light. Poor thing has been stuck in hell for so long. "I can also use my darkness," I imply coldly, which cause my magical blue eyes to turn demonic ride. "My darkness is not part of your union; I can use it against you!"

The demon roars out in frustration and in anger. What is worse is when the serpent transformed Jamie's spirit into a demonic creature, the energy feels stronger. What is inside Jamie might be one of the high ranking devils.

"Shut it, you mere human!" It yells at me again. Oh please, a death metal vocalist can scream better.

My darkness transforms into my light. This time, I let my light engulf my body and go into battle positions in sparring. That vampiric creature scoffs and whines again. "Tell me!" I scream out as inhuman as I could.

"The Bully Trials are part of a nightmare realm from Hell," it answers. "We need more power out of chaos, death, and blood! We need two more humans to experiment on with our fifth and fourth companions! They may not be unified as us three but they are worth it for the devil's reign!" Its dark voice speaks in triumph and power.

"What are your intentions?" I ask again.

"More demons and more power on our side, closer to human extermination. Heaven is so much weaker without their descendants." It chuckled out of evil amusement. I stare at them unfazed by it.

"One more question," I ask calmly, "What happened to Jacelyn's body?"

The demon grins maliciously. "Only she can enter the realm because the residual of our power is still on it. In that realm, humans will be put asleep. If lost, they will wake up like a dream and continue on with ignorance. She can enter the chambers of the dead and their bodies. Now it is your turn to answer a question."

"Go ahead," I approve.

"Will Jacelyn and you make it?" The voice grows darker and uglier.

I just shrug and nonchalantly answer, "Will see," and I bow with a glare, "goodbye."

I snap out of the spell and reentered reality. I remove my hand from Jamie's shoulder. Her eyes were lime green and glowing with fury. She is not impressed.

"You son of a bitch!" She yells at me while gripping my wrist. Her hand is freezing cold, colder than frostbite. "Don't you dare touch me!"

I remember the serpent from within the spell. "Jamie, snap out of it," I urge out of concern, "something is feeding off of you; if you give in to it, you will lose control!"

"That is not your problem!" She barks back defensively, "mind your own business."

Tears threaten to escape from my eyes. "I thought we were friends?" I whisper to her out of betrayal again.

She shakes her head furiously. "Betrayal? Well, you betrayed me first when I was about to give Jacelyn hell; however, you voluntarily got involved!" She retorts harshly.

"Why did you set yourself up with Drea and Ramen?"

She growls again, she is about to burst. "Why do you care?"

"You shouldn't be going out with strangers that you barely know; they will make you become a leech-like themselves!" I fire back, "just like when you first met!"

Jamie lost it. She slightly roars. She grabs me by the shoulder. She lifts me up and throws me to the other side of the corridor. The hallways were small in size; I was nearly close to crashing the backside of my head onto a locker. I painfully land upon my back; the crash makes me let out painful howls.

"They were with me when you just killed yourself. Cops were with me when I saw your body," she then says grimly, "I wanted revenge against Jace and her group of pigs!"

"So you devoured them while you make Jacelyn watch, although Jacelyn suffered so much already?" I ask in disdain.

Jamie moves her hands up to my throat and her cold hands squeeze the hell of it. I can feel my lungs cry for more air. My hands refused to push her hands. "How did you know about this?!" She yells at me again.

"You just like the government," I sneered at her through my inch of the ability of breathing, "hide evidence and tell a different story to us..."

Jamie took that as an offense; she throws a punch to my nose. I can hear bones snapping and I can feel my nose begin to bleed. An explosion of pain brings my hands to my nose, not to the hand that she is gripping on my throat with. "Tell me, damn it!" She demands with a taste of threat.

"Who else that was at the scene? The hostage you secured to the chair with zombie hands and forced her to watch her best friends be murdered!" I hoarsely scream at her.

She let's go of my throat. "That is what she deserves," she hisses, "she deserves to die alone just like you did." She stands up and smirks smugly when she sees the hurt upon my face. I know. "You never cared about your friends' opinions and you did it, anyway." She turns and walks away; she leaves me in the dust.

I relax on the floor and let out a heavy sigh. My body still stunned to move. No matter how much dismay, the intercome turn on. "Excuse me for the interruption, but we are in a shelter in place. I repeat we are in a shelter in place," the announcement blares before hanging up.

"That better be for me," I mutter weakly.

The staff immediately came into the view. They told me that they only saw Jamie walking away while the attack happened.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" One of them asks.

Does it look like it to you? I thought coldly. "My nose hurts," I reply.

"You probably have a broken no-," the principal pauses. His brown eyes move down onto my wrist. I lift it up and saw my wrist has bruise marks. It seems to be swelling very badly.A sharp pain hits, which makes me hiss. Soon after, my shoulder seems to swell too and I lose control to my arm. My arm falls limp.

That is when I realize that the everywhere that Jamie gripped on will swell extraordinary. My mind goes into a full-blown panic. The anxiety made it worse for me; my neck begins swelling up much worse than Jamie choking it herself. This time, I am losing my airway to breathe. I can hear staff panicking while I violently swarm my arms in a major anxiety attack. I lost my control to swallow. I can feel that paramedics were restraining me. Then, I feel something being injected into my chest. Soon my mind swims black.


I wake up groggily and see Jacelyn standing beside me with a worried expression upon her face. She also expresses regret and guilt. I am used to Jamie standing beside me in the hospital, checking if I was alright. The swelling has gone down, but the pain didn't subside.

"I am sorry," she apologizes while on the verge of crying, "I wish I wasn't weak and helped you..."

"Don't sweat it," I utter weakly, "What did you saw?"

"I-I saw a bloody shadow monster coming out of Jamie when her eyes flashed green. The monster attacked you while she was walking away. I think that Jamie has a unique ability," Jacelyn answers trying not to cry.

"There is demon corrupting Jamie's spirit," I said to her from what I remember.

"Her demon can cast illusions while it's out for blood or attacking a victim. When they checked the cameras, they only saw you being shoved around by an invisible force while Jamie is walking away; there is no suspect to interrogate," she gives me information of the aftermath while I fainted.

"They can manipulate our deaths and they can manipulate surroundings like Jane Doe," I joke plainly. No sense of humor intention at all.

Did the demon ever tell you about my body?"

"The demon is also high ranking, Jace. He told me that you can enter the chamber of deaths because you have a magical residual from being transmitted from the human world to an alternate dimension. People who lost will wake up as if it were a nightmare," I can hear my voice squealing out, weak, and hard to speak.

"Talk small words," she tells me, "did he ever tell you how?"

I shake my head. I let out another hiss when my pain my throat sharpened again. Jacelyn sighs heavily in distress.

"Maybe you can enter the portal by when you first entered in the first place?" I suggest.

Jacelyn's face turns sickly pale. "Uhhhh...I think it began when I saw Ramen's clone of your suicidal self in the closest while holding my phone..." She says fearfully from memory. "It chased me until it finally got me and throw me down the stairs." I can tell she is awfully uncomfortable about this.

Well, that is my guess and it won't be a bad place to start. I just need to know how to get in and help Jacelyn without being caught breaking in.

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