Council From Hell

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Chapter 7: Possess Me (Ash)

Jacelyn knows the times that her parents are gone because they work at a hospital. Good, we got that part out the way. Now we need to worry about my parents getting me out. They wouldn’t leave me alone after what happened. Jacelyn finds a loophole that she can walk with me to her house to do some ‘studying.’ My parents reluctantly agreed for me to go. Of course, I am working with my ex manipulative bully, so she was able to persuade heads after a few words.

I still did not understand how Jacelyn appeared to my parents; she is transparent to everyone. We told them that we are studying for our science test and her house is not far away. I knew they were looking while we walked together. I was going to tell Jacelyn to hold my hand and pretend to kiss, but I am not risking to be berated by mom. Frankly, I do not care. My sexuality is legal in this free country and I am not going to get arrested...yet.

I plopped my backpack full of books and ritual supplies on the floor once we arrived at Jacelyn’s house. Needless to say, her house is huge and luxurious. The cliche of a bully is a rich kid. Jacelyn told me that she was the second wealthiest in her group. The first was Lola. Of course, Lola teases me about myself being poor and having an unsuccessful life. Perhaps, Jacelyn is friends with girls with different wealth. Anyone can be bullies. I can be one if I don’t think before I speak.

I take out the sage from my backpack. “This sage will assist me to detect residuals, energies, and portals,” I explain to her.

Once I started in the living room in her house, the house churns into an eerie silence. Jace lead me to the closet where she saw my impostor. I feel traces that a demon was here a while back, but no portals. “No portal here,” I announce to Jacelyn. Her face contorted with confusion and frustration. As if my words were a trigger, the room freezes over.

We decided to move away from that spot and check the kitchen where Jacelyn left her phone. I still feel the traces of the demon’s energy. My mind warps into a vision of the bloody impostor snatching her phone from the counter before stomping into the closet. It slammed the door violently.

“That was a lure to get you out here,” I claim nonchalantly; “it was a trap.”

“After I found her in the closet, she started to perform an eerie song in another foreign tongue. She heads towards the stairwell and continues, “while she was chasing me up the stairs.”

The temperature rises.

Jacelyn sighs and implies, “I should’ve just run, instead of looking back.”

I shake my head abruptly while another vision emerges. I carefully explain while the vision plays through my mind like a gruesome horror movie: “If you immediately flee to your room, the demon would’ve teleported. She will trap you in a corner and begin stabbing you with a knife. The only thing you can do is scream in agony and terror. Once your body becomes limp but still conscious, the demon will drag you to the bathtub and throw your body in there. Your vision will turn red after she fills the bathtub.”

“Jeez, what have I ever done to a demon?!” She remarks. She asks, “Ash, did you hold anger towards me?”

“No,” I admit, “just sinking despondency.”

We head up the stairs and I see the cross hanging on the hall. Visions bombarded me again; I see Jacelyn holding it in an attempt to banish the demon. Is it I or this place is starting to get hot?

“I see that you’ve tried to compel the demon,” I noted.

“So you finally found God?” she says sarcastically.

I shake my head from her comment. “A being that was projected from a powerful one will ignore the exorcisms,” I utter.

“I ran into my room like a dumbass in a horror movie,” Jacelyn mentions while laughing to herself. “I wonder what would’ve happened if I just ran out the door...”

I wish she did not say that. The next vision screens another horrific display; “the demon will brutally slam you away. I also sense that Jamie and Ramen were on the premises. The demon would’ve dragged you up by the hair. It will transform into them. Jamie obliterated you with a knife while Ramen will deflower your vagina like a savage animal. It will take forever for you to blackout.”

“What the hell?!” She blurts, “Even though I am not a virgin, doesn’t mean he go wild and rough on me!”

I continue, “Outside appeared to be safe, but dead wrong.”

“I must not be a dumb blonde after all,” she shrugs.

The stillness in the house replaces with dread as we close upon Jacelyn’s room. The heat is making me want to rid of my clothes. “When I was about to enter the room, I was pushed back down the stairs and into the void,” she adds in. “Well, at the top of the stairs, but you just had to finish that song before tossing me down the stairs.” Her voice sounded rough; however, I can tell it was sarcastic.

I clutch Jacelyn’s hands as we slowly walk, alerted about what’s behind that door. “This isn’t romantic hour!” Jacelyn opines.

I ignore her. Jacelyn slams open the door carelessly. I see my demonic impostor greeting us with a demonic smile. Jace didn’t have the time to gasp while an invisible harshly slams her; she goes flying backward. As a result of gripping her hand, she didn’t go far and we fell.

I got back up and glare at the demon. I creep over and show the sage right to her face. The impostor was snarling like a dog. “One small fire can lit an entirely dark room,” I said to the demon. The sage goes out, typical. I feel that the portal is nearby, but not in Jacelyn’s room.

“You are nothing,” I said coldly, “just a copy of my sin. That might’ve been part of me; however, you are full of it.”

My clone screeches in a high-pitch tone. The scream shakes the walls while I stand frozen in place. I am not done, “this is a different timeline; I survived murder and didn’t pull a suicidal taboo. I do not belong in hell, you do.”

The walls tremble more violently than before as the demon screams akin to a banshee. That thing kept screaming until it faded out of existence. I turn around and help Jacelyn’s lazy self up. We both head to the stairwell. I feel the portal is here. The thermal is up to wicked temperature; it feels we are next to a molten pit.

“The portal is here,” I declare breathlessly, “but you must jump, Jacelyn.”

“Are you coming too?” She asks warily.

“I can’t,” I said hopelessly.

She looks back to the stairwell reluctantly and sighs. “I am not leaving without you!” She tells me.

“I’m sorry, I can’t enter the realm,” I apologize with a frown.

“I will not make it out alive without you,” she persists. Ironically, she is dead. “Come on, Ash, if demons spotted me, my soul will perish like Thanos just snapped his fingers!”

I sigh heavily. “There could be a chance that I can enter the portal with you.” I can’t believe I am thinking about this!

She smiles lightly. “How can we increase the chance?” She asks.

My following words appall her in disbelief as I cast out weakly: “Possess me...”

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