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LEE DAVIES LEFT about half an hour later, mainly because he was bone tired and hungry, and he reckoned he still had to head back to his desk and tidy out some facts.

He got a couple of officers to relieve him for the night, boys who unfortunately weren’t as zealous as he was concerning the Jonathan Prince’s murder investigation. They joked and laughed most of the time they sat watch in their car, and then they whined about the ‘foolhardiness’ of Detective Davies in pursuing the investigation.

As far as they knew, there were no serious rap to spin around the woman; nothing concrete to suggest that she had anything to do with what happened to her husband, except the unlikely gut feeling of Detective Davies dictating otherwise. And now, sitting outside her home, the beat cops couldn’t hide their feeling of reluctance although Davies opted not to pay any attention.

“Just keep your eyes open for anything suspicious,” he charged them quietly. “Take note if and when she leaves the house. If you have to follow her, do so very discretely. And even then, make sure to keep me in the loop.”

“Got it, Davies,” they’d said.

But they didn’t really get it; none of it made any sense to them. So when it was almost 1 a.m., after a series of inconsequential chitchats on sundry topics, the two young cops got really bored and decided to catch a break.

Each reclined back in his seat and drifted to sleep.

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