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IT WAS PAST 11 p.m. and Detective Davies sat in his car, feeling uneasy.

What was Mrs. Prince up to? he thought quietly. What was going on in there? Of course, it was within the liberty of people to worship as a part of any faith or sect, so long as it didn’t constitute danger or harm to the society.

Right now, although there were no hard evidences of anything, Davies knew that mental breakdown can lead a person to do just about anything. Maybe Mrs. Prince was having a mental breakdown.

Her husband had just died the previous night under a very bizarre circumstance, and the very next thing she does is go worshipping with a group of ’crazy’ women with fetish inclinations. Well, that part of the narrative seemed weird…

Davies didn’t know what to make of it. It may mean nothing, but it may also mean a lot. Patience was the key, he thought to himself, feeling somewhat cranky behind the wheel. Then when he was about to start the car engine and call it a night, he saw her coming out of the building. She came through the front door with the other woman whom Davies was yet to put a name on.

The two women walked down the smooth asphalt to where Samantha’s car was parked. Detective Lee Davies, even from where he sat in his car almost a hundred yards away, observed that Samantha seemed pretty distressed in her countenance, and her companion clung to her dearly as though lending her emotional support.

Davies took in the scene with a pinch of interest. Why was Samantha crying, having just presumably fellowshipped with the Sisters? Was she mourning her deceased husband, or her general predicament? Or was it guilt; remorse for having done something bad?

The detective considered the various possibilities calmly. Could Samantha Prince have had anything to do, even remotely, with her husband’s death? He grimaced softly and shook his head. From what he knew of her, the woman was an urban thinker, a career-focused woman not likely to be given to violence or fetish rituals.

Still, it was hard to say; with all kinds of stuff Detective Davies had seen in his career, crazy shit do happen and the most unassuming, harmless-looking widow next door could transform into a cruel, cold-blooded killer. It only took a second for the mind to snap. Just a second.

So…Samantha Prince?

Lee Davies decided he had to keep an eye on her, for the moment; find out what the deal was with the new company she’d found for herself. And who knew – he could become a believer, an adherent himself.

Davies grinned slyly at the thought. And when Samantha Prince got into her car and drove out of the compound, he gave her thirty seconds and a five-car head start. Then he started his car, pulled into the main street and put the tail on her again.

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