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WHAT SAMANTHA PRINCE had deliberately left mentioning to investigators, because she thought it made no logical sense and she was tired of people looking at her like she was going crazy, was that she actually woke up in the middle of the night to the consciousness of something vile stirring in the atmosphere, an evil presence lurking about.

The silence in the house had been profound and eerie, sending a chill up her spine. She knew something was amiss; she’d had that feeling before and it portended something sinister. Holding her breath and lying still in bed for a moment, for fear of leaving the confined safety of her room, she listened intently for anything suspicious.

Then she saw a shadow in the corridor through the slit beneath the door, which thoroughly frightened her. The shadow moved back and forth, and then lingered for a moment in front of the door, as did the growing terror in the atmosphere. Who was out there behind her door? Jonathan? It was unlikely that it was him, though, for why would he remain at the door and not say anything? Was he trying to scare the life out of her?

Then at that moment, she thought she heard a faint rattle on the door, a very faint yet chilling sound as though someone had a blade in hand and was scratching it on the door. It wasn’t a long, continuous drag; rather it was more like a gentle tap tap sound at intervals, each tap causing Samantha to start gently and suck in her breath with uncertainty.

As she watched in consternation, the shadow began to slip beneath the door, filling the room with an ominous hollow. Samantha Prince remained glued to the bed with the sheet pulled up to her face in fright, eyes staring starkly as the shadow spilled like stream into the bedroom, building into a damning mass in the form of an incipient, ancient thing which swiftly rose into the air to torture her mind.

She’d screamed horrendously then, and the dreadful creature thing quickly shrank into nothingness, disappearing from sight in a breath. That was when she first caught the dull sound of breaking glass.

Then a still, eerie silence pervaded for a moment.

A short moment later, following the sound of the glass, Samantha thought she heard someone screaming. A faint voice calling out for help, a voice she thought she recognized.

Her heart stopped momentarily. Then it began to pulsate at an alarming pace, simultaneously hitting her with a bout of headache. With trepidation, she climbed out of bed, taking one feverish step after another, until she got to the door and wound the handle slowly.

The door opened with a quiet creak that was amplified in the background of the lingering, creepy quietness. The rest of the house was cloaked in darkness, but not absolutely; she could still make her way down to the living room, albeit nervously, feeling her heart thumping with every step she took forward.

In the living room, she found Jonathan’s couch empty. From there she went to the kitchen where she found him gasping for life. She dashed to his side and grabbed him desperately, propped him up on her laps as she cried for help to no one in particular.

Then she looked at his face.

When she saw his face, her heart nearly exploded with shock at the sight of what he looked like then: his tongue and entire mouth were black and empty, as were his eyes; they were the most evil pair she’d ever seen, and the lines of veins around his pale skin were oddly accentuated, almost exploding, like cobwebs on the roof of an abandoned house.

Jonathan didn’t seem human anymore, and Samantha shrank back then, catching her breath in abject dismay! Then she ran from the kitchen to go get her phone, put a hysterical call to 911. But Jonathan had stopped breathing by that time.

The next thing she did after Detectives Davies and Simmons left her the house that evening was to grab her muffler and car keys and leave the house as quickly as she possibly could. She got into the car and started the engine before reaching downward, beside the driver’s seat, to retrieve the card that Agatha Tronnel had slipped in while speaking to her and Jonathan the previous day.

Samantha could not believe that she would come to that decision, but she could think of nothing else to do at that moment in time. She had to go and see the Sisters of the Sacred Fellowship of Light and Stars.

They could be the only real hope she had now.

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