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AT THAT VERY moment when the two detectives were investigating the mystery of the Alley Murders and interviewing the two known witnesses of the dastardly crime, Samantha and Jonathan Prince were spending that afternoon together.

It was a mildly tensed, unconventional meeting that both of them felt awkward trying to adjust to, in light of the recent life-changing developments that had taken place in their lives, as well as the fact that their divorce hearing was still in process.

They talked about several small, not-too-important stuffs, and then there were the critical issues of concern – the dark figure she’d encountered on two counts. Samantha reiterated that she wasn’t crazy and she was sure of what she saw.

Then she talked about Alan still being unconscious. Samantha felt quite distressed about his condition, especially in light of the fact that the doctors weren’t certain about what was going on with him. She’d considered having him transferred to another health facility, but Jonathan thought otherwise.

“Moving him about may be counter-productive, Samantha,” he told her quietly. “Let’s hold on and think about this carefully. And in any case, where’re you going to take him?”

Samantha sighed deeply, looking confused.

Jonathan reached out and patted her hand gently. “Come, Sam,” he told her pensively. “Let’s say a prayer for our son.”

Samantha paused and stared at him direly. Then she nodded, bowed her head and dropped down on her knees beside him with tears already brimming in her eyes.

And they both prayed silently for their son, Alan Prince, whose lingering state of unconsciousness had left everyone completely in a perpetual state of anxiety and confusion.

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