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Difficult to make sense of.

Everyone, including the doctors who’d previously checked and confirmed him dead, were left speechless with awe about the mystery of Alan Prince’s return from the dead. The news was greeted with mixed reactions – disbelief, bewilderment, suspicion and trepidation.

For many, it was unheard of that a person would regain life physically several hours after he was certified brain dead by the doctors, without the outside participation of the supernatural. Some evangelical ministers had been known to raise the dead. But even then, a miracle was performed by someone. A body didn’t just resurrect of its own accord; that wasn’t how it worked.

“It’s quite a wonder to medical science, I admit it,” said Dr. Newman of the City Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Prince in his office the next morning, when they dashed down to the hospital on hearing the unexpected, yet delightful news. “But it isn’t totally impossible, I assure you. There’re such cases in the past, even if rare.”

“Really?” said Samantha, with cautious enthusiasm. She felt uncertain yet anxious at the same time. “But how’s that possible?”

“As a matter of fact,” replied the doctor, with a confident demeanor, “there have been documented cases of people suddenly regaining life after being dead, some for as long as twenty-four hours in fact.”

“What! I didn’t know that.”

“Yes. Instances like this are common, you know. Look through the internet,” said Newman, adding, “Although no one can say for sure why or indeed how it occurs. They’re just one of the odd miracles of nature beyond the realm of science, I daresay.”

There was a long pause. Samantha Prince sighed apprehensively, smiled with uneasy hopefulness and exchanged anxious glances with Jonathan.

“So what now, Doctor?” asked Jonathan, gasping quietly.

“Your son is on life support for now, as you’ve seen, Mr. Prince,” answered Dr. Newman. “We can’t be specific as to how long that would last for, but his recovery is dramatic; it’s a scientific marvel in every respect. I guess we can be optimistic at this point that he would soon regain full consciousness.” Then he sighed, stared at the couple with a glint of cheer in his eyes. “You’re quite fortunate, you know? Someone up there must really want to give you back your son, considering how much you grieved for him.”

Again, Samantha sighed uneasily.

“You think this is an act of God, Doctor?” asked Jonathan in an uncertain voice.

The doctor shrugged, looked at him plainly. “I don’t know, to be frank. But what else could it be, Mr. Prince? You believe in God, don’t you?”

Jonathan nodded quietly, his lips clenched in a grave, anxious smile. He didn’t say it; but at that point, he wasn’t sure what he believed in anymore.

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